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// Copyright (c) 2012 The WebM project authors. All Rights Reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
// that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
// tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
// in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
// be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include <list>
#include <string>
namespace libwebvtt {
class Reader {
// Fetch a character from the stream. Return
// negative if error, positive if end-of-stream,
// and 0 if a character is available.
virtual int GetChar(char* c) = 0;
virtual ~Reader();
class LineReader : protected Reader {
// Consume a line of text from the stream, stripping off
// the line terminator characters. Returns negative if error,
// 0 on success, and positive at end-of-stream.
int GetLine(std::string* line);
virtual ~LineReader();
// Puts a character back into the stream.
virtual void UngetChar(char c) = 0;
// As measured in thousandths of a second,
// e.g. a duration of 1 equals 0.001 seconds,
// and a duration of 1000 equals 1 second.
typedef long long presentation_t; // NOLINT
struct Time {
int hours;
int minutes;
int seconds;
int milliseconds;
bool operator==(const Time& rhs) const;
bool operator<(const Time& rhs) const;
bool operator>(const Time& rhs) const;
bool operator<=(const Time& rhs) const;
bool operator>=(const Time& rhs) const;
presentation_t presentation() const;
Time& presentation(presentation_t);
Time& operator+=(presentation_t);
Time operator+(presentation_t) const;
Time& operator-=(presentation_t);
presentation_t operator-(const Time&) const;
struct Setting {
std::string name;
std::string value;
struct Cue {
std::string identifier;
Time start_time;
Time stop_time;
typedef std::list<Setting> settings_t;
settings_t settings;
typedef std::list<std::string> payload_t;
payload_t payload;
class Parser : private LineReader {
explicit Parser(Reader* r);
virtual ~Parser();
// Pre-parse enough of the stream to determine whether
// this is really a WEBVTT file. Returns 0 on success,
// negative if error.
int Init();
// Parse the next WebVTT cue from the stream. Returns 0 if
// an entire cue was parsed, negative if error, and positive
// at end-of-stream.
int Parse(Cue* cue);
// Returns the next character in the stream, using the look-back character
// if present (as per Reader::GetChar).
virtual int GetChar(char* c);
// Puts a character back into the stream (as per LineReader::UngetChar).
virtual void UngetChar(char c);
// Check for presence of a UTF-8 BOM in the stream. Returns
// negative if error, 0 on success, and positive at end-of-stream.
int ParseBOM();
// Parse the distinguished "cue timings" line, which includes the start
// and stop times and settings. Argument |line| contains the complete
// line of text (as returned by ParseLine()), which the function is free
// to modify as it sees fit, to facilitate scanning. Argument |arrow_pos|
// is the offset of the arrow token ("-->"), which indicates that this is
// the timings line. Returns negative if error, 0 on success.
static int ParseTimingsLine(std::string* line,
std::string::size_type arrow_pos,
Time* start_time,
Time* stop_time,
Cue::settings_t* settings);
// Parse a single time specifier (from the timings line), starting
// at the given offset; lexical scanning stops when a NUL character
// is detected. The function modifies offset |off| by the number of
// characters consumed. Returns negative if error, 0 on success.
static int ParseTime(const std::string& line,
std::string::size_type* off,
Time* time);
// Parse the cue settings from the timings line, starting at the
// given offset. Returns negative if error, 0 on success.
static int ParseSettings(const std::string& line,
std::string::size_type off,
Cue::settings_t* settings);
// Parse a non-negative integer from the characters in |line| beginning
// at offset |off|. The function increments |off| by the number
// of characters consumed. Returns the value, or negative if error.
static int ParseNumber(const std::string& line,
std::string::size_type* off);
Reader* const reader_;
// Provides one character's worth of look-back, to facilitate scanning.
int unget_;
// Disable copy ctor and copy assign for Parser.
Parser(const Parser&);
Parser& operator=(const Parser&);
} // namespace libwebvtt