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WebP Codec

      __   __  ____  ____  ____
     /  \\/  \/  _ \/  _ )/  _ \
     \       /   __/  _  \   __/
      \__\__/\____/\_____/__/ ____  ___
            / _/ /    \    \ /  _ \/ _/
           /  \_/   / /   \ \   __/  \__

WebP codec is a library to encode and decode images in WebP format. This package contains the library that can be used in other programs to add WebP support, as well as the command line tools ‘cwebp’ and ‘dwebp’ to compress and decompress images respectively.

See for details on the image format.

The latest source tree is available at

It is released under the same license as the WebM project. See or the “COPYING” file for details. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found in the file PATENTS.


See the building documentation.

Encoding and Decoding Tools

The examples/ directory contains tools to encode and decode images and animations, view information about WebP images, and more. See the tools documentation.


See the APIs documentation, and API usage examples in the examples/ directory.


Please report all bugs to the issue tracker:

Patches welcome! See how to contribute.