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# This Makefile will compile all fuzzing targets. It doesn't check tool
# requirements and paths may need to be updated depending on your environment.
# Note a clang 6+ toolchain is assumed for use of -fsanitize=fuzzer.
CC = clang
CXX = clang++
CFLAGS = -fsanitize=fuzzer -I../../src -I../.. -Wall -Wextra
LDFLAGS = -fsanitize=fuzzer
LDLIBS = ../../src/mux/libwebpmux.a ../../src/demux/libwebpdemux.a
LDLIBS += ../../src/libwebp.a ../../imageio/libimageio_util.a
FUZZERS = advanced_api_fuzzer animation_api_fuzzer animencoder_fuzzer
FUZZERS += animdecoder_fuzzer mux_demux_api_fuzzer enc_dec_fuzzer
FUZZERS += simple_api_fuzzer
%.o: fuzz_utils.h img_alpha.h img_grid.h img_peak.h
all: $(FUZZERS)
define FUZZER_template
$(1): $$(addsuffix .o, $(1)) $(LDLIBS)
OBJS += $$(addsuffix .o, $(1))
$(foreach fuzzer, $(FUZZERS), $(eval $(call FUZZER_template, $(fuzzer))))
.PHONY: all clean