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deb54d9 Clarify the expected 'config' lifespan in WebPIDecode()
c7e2d24 update ChangeLog (tag: v0.5.1-rc5)
c7eb06f Fix corner case in CostManagerInit.
ab7937a gif2webp: normalize the number of .'s in the help message
3cdec84 vwebp: normalize the number of .'s in the help message
bdf6241 cwebp: normalize the number of .'s in the help message
06a38c7 fix rescaling bug: alpha plane wasn't filled with 0xff
319e37b Improve lossless compression.
447adbc 'our bug tracker' -> 'the bug tracker'
97b9e64 normalize the number of .'s in the help message
bb50bf4 pngdec,ReadFunc: throw an error on invalid read
38063af decode.h,WebPGetInfo: normalize function comment
9e8e1b7 Inline GetResidual for speed.
7d58d1b Speed-up uniform-region processing.
23e29cb Merge "Fix a boundary case in BackwardReferencesHashChainDistanceOnly." into 0.5.1
0bb23b2 free -> WebPSafeFree()
e7b9177 Merge "DecodeImageData(): change the incorrect assert" into 0.5.1
2abfa54 DecodeImageData(): change the incorrect assert
5a48fcd Merge "configure: test for -Wfloat-conversion"
0174d18 Fix a boundary case in BackwardReferencesHashChainDistanceOnly.
6a9c262 Merge "Added MSA optimized transform functions"
cfbcc5e Make sure to consider small distances in LZ77.
5e60c42 Added MSA optimized transform functions
3dc28d7 configure: test for -Wfloat-conversion
f2a0946 add some asserts to delimit the perimeter of CostManager's operation
9a583c6 fix invalid-write bug for alpha-decoding
f66512d make gradlew executable
6fda58f backward_references: quiet double->int warning
a48cc9d Merge "Fix a compression regression for images with long uniform regions." into 0.5.1
cc2720c Merge "Revert an LZ77 boundary constant." into 0.5.1
059aab4 Fix a compression regression for images with long uniform regions.
b0c7e49 Check more backward matches with higher quality.
a361151 Revert an LZ77 boundary constant.
8190374 README: fix typo
7551db4 update NEWS
0fb2269 bump version to 0.5.1
f453761 update AUTHORS & .mailmap
3259571 Refactor GetColorPalette method.
1df5e26 avoid using tmp histogram in PreparePair()
7685123 fix comment typos
a246b92 Speedup backward references.
76d73f1 Merge "CostManager: introduce a free-list of ~10 intervals"
eab39d8 CostManager: introduce a free-list of ~10 intervals
4c59aac Merge "mips msa webp configuration"
043c33f Merge "Improve speed and compression in backward reference for lossless."
71be9b8 Merge "clarify variable names in HistogramRemap()"
0ba7fd7 Improve speed and compression in backward reference for lossless.
0481d42 CostManager: cache one interval and re-use it when possible
41b7e6b Merge "histogram: fix bin calculation"
96c3d62 histogram: fix bin calculation
fe9e31e clarify variable names in HistogramRemap()
ce3c824 disable near-lossless quantization if palette is used
e11da08 mips msa webp configuration
5f8f998 mux: Presence of unknown chunks should trigger VP8X chunk output.
cadec0b Merge "Sync mips32 and dsp_r2 YUV->RGB code with C verison"
d963775 Compute the hash chain once and for all for lossless compression.
50a4866 Sync mips32 and dsp_r2 YUV->RGB code with C verison
eee788e Merge "introduce a common signature for all image reader function"
d77b877 introduce a common signature for all image reader function
ca8d951 remove some obsolete TODOs
ae2a722 collect all decoding utilities from examples/ in libexampledec.a
0b8ae85 Merge "Move DitherCombine8x8 to dsp/dec.c"
77cad88 Merge "ReadWebP: avoid conversion to ARGB if final format is YUVA"
ab8d669 ReadWebP: avoid conversion to ARGB if final format is YUVA
f8b7ce9 Merge "test pointer to NULL explicitly"
5df6f21 test pointer to NULL explicitly
77f21c9 Move DitherCombine8x8 to dsp/dec.c
c9e6d86 Add gradle support
c65f41e Revert "Add gradle support"
bf731ed Add gradle support
08333b8 WebPAnimEncoder: Detect when canvas is modified, restore only when needed.
0209d7e Merge "speed-up MapToPalette() with binary search"
fdd29a3 speed-up MapToPalette() with binary search
cf4a651 Revert "Refactor GetColorPalette method."
0a27aca Merge changes Idfa8ce83,I19adc9c4
f25c440 WebPAnimEncoder: Restore original canvas between multiple encodes.
169004b Refactor GetColorPalette method.
576362a VP8LDoFillBitWindow: support big-endian in fast path
ac49e4e bit_reader.c: s/VP8L_USE_UNALIGNED_LOAD/VP8L_USE_FAST_LOAD/
d39ceb5 VP8LDoFillBitWindow: remove stale TODO
2ec2de1 Merge "Speed-up BackwardReferencesHashChainDistanceOnly."
3e023c1 Speed-up BackwardReferencesHashChainDistanceOnly.
f2e1efb Improve near lossless compression when a prediction filter is used.
e15afbc dsp.h: fix ubsan macro name
af81fdb utils.h: quiet -fsanitize=undefined warnings
ea0be35 dsp.h: remove utils.h include
cd276ae utils/*.c: ../utils/utils.h -> ./utils.h
c892713 utils/ add some missing headers
ea24e02 Merge "dsp.h: add WEBP_UBSAN_IGNORE_UNDEF"
369e264 dsp.h: add WEBP_UBSAN_IGNORE_UNDEF
0d020a7 Merge "add runtime NEON detection"
5ee2136 Merge "add VP8LAddPixels() to lossless.h"
47435a6 add VP8LAddPixels() to lossless.h
8fa6ac6 remove two ubsan warnings
74fb56f add runtime NEON detection
4154a83 MIPS update to new Unfilter API
c80b9fc Merge "cherry-pick decoder fix for 64-bit android devices"
6235147 cherry-pick decoder fix for 64-bit android devices
d41b8c4 configure: test for -Wformat-* w/-Wformat present
5f95589 Fix WEBP_ALIGN in case the argument is a pointer to a type larger than a byte.
