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; Copyright (c) 2010 The VP8 project authors. All Rights Reserved.
; Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license and patent
; grant that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
; tree. All contributing project authors may be found in the AUTHORS
; file in the root of the source tree.
EXPORT |vp8_short_fdct4x4_neon|
EXPORT |vp8_short_fdct8x4_neon|
; r0 short *input
; r1 short *output
; r2 int pitch
; Input has a pitch, output is contiguous
|vp8_short_fdct4x4_neon| PROC
ldr r12, _dct_matrix_
vld1.16 d0, [r0], r2
vld1.16 d1, [r0], r2
vld1.16 d2, [r0], r2
vld1.16 d3, [r0]
vld1.16 {q2, q3}, [r12]
;first stage
vmull.s16 q11, d4, d0[0] ;i=0
vmull.s16 q12, d4, d1[0] ;i=1
vmull.s16 q13, d4, d2[0] ;i=2
vmull.s16 q14, d4, d3[0] ;i=3
vmlal.s16 q11, d5, d0[1]
vmlal.s16 q12, d5, d1[1]
vmlal.s16 q13, d5, d2[1]
vmlal.s16 q14, d5, d3[1]
vmlal.s16 q11, d6, d0[2]
vmlal.s16 q12, d6, d1[2]
vmlal.s16 q13, d6, d2[2]
vmlal.s16 q14, d6, d3[2]
vmlal.s16 q11, d7, d0[3] ;sumtemp for i=0
vmlal.s16 q12, d7, d1[3] ;sumtemp for i=1
vmlal.s16 q13, d7, d2[3] ;sumtemp for i=2
vmlal.s16 q14, d7, d3[3] ;sumtemp for i=3
; rounding
vrshrn.i32 d22, q11, #14
vrshrn.i32 d24, q12, #14
vrshrn.i32 d26, q13, #14
vrshrn.i32 d28, q14, #14
;second stage
vmull.s16 q4, d22, d4[0] ;i=0
vmull.s16 q5, d22, d4[1] ;i=1
vmull.s16 q6, d22, d4[2] ;i=2
vmull.s16 q7, d22, d4[3] ;i=3
vmlal.s16 q4, d24, d5[0]
vmlal.s16 q5, d24, d5[1]
vmlal.s16 q6, d24, d5[2]
vmlal.s16 q7, d24, d5[3]
vmlal.s16 q4, d26, d6[0]
vmlal.s16 q5, d26, d6[1]
vmlal.s16 q6, d26, d6[2]
vmlal.s16 q7, d26, d6[3]
vmlal.s16 q4, d28, d7[0] ;sumtemp for i=0
vmlal.s16 q5, d28, d7[1] ;sumtemp for i=1
vmlal.s16 q6, d28, d7[2] ;sumtemp for i=2
vmlal.s16 q7, d28, d7[3] ;sumtemp for i=3
vrshr.s32 q0, q4, #16
vrshr.s32 q1, q5, #16
vrshr.s32 q2, q6, #16
vrshr.s32 q3, q7, #16
vmovn.i32 d0, q0
vmovn.i32 d1, q1
vmovn.i32 d2, q2
vmovn.i32 d3, q3
vst1.16 {q0, q1}, [r1]
bx lr
; r0 short *input
; r1 short *output
; r2 int pitch
|vp8_short_fdct8x4_neon| PROC
; Store link register and input before calling
; first 4x4 fdct. Do not need to worry about
; output or pitch because those pointers are not
; touched in the 4x4 fdct function
stmdb sp!, {r0, lr}
bl vp8_short_fdct4x4_neon
ldmia sp!, {r0, lr}
; Move to the next block of data.
add r0, r0, #8
add r1, r1, #32
; Second time through do not store off the
; link register, just return from the 4x4 fdtc
b vp8_short_fdct4x4_neon
; Should never get to this.
bx lr
;Data section with name data_area is specified. DCD reserves space in memory for 48 data.
;One word each is reserved. Label filter_coeff can be used to access the data.
;Data address: filter_coeff, filter_coeff+4, filter_coeff+8 ...
DCD dct_matrix
; DCW 23170, 30274, 23170, 12540
; DCW 23170, 12540, -23170,-30274
; DCW 23170, -12540, -23170, 30274
; DCW 23170, -30274, 23170,-12540
; 23170 = 0x5a82
; -23170 = 0xa57e
; 30274 = 0x7642
; -30274 = 0x89be
; 12540 = 0x30fc
; -12540 = 0xcf04
DCD 0x76425a82, 0x30fc5a82
DCD 0x30fc5a82, 0x89bea57e
DCD 0xcf045a82, 0x7642a57e
DCD 0x89be5a82, 0xcf045a82