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* Copyright (c) 2010 The VP8 project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license and patent
* grant that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. All contributing project authors may be found in the AUTHORS
* file in the root of the source tree.
#ifndef __INC_MCOMP_H
#define __INC_MCOMP_H
#include "block.h"
#include "variance.h"
extern void init_mv_ref_counts();
extern void accum_mv_refs(MB_PREDICTION_MODE, const int near_mv_ref_cts[4]);
#define MAX_MVSEARCH_STEPS 8 // The maximum number of steps in a step search given the largest allowed initial step
#define MAX_FULL_PEL_VAL ((1 << (MAX_MVSEARCH_STEPS+3)) - 8) // Max full pel mv specified in 1/8 pel units
#define MAX_FIRST_STEP (1 << (MAX_MVSEARCH_STEPS-1)) // Maximum size of the first step in full pel units
extern void print_mode_context(void);
extern int vp8_mv_bit_cost(MV *mv, MV *ref, int *mvcost[2], int Weight);
extern void vp8_init_dsmotion_compensation(MACROBLOCK *x, int stride);
extern void vp8_init3smotion_compensation(MACROBLOCK *x, int stride);
extern int vp8_hex_search
MV *ref_mv,
MV *best_mv,
int search_param,
int error_per_bit,
int *num00,
vp8_variance_fn_t vf,
vp8_sad_fn_t sf,
int *mvsadcost[2],
int *mvcost[2]
typedef int (fractional_mv_step_fp)(MACROBLOCK *x, BLOCK *b, BLOCKD *d, MV *bestmv, MV *ref_mv, int error_per_bit, vp8_subpixvariance_fn_t svf, vp8_variance_fn_t vf, int *mvcost[2]);
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp8_find_best_sub_pixel_step_iteratively;
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp8_find_best_sub_pixel_step;
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp8_find_best_half_pixel_step;
extern fractional_mv_step_fp vp8_skip_fractional_mv_step;
#define prototype_full_search_sad(sym)\
int (sym)\
BLOCK *b, \
BLOCKD *d, \
MV *ref_mv, \
int error_per_bit, \
int distance, \
vp8_variance_fn_ptr_t *fn_ptr, \
int *mvcost[2], \
int *mvsadcost[2] \
#define prototype_diamond_search_sad(sym)\
int (sym)\
BLOCK *b, \
BLOCKD *d, \
MV *ref_mv, \
MV *best_mv, \
int search_param, \
int error_per_bit, \
int *num00, \
vp8_variance_fn_ptr_t *fn_ptr, \
int *mvsadcost[2], \
int *mvcost[2] \
#if ARCH_X86 || ARCH_X86_64
#include "x86/mcomp_x86.h"
typedef prototype_full_search_sad(*vp8_full_search_fn_t);
extern prototype_full_search_sad(vp8_full_search_sad);
extern prototype_full_search_sad(vp8_full_search_sadx3);
typedef prototype_diamond_search_sad(*vp8_diamond_search_fn_t);
extern prototype_diamond_search_sad(vp8_diamond_search_sad);
extern prototype_diamond_search_sad(vp8_diamond_search_sadx4);
#ifndef vp8_search_full_search
#define vp8_search_full_search vp8_full_search_sad
extern prototype_full_search_sad(vp8_search_full_search);
#ifndef vp8_search_diamond_search
#define vp8_search_diamond_search vp8_diamond_search_sad
extern prototype_diamond_search_sad(vp8_search_diamond_search);
typedef struct
} vp8_search_rtcd_vtable_t;
#define SEARCH_INVOKE(ctx,fn) (ctx)->fn
#define SEARCH_INVOKE(ctx,fn) vp8_search_##fn