2309fd5 replace num_parts_ by num_parts_minus_one_ (unsigned)
9629f4b SimplifySegments: quiet -Warray-bounds warning
de47492 Merge "update the Unfilter API in dsp to process one row independently"
2102ccd update the Unfilter API in dsp to process one row independently
e3912d5 WebPAnimEncoder: Restore canvas before evaluating blending possibility.
6e12e1e WebPAnimEncoder: Fix for single-frame optimization.
602f344 Merge changes I1d03acac,Ifcb64219
95ecccf only apply color-mapping for alpha on the cropped area
47dd070 anim_diff: Add an experimental option for max inter-frame diff.
aa809cf only allocate alpha_plane_ up to crop_bottom row
31f2b8d WebPAnimEncoder: FlattenSimilarPixels(): look for similar
774dfbd perform alpha filtering within the decoding loop
a4cae68 lossless decoding: only process decoded row up to last_row
238cdcd Only call WebPDequantizeLevels() on cropped area
cf6c713 alpha: preparatory cleanup
b95ac0a Merge "VP8GetHeaders(): initialize VP8Io with sane value for crop/scale dimensions"
8923139 VP8GetHeaders(): initialize VP8Io with sane value for crop/scale dimensions
5828e19 use_8b_decode -> use_8b_decode_
8dca024 fix bug in alpha.c that was triggering a memory error in incremental mode
9a950c5 WebPAnimEncoder: Disable filtering when blending is used with lossy encoding.
eb42390 WebPAnimEncoder: choose max diff for framerect based on quality.
ff0a94b WebPAnimEncoder lossy: ignore small pixel differences for frame rectangles.
f804008 gif2webp: Remove the 'prev_to_prev_canvas' buffer.
6d8c07d Merge "WebPDequantizeLevels(): use stride in CountLevels()"
d96fe5e WebPDequantizeLevels(): use stride in CountLevels()
ec1b240 WebPPictureImport*: check output pointer
c076876 Merge "Revert "Re-enable encoding of alpha plane with color cache for next release.""
41f14bc WebPPictureImport*: check src pointer
64eed38 Pass stride parameter to WebPDequantizeLevels()
97934e2 Revert "Re-enable encoding of alpha plane with color cache for next release."
e88c4ca fix -m 2 mode-cost evaluation (causing partition0 overflow)
4562e83 Merge "add extra meaning to WebPDecBuffer::is_external_memory"
abdb109 add extra meaning to WebPDecBuffer::is_external_memory
875aec7 enc_neon,cosmetics: break long comment
71e856c GetMBSSIM,cosmetics: fix alignment
a90edff fix missing 'extern' for SSIM function in dsp/
423ecaf move some SSIM-accumulation function for dsp/
f08e662 Merge "Fix FindClosestDiscretized in near lossless:"
0d40cc5 enc_neon,Disto4x4: remove an unnecessary transpose
e8feb20 Fix FindClosestDiscretized in near lossless:
8200643 anim_util: quiet static analysis warning
a6f23c4 Merge "AnimEncoder: Support progress hook and user data."
a519377 Merge "Near lossless feature: fix some comments."
da98d31 AnimEncoder: Support progress hook and user data.
3335713 Near lossless feature: fix some comments.
0beed01 cosmetics: fix indent after 2f5e898
6753f35 Merge "FTransformWHT optimization."
6583bb1 Improve SSE4.1 implementation of TTransform.
7561d0c FTransformWHT optimization.
7ccdb73 fix indentation after patch #328220
6ec0d2a clarify the logic of the error path when decoding fails.
8aa352b Merge "Remove an unnecessary transposition in TTransform."
db86088 Merge "remove useless #include"
9960c31 Remove an unnecessary transposition in TTransform.
6e36b51 Small speedup in FTransform.
9dbd4aa Merge "fix C and SIMD flags completion."
e60853e Add missing common_sse2.h file to makefile.unix
696eb2b fix C and SIMD flags completion.
2b4fe33 Merge "fix multiple allocation for transform buffer"
2f5e898 fix multiple allocation for transform buffer
bf2b4f1 Regroup common SSE code + optimization.
4ed650a force "-pass 6" if -psnr or -size is used but -pass isn't.
3ef1ce9 yuv_sse2: fix -Wconstant-conversion warning
a7a03e9 Merge changes I4852d18f,I51ccb85d
5e122bd gif2webp: set enc_options.verbose = 0 w/-quiet
ab3c258 anim_encode,DefaultEncoderOptions: init verbose
8f0dee7 Merge "configure: fix builtin detection w/-Werror"
4a7b85a cmake: fix builtin detection w/-Werror
b74657f configure: fix builtin detection w/-Werror
3661b98 Add a CMakeLists.txt
75f4af4 remove useless #include
6c1d763 avoid Yoda style for comparison
8ce975a SSE optimization for vector mismatch.
7db5383 Merge tag 'v0.5.0'
37f0494 update ChangeLog (tag: v0.5.0-rc1, tag: v0.5.0, origin/0.5.0, 0.5.0)
7e7b6cc faster rgb565/rgb4444/argb output
4c7f565 update NEWS
1f62b6b update AUTHORS
e224fdc update mailmap
7110050 bump version to 0.5.0
230a685 README: update help text, repo link
d48e427 Merge "demux: accept raw bitstreams"
99a01f4 Merge "Unify some entropy functions."
4b025f1 Merge "configure: disable asserts by default"
92cbddf Merge "fix PrintBlockInfo()"
ca509a3 Unify some entropy functions.
367bf90 fix PrintBlockInfo()
b0547ff move back common constants for lossless_enc*.c into the .h
fb4c783 lossless: simpler alpha cleanup preprocessing
ba7f4b6 Merge "anim_diff: add brief description of options"
47ddd5a Move some codec logic out of ./dsp .
b4106c4 anim_diff: add brief description of options
357f455 yuv_sse2: fix 32-bit visual studio build
b9d80fa configure: disable asserts by default
7badd3d cosmetic fix: sizeof(type) -> sizeof(*var)
80ce27d Speed up 24-bit packing / unpacking in YUV / RGB conversions.
