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* Copyright (c) 2010 The VP8 project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license and patent
* grant that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. All contributing project authors may be found in the AUTHORS
* file in the root of the source tree.
#include "vpx_ports/config.h"
#include <stddef.h>
#include "../treewriter.h"
#include "../tokenize.h"
#include "../onyx_int.h"
#define ct_assert(name,cond) \
static void assert_##name(void) UNUSED;\
static void assert_##name(void) {switch(0){case 0:case !!(cond):;}}
#define DEFINE(sym, val) int sym = val;
#define BLANK() asm volatile("\n->" : : )
* int main(void)
* {
DEFINE(vp8_writer_lowvalue, offsetof(vp8_writer, lowvalue));
DEFINE(vp8_writer_range, offsetof(vp8_writer, range));
DEFINE(vp8_writer_value, offsetof(vp8_writer, value));
DEFINE(vp8_writer_count, offsetof(vp8_writer, count));
DEFINE(vp8_writer_pos, offsetof(vp8_writer, pos));
DEFINE(vp8_writer_buffer, offsetof(vp8_writer, buffer));
DEFINE(tokenextra_token, offsetof(TOKENEXTRA, Token));
DEFINE(tokenextra_extra, offsetof(TOKENEXTRA, Extra));
DEFINE(tokenextra_context_tree, offsetof(TOKENEXTRA, context_tree));
DEFINE(tokenextra_skip_eob_node, offsetof(TOKENEXTRA, skip_eob_node));
DEFINE(vp8_extra_bit_struct_sz, sizeof(vp8_extra_bit_struct));
DEFINE(vp8_token_value, offsetof(vp8_token, value));
DEFINE(vp8_token_len, offsetof(vp8_token, Len));
DEFINE(vp8_extra_bit_struct_tree, offsetof(vp8_extra_bit_struct, tree));
DEFINE(vp8_extra_bit_struct_prob, offsetof(vp8_extra_bit_struct, prob));
DEFINE(vp8_extra_bit_struct_prob_bc, offsetof(vp8_extra_bit_struct, prob_bc));
DEFINE(vp8_extra_bit_struct_len, offsetof(vp8_extra_bit_struct, Len));
DEFINE(vp8_extra_bit_struct_base_val, offsetof(vp8_extra_bit_struct, base_val));
DEFINE(vp8_comp_tplist, offsetof(VP8_COMP, tplist));
DEFINE(vp8_comp_common, offsetof(VP8_COMP, common));
DEFINE(vp8_comp_bc2, offsetof(VP8_COMP, bc2));
DEFINE(tokenlist_start, offsetof(TOKENLIST, start));
DEFINE(tokenlist_stop, offsetof(TOKENLIST, stop));
DEFINE(vp8_common_mb_rows, offsetof(VP8_COMMON, mb_rows));
// These two sizes are used in vp7cx_pack_tokens. They are hard coded
// so if the size changes this will have to be adjusted.
ct_assert(TOKENEXTRA_SZ, sizeof(TOKENEXTRA) == 20)
ct_assert(vp8_extra_bit_struct_sz, sizeof(vp8_extra_bit_struct) == 20)
//add asserts for any offset that is not supported by assembly code
//add asserts for any size that is not supported by assembly code
* return 0;
* }