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2010-10-28 v0.9.5 "Aylesbury"
Our first named release, focused on a faster decoder, and a better encoder.
- Upgrading:
This release incorporates backwards-incompatible changes to the
ivfenc and ivfdec tools. These tools are now called vpxenc and vpxdec.
* the -q (quiet) option has been removed, and replaced with
-v (verbose). the output is quiet by default. Use -v to see
the version number of the binary.
* The default behavior is now to write output to a single file
instead of individual frames. The -y option has been removed.
Y4M output is the default.
* For raw I420/YV12 output instead of Y4M, the --i420 or --yv12
options must be specified.
$ ivfdec -o OUTPUT INPUT
$ vpxdec --i420 -o OUTPUT INPUT
* If an output file is not specified, the default is to write
Y4M to stdout. This makes piping more natural.
$ ivfdec -y -o - INPUT | ...
$ vpxdec INPUT | ...
* The output file has additional flexibility for formatting the
filename. It supports escape characters for constructing a
filename from the width, height, and sequence number. This
replaces the -p option. To get the equivalent:
$ ivfdec -p frame INPUT
$ vpxdec --i420 -o frame-%wx%h-%4.i420 INPUT
* The output file must be specified with -o, rather than as the
last argument.
$ ivfenc <options> INPUT OUTPUT
$ vpxenc <options> -o OUTPUT INPUT
* The output defaults to webm. To get IVF output, use the --ivf
$ ivfenc <options> INPUT OUTPUT.ivf
$ vpxenc <options> -o OUTPUT.ivf --ivf INPUT
- Enhancements:
ivfenc and ivfdec have been renamed to vpxenc, vpxdec.
vpxdec supports .webm input
vpxdec writes .y4m by default
vpxenc writes .webm output by default
vpxenc --psnr now shows the average/overall PSNR at the end
ARM platforms now support runtime cpu detection
vpxdec visualizations added for motion vectors, block modes, references
vpxdec now silent by default
vpxdec --progress shows frame-by-frame timing information
vpxenc supports the distinction between --fps and --timebase
NASM is now a supported assembler
configure: enable PIC for shared libs by default
configure: add --enable-small
configure: support for ppc32-linux-gcc
configure: support for sparc-solaris-gcc
- Bugs:
Improve handling of invalid frames
Fix valgrind errors in the NEON loop filters.
Fix loopfilter delta zero transitions
Fix valgrind errors in vp8_sixtap_predict8x4_armv6().
Build fixes for darwin-icc
- Speed:
20-40% (average 28%) improvement in libvpx decoder speed,
Rewrite vp8_short_walsh4x4_sse2()
Optimizations on the loopfilters.
Miscellaneous improvements for Atom
Add 4-tap version of 2nd-pass ARMv6 MC filter.
Improved multithread utilization
Better instruction choices on x86
reorder data to use wider instructions
Update NEON wide idcts
Make block access to frame buffer sequential
Improved subset block search
Bilinear subpixel optimizations for ssse3.
Decrease memory footprint
Encoder speed improvements (percentage gain not measured):
Skip unnecessary search of identical frames
Add SSE2 subtract functions
Improve bounds checking in vp8_diamond_search_sadx4()
Added vp8_fast_quantize_b_sse2
- Quality:
Over 7% overall PSNR improvement (6.3% SSIM) in "best" quality
encoding mode, and up to 60% improvement on very noisy, still
or slow moving source video
Motion compensated temporal filter for Alt-Ref Noise Reduction
Improved use of trellis quantization on 2nd order Y blocks
Tune effect of motion on KF/GF boost in two pass
Allow coefficient optimization for good quality speed 0.
Improved control of active min quantizer for two pass.
Enable ARFs for non-lagged compress
2010-09-02 v0.9.2
- Enhancements:
Disable frame dropping by default
Improved multithreaded performance
Improved Force Key Frame Behaviour
Increased rate control buffer level precision
Fix bug in 1st pass motion compensation
ivfenc: correct fixed kf interval, --disable-kf
- Speed:
Changed above and left context data layout
Rework idct calling structure.
Removed unnecessary MB_MODE_INFO copies
x86: SSSE3 sixtap prediction
Reworked IDCT to include reconstruction (add) step
Swap alt/gold/new/last frame buffer ptrs instead of copying.
Improve SSE2 loopfilter functions
Change bitreader to use a larger window.
Avoid loopfilter reinitialization when possible
- Quality:
Normalize quantizer's zero bin and rounding factors
Add trellis quantization.
Make the quantizer exact.
Updates to ARNR filtering algorithm
Fix breakout thresh computation for golden & AltRef frames
Redo the forward 4x4 dct
Improve the accuracy of forward walsh-hadamard transform
Further adjustment of RD behaviour with Q and Zbin.
- Build System:
Allow linking of libs built with MinGW to MSVC
Fix target auto-detection on mingw32
Allow --cpu= to work for x86.
configure: pass original arguments through to make dist
Fix builds without runtime CPU detection
msvs: fix install of codec sources
msvs: Change command line for better msys support
msvs: Add vs9 targets.
Add x86_64-linux-icc target
- Bugs:
Potential crashes on older MinGW builds
Fix two-pass framrate for Y4M input.
Fixed simple loop filter, other crashes on ARM v6
arm: fix missing dependency with --enable-shared
configure: support directories containing .o
Replace pinsrw (SSE) with MMX instructions
apple: include proper mach primatives
Fixed rate control bug with long key frame interval.
Fix DSO link errors on x86-64 when not using a version script
Fixed buffer selection for UV in AltRef filtering
2010-06-17 v0.9.1
- Enhancements:
* ivfenc/ivfdec now support YUV4MPEG2 input and pipe I/O
* Speed optimizations
- Bugfixes:
* Rate control
* Prevent out-of-bounds accesses on invalid data
- Build system updates:
* Detect toolchain to be used automatically for native builds
* Support building shared libraries
* Better autotools emulation (--prefix, --libdir, DESTDIR)
- Updated LICENSE
2010-05-18 v0.9.0
- Initial open source release. Welcome to WebM and VP8!