68eebcb remove a TODO about rotation
2dee296 remove few obsolete TODO about aligned loads in SSE2
e0c0bb3 remove TODO about unused ref_lf_delta[]
9cf1cc2 remove few TODO: * 256 -> RD_DISTO_MULT * don't use TDisto for UV mode picking
7918964 Merge changes from topic 'demux-fragment-cleanup'
47399f9 demux: remove GetFragment()
d3cfb79 demux: remove dead fragment related TODO
ab714b8 demux, Frame: remove is_fragment_ field
b105921 yuv_sse2, cosmetics: fix indent
466c92e demux,WebPIterator: remove fragment_num/num_fragments
11714ff demux: remove WebPDemuxSelectFragment
c0f7cc4 fix for bug #280: UMR in next->bits
578beeb Merge "enc/ add missing headers"
1a819f0 makefile.unix: make visibility=hidden the default
d4f9c2e enc/ add missing headers
846caff configure: check for -fvisibility=hidden
3f3ea2c demux: accept raw bitstreams
d6dad5d man cwebp: add precision about exactness of the 'lossless' mode
46bb1e3 Merge "gifdec: remove utils.h include"
2b882e9 Merge " define WEBP_HAVE_GIF for gifdec.c"
892b923 Merge "man/*, AUTHORS: clarify origin of the tool"
e5687a1 Merge "fix optimized build with -mcmodel=medium"
e56e685 define WEBP_HAVE_GIF for gifdec.c
4077d94 gifdec: remove utils.h include
b5e30da man/*, AUTHORS: clarify origin of the tool
b275e59 fix optimized build with -mcmodel=medium
64da45a cosmetics, cwebp: fix indent
038a060 Merge "add disto-based refinement for UV mode (if method = 1 or 2)"
2835089 Provide an SSE2 implementation of CombinedShannonEntropy.
e6c9351 add disto-based refinement for UV mode (if method = 1 or 2)
04507dc Merge "fix undefined behaviour during shift, using a cast"
793c526 Merge "wicdec: add support for reading from stdin"
d3d1639 Optimize the heap usage in HistogramCombineGreedy.
202a710 fix undefined behaviour during shift, using a cast
14d27a4 improve method #2 by merging DistoRefine() and SimpleQuantize()
cb1ce99 Merge "10% faster table-less SSE2/NEON version of YUV->RGB conversion"
ac761a3 10% faster table-less SSE2/NEON version of YUV->RGB conversion
79fcf29 wicdec: add support for reading from stdin
015f173 Merge "cwebp: add support for stdin input"
a9947c3 cwebp: add support for stdin input
7eb01ff Merge "Improved alpha cleanup for the webp encoder when prediction transform is used."
fb8c910 Merge "introduce WebPMemToUint32 and WebPUint32ToMem for memory access"
bd91af2 Merge "bit_reader: remove aarch64 BITS TODO"
6c702b8 Speed up hash chain initialization using memset.
4c60f63 make ReadPNG and ReadJPEG take a filename instead of a FILE
464ed10 bit_reader: remove aarch64 BITS TODO
d478e58 Merge "configure: update issue tracker"
6938111 Improved alpha cleanup for the webp encoder when prediction transform is used.
2c08aac introduce WebPMemToUint32 and WebPUint32ToMem for memory access
010ca3d Fix FindMatchLength with non-aligned buffers.
a90e1e3 README: add prerequisites for an autoconf build
458f086 configure: update issue tracker
3391459 vwebp: work around the transparent background with GLUT bug
e4a7eed cosmetics: fix indent
0837512 Merge "Make a separate case for low_effort in CopyImageWithPrediction"
aa2eb2d Merge "cosmetics: fix indent"
b7551e9 cosmetics: fix indent
5bda52d Make a separate case for low_effort in CopyImageWithPrediction
66fa598 Merge "configure: fix intrinsics build w/older gcc"
5ae220b backward_references.c: Fixed compiler warning
1556da0 Merge "configure: restore 2 warnings"
71a17e5 configure: restore 2 warnings
9eeabc0 configure: fix intrinsics build w/older gcc
363babe Merge "fix some warning about unaligned 32b reads"
a141178 Optimization in hash chain comparison for 64 bit Arrays were compared 32 bits at a time, it is now done 64 bits at a time. Overall encoding speed-up is only of 0.2% on @skal's small PNG corpus. It is of 3% on my initial 1.3 Mp desktop screenshot image.
829bd14 Combine Huffman cost and bit entropy into one loop
a7a954c Merge "lossless: make prediction in encoder work per scanline"
61b605b Merge "fix of undefined multiply (int32 overflow)"
239421c lossless: make prediction in encoder work per scanline
f5ca40e fix of undefined multiply (int32 overflow)
5cd2ef4 Merge changes from topic 'win-threading-compat'
76ce918 enable WEBP_USE_THREAD for windows phone
d2afe97 thread: use CreateThread for windows phone
0fd0e12 thread: use WaitForSingleObjectEx if available
63fadc9 thread: use InitializeCriticalSectionEx if available
110ad58 thread: use native windows cond var if available
912c9fd dec/webp: use GetLE(24|32) from utils
f169448 utils/GetLE32: correct uint32 promotion
158763d Merge "always call WebPInitSamplers(), don't try to be smart"
3770f3b Merge "cleanup the YFIX/TFIX difference by removing some code and #define"
a40f60a Merge "3% speed improvement for lossless webp encoder for low effort mode:"
ed1c2bc always call WebPInitSamplers(), don't try to be smart
b8c44f1 3% speed improvement for lossless webp encoder for low effort mode:
997e103 cleanup the YFIX/TFIX difference by removing some code and #define
d73d1c8 Merge "Make discarding invisible RGB values (cleanup alpha) the default."
1f9be97 Make discarding invisible RGB values (cleanup alpha) the default.
f240117 Make dwebp listen more to the -quiet flag
b37b017 fix for issue #275: don't compare to out-of-bound pointers
21735e0 speed-up trivial one-symbol decoding case for lossless
397863b Refactor CopyPlane() and CopyPixels() methods: put them in utils.
6ecd72f Re-enable encoding of alpha plane with color cache for next release.
1f7148a Merge "remove unused fields from WebPDecoderOptions and WebPBitstreamFeatures"
6ae395f Merge "use ExReadFile() for ReadYUV()"
8076a00 gitignore list: add anim_diff.
1c1702d use ExReadFile() for ReadYUV()
775d3a3 remove unused fields from WebPDecoderOptions and WebPBitstreamFeatures
c13245c AnimEncoder: Add a GetError() method.
688b265 AnimDecoder API: Add a GetDemuxer() method.
1aa4e3d WebPAnimDecoder: add an option to enable multi-threaded decoding.
3584abc AnimDecoder: option to decode to common color modes.
afd5a62 Merge "mux.h does NOT need to include encode.h"
8550d44 Merge "migrate anim_diff tool from C++ to C89"
96201e5 migrate anim_diff tool from C++ to C89
945cfa3 mux.h does NOT need to include encode.h
8da07e8 Merge "~2x faster SSE2 RGB24toY, BGR24toY, ARGBToY|UV"
bfd3fc0 ~2x faster SSE2 RGB24toY, BGR24toY, ARGBToY|UV
0243242 man/cwebp.1, cosmetics: escape '-'s
96f5b42 man/cwebp: group lossy-only options
52fdbdf extract some RGB24 to Luma conversion function from enc/ to dsp/
ab8c230 add missing \n
8304179 sync NEWS with 0.4.4
5bd04a0 sync versions with 0.4.4
8f1fcc1 Merge "Move ARGB->YUV functions from dec/vp8l.c to dsp/yuv.c"
25bf2ce fix some warning about unaligned 32b reads
922268f s/TIFF/WebP
fa8927e Move ARGB->YUV functions from dec/vp8l.c to dsp/yuv.c
9b37359 Merge "for ReadXXXX() image-readers, use the value of pic->use_argb"
f7c507a Merge "remove unnecessary #include "yuv.h""
7861578 for ReadXXXX() image-readers, use the value of pic->use_argb
14e4043 remove unnecessary #include "yuv.h"
469ba2c vwebp: fix incorrect clipping w/NO_BLEND
4b9186b update issue tracker url
d64d376 change WEBP_ALIGN_CST value to 31
f717b82 vp8l.c, cosmetics: fix indent after 95509f9
927ccdc Merge "fix alignment of allocated memory in AllocateTransformBuffer"
fea94b2 fix alignment of allocated memory in AllocateTransformBuffer
5aa8d61 Merge "MIPS: rescaler code synced with C implementation"
e7fb267 MIPS: rescaler code synced with C implementation
93c86ed Merge "format_constants.h: MKFOURCC, correct cast"
5d791d2 format_constants.h: MKFOURCC, correct cast
65726cd dsp/lossless: Average2, make a constant unsigned
d26d9de Use __has_builtin to check clang support
12ec204 moved ALIGN_CST into util/utils.h and renamed WEBP_ALIGN_xxx
a264083 Merge "rescaler: ~20% faster SSE2 implementation for lossless ImportRowExpand"
3fb600d Merge "wicdec: fix alpha detection w/64bpp BGRA/RGBA"
67c547f rescaler: ~20% faster SSE2 implementation for lossless ImportRowExpand
99e3f81 Merge "large re-organization of the delta-palettization code"
95509f9 large re-organization of the delta-palettization code
74fb458 fix for weird msvc warning message
ae49ad8 Merge "SSE2 implementation of ImportRowShrink"
932fd4d SSE2 implementation of ImportRowShrink
badfcba wicdec: fix alpha detection w/64bpp BGRA/RGBA
35cafa6 Merge "iosbuild: fix linking with Xcode 7 / iOS SDK 9"
b0c9d8a label rename: NO_CHANGE -> NoChange
b4e731c neon-implementation for rescaler code
db1321a iosbuild: fix linking with Xcode 7 / iOS SDK 9
6dfa5e3 rescaler: better handling of the fxy_scale=0 special case.
55c0529 Revert "rescaler: better handling of the fxy_scale=0 special case."
9f226bf rescaler: better handling of the fxy_scale=0 special case.
f7b8f90 delta_palettization.*: add copyright
c1e1b71 Changed delta palette to compress better
0dd2826 Merge "Add delta_palettization feature to WebP"
48f66b6 Add delta_palettization feature to WebP
27933e2 anim_encoder: drop a frame if it has same pixels as the prev frame.
df9f6ec Merge "webpmux/DisplayInfo: send non-error output to stdout"
8af4993 Merge "rescaler_mips_dsp_r2: cosmetics, fix indent"
2b9d249 Merge "rescaler: cosmetics, join two lines"
cc020a8 webpmux/DisplayInfo: send non-error output to stdout
a288e74 configure: add -Wshorten-64-to-32
c4c3cf2 pngdec: fix type conversion warnings
bef8e97 webpmux: fix type conversion warning
5a84460 rescaler_mips_dsp_r2: cosmetics, fix indent
acde0aa rescaler: cosmetics, join two lines
306ce4f rescaler: move the 1x1 or 2x1 handling one level up
cced974 remove _mm_set_epi64x(), which is too specific
56668c9 fix warnings about uint64_t -> uint32_t conversion
76a7dc3 rescaler: add some SSE2 code
1df1d0e rescaler: harmonize function protos
9ba1894 rescaler: simplify ImportRow logic
5ff0079 fix rescaler vertical interpolation
cd82440 VP8LAllocateHistogramSet: align histogram[] entries
a406b1d Merge "fix memory over-allocation in lossless rescaler init"
0fde33e add missing const in VP8InitFrame signature
ac7d5e8 fix memory over-allocation in lossless rescaler init
017f8cc Loosen the buffer size checks for Y/U/V/A too.
15ca501 loosen the padding check on buffer size
d623a87 dec_neon: add whitespace around stringizing operator
29377d5 dsp/mips: cosmetics: add whitespace around XSTR macro
eebaf97 dsp/mips: add whitespace around stringizing operator
d39dc8f Create a WebPAnimDecoder API.
03fb752 gif2webp: print output file size
14efabb Android: limit use of cpufeatures
7b83adb preparatory cosmetics for Rescaler code fix and clean-up
77fb41c dec/vp8l/DecodeAlphaData: remove redundant cast
90fcfcd Insert less hash chain entries from the beginnings of long copies.
bd55604 SSE2: add yuv444 converters, re-using yuv_sse2.c
41a5d99 add a -quiet option to 'dwebp'
80ab3ed Merge "README: update dwebp help output after 1e595fe"
32b71b2 README: update dwebp help output after 1e595fe
3ec1182 use the DispatchAlpha() call from dsp
c5f0062 incorporate bzero() into WebPRescalerInit() instead of call site
3ebcdd4 remove duplicate "#include <stdlib.h>"
1e595fe dwebp: add -resize as a synonym for -scale
24a9693 dec: allow 0 as a scaling dimension
b918724 utils/rescaler: add WebPRescalerGetScaledDimensions
923e8ed Merge "update NEWS"
020fd09 Merge "WebPPictureDistortion: support ARGB format for 'pic' when computing distortion."
6a5292f update NEWS
56a2e9f WebPPictureDistortion: support ARGB format for 'pic' when computing distortion.
0ae582e configure: test and add -Wunreachable-code
c2f9dc0 bit_writer: convert VP8L macro values to immediates
b969f88 Reduce magic in palette reordering
acb297e anim_diff: add a -raw_comparison flag
155c1b2 Merge changes I76f4d6fe,I45434639
717e4d5 mips32/mipsDSPr2: function ImportRow rebased
7df9389 fix rescaling bug (uninitialized read, see bug #254).
5cdcd56 lossless_enc_neon: add VP8LTransformColor
a53c336 lossless_neon: add VP8LTransformColorInverse
99131e7 Merge changes I9fb25a89,Ibc648e9e
c455676 simplify the main loop for downscaling
2a010f9 lossless_neon: remove predictors 5-13
ca221bb ll_enc_neon: enable VP8LSubtractGreenFromBlueAndRed
585d93d Container spec: clarify ordering of ALPH chunk.
01d61fd lossless: ~20 % speedup
f722c8f lossless: Speed up ComputeCacheEntropy by 40 %
1ceecdc add a VP8LColorCacheSet() method for color cache
17eb609 lossless: Allow copying from prev row in rle-mode.
f3a7a5b lossless: bit writer optimization
d97b9ff Merge changes from topic 'lossless-enc-improvements'
0250dfc msvc: fix pointer type warning in BitsLog2Floor
52931fd lossless: combine the Huffman code with extra bits
c4855ca lossless: Inlining add literal
8e9c94d lossless: simplify HashChainFindCopy heuristics
888429f lossless: 0.5 % compression density improvement
7b23b19 lossless: Add zeroes into the predicted histograms.
85b44d8 lossless: encoding, don't compute unnecessary histo
d92453f lossless: Remove about 25 % of the speed degradation
2cce031 Faster alpha coding for webp
5e75642 lossless: rle mode not to accept lengths smaller than 4.
84326e4 lossless: Less code for the entropy selection
16ab951 lossless: 0.37 % compression density improvement
822f113 add WebPFree() to the API
0ae2c2e SSE2/SSE41: optimize SSE_16xN loops
39216e5 cosmetics: fix indent after 32462a07
559e54c Merge "SSE2: slightly faster FTransformWHT"
8ef9a63 SSE2: slightly faster FTransformWHT
f27f773 lossless_neon: enable VP8LAddGreenToBlueAndRed
36e9c4b SSE2: minor cosmetrics on in-loop filter code
4741fac dsp/lossless_*sse2: remove some unnecessary inlines
1819965 fix warning ("left shift of negative value") using a cast
7017001 SSE2: speed-up some lossless-encoding functions
abcb012 Merge "SSE2: slightly faster (~5%) AddGreenToBlueAndRed()"
2df5bd3 Merge "Speedup to HuffmanCostCombinedCount"
9e356d6 SSE2: slightly faster (~5%) AddGreenToBlueAndRed()
fc6c75a SSE2: 53% faster TransformColor[Inverse]
49073da SSE2: 46% speed-up of TransformColor[Inverse]
32462a0 Speedup to HuffmanCostCombinedCount
f3d687e SSE4.1 implementation of some lossless encoding functions
bfc300c SSE4.1 implementation of some alpha-processing functions
7f9c98f Merge "sse2 in-loop: simplify SignedShift8b() a bit"
ef314a5 dec_sse2/GetNotHEV: micro optimization
a729cff sse2 in-loop: simplify SignedShift8b() a bit
422ec9f simplify Load8x4() a bit
8df238e Merge "remove some duplicate FlipSign()"
751506c remove some duplicate FlipSign()
65ef5af Merge "lossless: 0.13% compression density gain"
2beef2f lossless: 0.13% compression density gain
3033f24 lossless: 0.06 % compression density improvement
64960da dec_neon: add VE8uv / VE16
14dbd87 dec_neon: add HE8uv / HE16
ac76801 introduce FTransform2 to perform two transforms at a time.
aa6065a dec_neon: use vld1_dup(mem) rather than vdup(mem[0])
8b63ac7 Merge "dec_neon: add TM16"
f51be09 Merge "dec_neon/TrueMotion: simply left border load"
dc48196 dec_neon: add TM16
ea95b30 dec_neon/TrueMotion: simply left border load
f262d61 speed-up SetResidualSSE2
bf46d0a fix mips2 build target
929a0fd enc_sse2/TTransform: simplify abs calculation
17dbd05 enc_sse2/CollectHistogram: simplify abs calculation
a6c1593 dec_neon: add DC16 intra predictors
03b4f50 add anim_diff build support.
1b98987 Merge changes I9cd84125,Iee7e387f,I7548be72
acd7b5a Introduce a test tool anim_diff.
f274a96 dsp/enc_sse2: add luma4 intra predictors
040b11b dsp/enc_sse2: add chroma intra predictors
aee021b dsp/enc_sse2: add luma16 intra predictors
9e00a49 makefile.unix: remove superclean target
cefc9c0 makefile.unix: clean up after extras target
4c9af02 dec_neon: add DC8uvNoTopLeft
dd55b87 Merge "doc/webp-container-spec: update repo browser link"
f048696 doc/webp-container-spec: update repo browser link
9287761 Merge "GetResidualCostSSE2: simplify abs calculation"
0e00936 dsp/cpu.c(x86): check maximum supported cpuid feature
b243a4b GetResidualCostSSE2: simplify abs calculation
6d4602b Merge "fix typo: constitutes -> constitute"
5fe1fe3 fix typo: constitutes -> constitute
b83bd7c Merge "populate 'libwebpextras' with: import gray, rgb565 and rgb4444 functions"
b0114a3 Merge "histogram.h: cosmetics: remove unnecessary includes"
feab45e gifdec: Move inclusion of webp/config.h to header.
dbba67d histogram.h: cosmetics: remove unnecessary includes
e978fec Merge "VP8LBitReader: fix remaining ubsan error with large shifts"
d6fe588 Merge "ReconstructRow: move some one-time inits out of the main loop"
a21d647 ReconstructRow: move some one-time inits out of the main loop
7a01c3c VP8LBitReader: fix remaining ubsan error with large shifts
7fa67c9 change GetPixPairHash64() return type to uint32_t
ec1fb9f Merge "dsp/enc.c: cosmetics: move DST() def closer to use"
7073bfb Merge "split 64-mult hashing into two 32-bit multiplies"
0768b25 dsp/enc.c: cosmetics: move DST() def closer to use
6a48b8f Merge "fix MSVC size_t->int conversion warning"
1db07cd Merge "anim_encode: cosmetics: fix alignment"
e28271a anim_encode: cosmetics: fix alignment
7fe357b split 64-mult hashing into two 32-bit multiplies
af74c14 populate 'libwebpextras' with: import gray, rgb565 and rgb4444 functions
6121413 remove VP8Residual::cost unused field
e254482 fix MSVC size_t->int conversion warning
b69a6c3 vwebp: don't redefine snprintf with VS2015+
0ac29c5 AnimEncoder API: Consistent use of trailing underscores in struct.
d484555 AnimEncoder API: Use timestamp instead of duration as input to Add().
9904e36 dsp/dec_sse2: DC8uv / DC8uvNoLeft speedup
7df2049 dsp/dec_sse2: DC16 / DC16NoLeft speedup
8e515df Merge "makefile.unix: add some missing headers"
db12250 cosmetics: vp8enci.h: break long line
bf516a8 makefile.unix: add some missing headers
b44eda3 dsp: add DSP_INIT_STUB
03e76e9 clarify the comment about double-setting the status in SetError()
9fecdd7 remove unused EmitRGB()
43f010d move ReconstructRow to top
82d9802 add a dec/common.h header to collect common enc/dec #defines
5d4744a Merge "enc_sse41: add Disto4x4 / Disto16x16"
e38886a mux.h: Bump up ABI version
46305ca configure: add --disable-<avx2|sse4.1|sse2>
2fc8b65 CPPFLAGS->CFLAGS for detecting sse4.1 in preprocessor
1a338fb enc_sse41: add Disto4x4 / Disto16x16
9405550 encoding SSE4.1 stub for StoreHistogram + Quantize + SSE_16xN
c64659e remove duplicate variables after the lossless{_enc}.c split
67ba7c7 enc_sse2: call local FTransform in CollectHistogram
1824979 dsp: s/VP8LSetHistogramData/VP8SetHistogramData/
ede5e15 cosmetics: dsp/lossless.h: reorder prototypes
553051f dsp/lossless: split enc/dec functions
9064adc Merge "conditionally add -msse4.1 in Makefile.unix"
cecf509 dsp/yuv*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
6584d39 dsp/upsampling*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
8080942 dsp/rescaler*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
1d93dde dsp/lossless*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
73805ff dsp/filters*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
fbdcef2 dsp/enc*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
66de69c dsp/dec*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
48e4ffd dsp/cost*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
29fd6f9 dsp/argb*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
80ff381 dsp/alpha*.c: rework WEBP_USE_<arch> ifdef
bf09cf1 conditionally add -msse4.1 in Makefile.unix
e9570dd stub for SSE4.1 support.
4a95384 Merge "dsp: add sse4.1 detection"
cabf4bd dsp: add sse4.1 detection
4ecba1a thread.h: rename interface param
b8d706c Merge "sync versions with 0.4.3"
ae64a71 Merge "add shell for libwebpextras"
92a5da9 sync versions with 0.4.3
9d4e2d1 Merge "~30% faster smart-yuv (-pre 4) with early-out criterion"
b1bdbba ~30% faster smart-yuv (-pre 4) with early-out criterion
7efb974 Merge "Disable NEON code on Native Client"
ac4f578 Disable NEON code on Native Client
0873f85 AnimEncoder API: Support input frames in YUV(A) format.
5c176d2 add shell for libwebpextras
44bd956 fix signature for VP8RecordCoeffTokens()
c9b8ea0 small cosmetics on TokenBuffer.
76394c0 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for TrueMotion"
0f77369 WebPPictureRescale: add a note about 0 width/height
241bb5d MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for TrueMotion
6cef0e4 examples/ add webpmux_example target
53c16ff add webpmux target
21852a0 add webpdemux target
8697a3b add webpdecoder{,_static} targets
4a67049 split source lists per-directory
b5e7942 MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for some convert functions
0f595db MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for some convert functions
8a218b4 MIPS: [mips32|dspr2]: GetResidualCost rebased
ef98750 Speedup method StoreImageToBitMask by 5%.
602a00f fix iOS arm64 build with Xcode 6.3
2382050 1-2% faster encoding by removing an indirection in GetResidualCost()
eddb7e7 MIPS: dspr2: added otpimization for DC8uv, DC8uvNoTop and DC8uvNoLeft
73ba291 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for functions RD4 and LD4
c7129da Merge "4-5% faster encoding using SSE2 for GetResidualCost"
94380d0 MIPS: dspr2: added optimizaton for functions VE4 and DC4
2a40709 4-5% faster encoding using SSE2 for GetResidualCost
17e1986 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for simple filtering functions"
3ec404c Merge "dsp: normalize WEBP_TSAN_IGNORE_FUNCTION usage"
b969f5d dsp: normalize WEBP_TSAN_IGNORE_FUNCTION usage
d7b8e71 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for simple filtering functions
235f774 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for function VP8LTransformColorInverse_C"
42a8a62 MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for function VP8LTransformColorInverse_C
b442bef Merge "ApplyFiltersAndEncode: only copy lossless stats"
b510fbf doc/webp-container-spec: note MSB order for chunk diagrams
9bc0f92 ApplyFiltersAndEncode: only copy lossless stats
3030f11 Merge "dsp/mips: add some missing TSan annotations"
dfcf459 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for function VP8LAddGreenToBlueAndRed_C"
55c75a2 dsp/mips: add some missing TSan annotations
2cb879f MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for function VP8LAddGreenToBlueAndRed_C
e155601 move some cost tables from enc/ to dsp/
c3a0316 Merge "picture_csp: fix build w/USE_GAMMA_COMPRESSION undefined"
39537d7 Merge "VP8LDspInitMIPSdspR2: add missing TSan annotation"
1dd419c picture_csp: fix build w/USE_GAMMA_COMPRESSION undefined
43fd354 VP8LDspInitMIPSdspR2: add missing TSan annotation
c7233df Merge "VP8LDspInit: remove memcpy"
0ec4da9 picture_csp::InitGammaTables*: add missing TSan annotations
35579a4 VP8LDspInit: remove memcpy
97f6aff VP8YUVInit: add missing TSan annotation
f9016d6 dsp/enc::InitTables: add missing TSan annotation
e3d9771 VP8EncDspCostInit*: add missing TSan annotations
d97c143 Merge "doc/webp-container-spec: cosmetics"
309b790 MIPS: mips32: Added optimization for function SetResidualCoeffs
a987fae MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function GetResidualCost
e7d3df2 doc/webp-container-spec: cosmetics
be6635e Merge "VP8TBufferClear: remove some misleading const's"
02971e7 Merge "VP8EmitTokens: remove unnecessary param void cast"
3b77e5a VP8TBufferClear: remove some misleading const's
aa139c8 VP8EmitTokens: remove unnecessary param void cast
c24d8f1 cosmetics: upsampling_sse2: add const to some casts
1829c42 cosmetics: lossless_sse2: add const to some casts
183168f cosmetics: enc_sse2: add const to some casts
860badc cosmetics: dec_sse2: add const to some casts
0254db9 cosmetics: argb_sse2: add const to some casts
1aadf85 cosmetics: alpha_processing_sse2: add const to some casts
1579de3 vwebp: clear canvas at the beginning of each loop
4b9fa5d Merge "webp-container-spec: clarify background clear on loop"
4c82284 Updated the near-lossless level mapping.
5603947 webp-container-spec: clarify background clear on loop
19f0ba0 Implement true-motion prediction in SSE2
774d4cb make VP8PredLuma16[] array non-const
d7eabb8 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for function CollectHistogram"
fe42739 Use integers for kmin/kmax for simplicity.
b9df35f AnimEncode API: kmax=0 should imply all keyframes.
6ce296d MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for function CollectHistogram
2c906c4 vwebp: remove unnecessary static Help() prototype
be0fd1d Merge "dec/vp8: clear 'dither_' on skipped blocks"
e96170f Merge "vwebp/animation: display last frame on end-of-loop"
0f017b5 vwebp/animation: display last frame on end-of-loop
c86b40c enc/near_lossless.c: fix alignment
66935fb dec/vp8: clear 'dither_' on skipped blocks
b7de794 Merge "lossless_neon: enable subtract green for aarch64"
77724f7 SSE2 version of GradientUnfilter
416e1ce lossless_neon: enable subtract green for aarch64
72831f6 Speedup AnalyzeAndInit for low effort compression.
a659748 Speedup Analyze methods for lossless compression.
98c8138 Enable Near-lossless feature.
c6b2454 AnimEncoder API: Fix for kmax=1 and default kmin case.
022d2f8 add SSE2 variants for alpha filtering functions
2db15a9 Temporarily disable encoding of alpha plane with color cache.
1d575cc Merge "Lossless decoding: Remove an unnecessary if condition."
cafa1d8 Merge "Simplify backward refs calculation for low-effort."
7afdaf8 Alpha coding: reorganize the filter/unfiltering code
4d6d728 Simplify backward refs calculation for low-effort.
ec0d1be Cleaup Near-lossless code.
9814ddb Remove the post-transform near-lossless heuristic.
4509e32 Lossless decoding: Remove an unnecessary if condition.
f2ebc4a Merge "Regression fix for lossless decoding"
783a8cd Regression fix for lossless decoding
9a062b8 AnimEncoder: Bugfix for kmin = 1 and kmax = 2.
0f027a7 simplify smart RGB->YUV conversion code
0d5b334 BackwardReferencesHashChainFollowChosenPath: remove unused variable
f480d1a Fix to near lossless artefacts on palettized images.
d4615d0 Merge changes Ia1686828,I399fda40
cb4a18a rename HashChainInit into HashChainReset
f079e48 use uint16_t for chosen_path[]
da09121 MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for function FTransformWHT
b8c2013 Merge "wicdec: (msvs) quiet some /analyze warnings"
9b228b5 wicdec: (msvs) quiet some /analyze warnings
daeb276 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for MultARGBRow function"
cc08742 Merge "dsp/cpu: (msvs) add include for __cpuidex"
4a82aab Merge changes I87544e92,I0bb6cda5
7a19139 dwebp/WritePNG: mark png variables volatile
775dfad dwebp: include setjmp.h w/WEBP_HAVE_PNG
47d26be dwebp: correct sign in format strings
f0e0677 VP8LEncodeStream: add an assert
c5f7747 VP8LColorCacheCopy: promote an int before shifting
0de5f33 dsp/cpu: (msvs) add include for __cpuidex
7d850f7 MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for MultARGBRow function
5487529 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function QuantizeBlock
4fbe9cf dsp/cpu: (msvs) avoid immintrin.h on _M_ARM
3fd5903 simplify/reorganize arguments for CollectColorBlueTransforms
b9e356b Disable costly TraceBackwards for method=0.
a7e7caa MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function TransformColorRed
2cb3918 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function TransformColorBlue"
279e661 Merge "dsp/cpu: add include for _xgetbv() w/MSVS"
b6c0428 dsp/cpu: add include for _xgetbv() w/MSVS
d1c4ffa gif2webp: Move GIF decoding related code to a support library.
07c3955 Merge "AnimEncoder API: Add info in README.mux"
7b16197 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function TransformColorBlue
d7c4b02 cpu: fix AVX2 detection for gcc/clang targets
9d29946 AnimEncoder API: Add info in README.mux
d581ba4 follow-up: clean up WebPRescalerXXX dsp function
ce73abe Merge "introduce a separate WebPRescalerDspInit to initialize pointers"
ab66bec introduce a separate WebPRescalerDspInit to initialize pointers
205c7f2 fix handling of zero-sized partition #0 corner case
cbcdd5f Merge "move rescaler functions to rescaler* files in src/dsp/"
bf586e8 Merge changes I230b3532,Idf3057a7
6dc79dc Merge "anim_encode: fix type conversion warnings"
11fce25 Merge "dec_neon: remove returns from void functions"
c4e63f9 add gif2webp target
4f43d38 enable NEON for Windows ARM builds
3f6615a add rudimentary Windows ARM support
e7c5954 dec_neon: remove returns from void functions
f79c163 anim_encode: fix type conversion warnings
0f54f1e Remove gif2webp_util which is no longer needed.
cbcbedd move rescaler functions to rescaler* files in src/dsp/
ac79ed1 webpmux: remove experimental fragment handling
e8694d4 mux: remove experimental FRGM parsing
9e92b6e AnimEncoder API: Optimize single-frame animated images
abbae27 Merge "Move over gif2webp to the new AnimEncoder API."
a28c4b3 MIPS: move WORK_AROUND_GCC define to appropriate place
012d2c6 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for functions SSEAxB
67720c8 Move over gif2webp to the new AnimEncoder API.
9241ecf MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function Average
9422211 Merge "Tune BackwardReferencesLz77 for low_effort (m=0)."
df40057 Merge "Speedup VP8LGetHistoImageSymbols for low effort (m=0) mode."
ea08466 Tune BackwardReferencesLz77 for low_effort (m=0).
b0b973c Speedup VP8LGetHistoImageSymbols for low effort (m=0) mode.
c6d3292 argb_sse2: cosmetics
67f601c make the 'last_cpuinfo_used' variable names unique
b948986 AnimEncoder API: Init method for default options.
856f8ec Merge "AnimEncoder API: Remove AnimEncoderFrameOptions."
c537514 Merge "AnimEncoder API: GenerateCandidates bugfix."
dc0ce03 Merge "AnimEncoder API: Compute change rectangle for first frame too."
f00b639 Merge "AnimEncoder API: In Assemble(), always set animation parameters."
29ed796 Merge "AnimEncoder lib cleanup: prev to prev canvas not needed."
9f0dd6e Merge "WebPAnimEncoder API: Header and implementation"
5e56bbe AnimEncoder API: Remove AnimEncoderFrameOptions.
b902c3e AnimEncoder API: GenerateCandidates bugfix.
ef3c39b AnimEncoder API: Compute change rectangle for first frame too.
eec423a AnimEncoder API: In Assemble(), always set animation parameters.
ae1c046 AnimEncoder lib cleanup: prev to prev canvas not needed.
4b997ae WebPAnimEncoder API: Header and implementation
72208be move argb_*.o build target to encoder list
9592053 Merge "multi-thread fix: lock each entry points with a static var"
4c1b300 Merge "SSE2 implementation of VP8PackARGB"
fbcc200 Merge "add -Wformat-nonliteral and -Wformat-security"
80d950d add -Wformat-nonliteral and -Wformat-security
04c20e7 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function Intra4Preds"
a437694 multi-thread fix: lock each entry points with a static var
ca7f60d SSE2 implementation of VP8PackARGB
72d573f simplify the PackARGB signature
4e2589f demux: restore strict fragment flag check
4ba8e07 Merge "webp-container-spec: remove references to fragments"
e752f0a Merge "demux: remove experimental FRGM parsing"
f8abb11 Merge changes I109ec4d9,I73fe7743
ae2188a MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function Intra4Preds
1f4b864 move VP8EncDspARGBInit() call closer to where it's needed
14108d7 dec_neon: add DC8uvNoTop / DC8uvNoLeft
d8340da dec_neon: add DC8uv
a66e66c webp-container-spec: remove references to fragments
7ce8788 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function MakeARGB32
012e623 demux: remove experimental FRGM parsing
87c3d53 method=0: Don't evaluate any predictor
6f4fcb9 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function ImportRow"
2428445 replace unneeded calls to HistogramCopy() by swaps
bdf7b40 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function ImportRow
e66a922 Merge "MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function ExportRowC"
c279fec MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function ExportRowC
31a9cf6 Speedup WebP lossless compression for low effort (m=0) mode with following: - Disable Cross-Color transform. - Evaluate predictors #11 (paeth), #12 and #13 only.
9275d91 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function TrueMotion
26106d6 Merge "enc_neon: fix building with non-Xcode clang (iOS)"
1c4e3ef unroll the kBands[] indirection to remove a dereference in GetCoeffs()
a3946b8 enc_neon: fix building with non-Xcode clang (iOS)
8ed9c00 Merge "simplify the Histogram struct, to only store max_value and last_nz"
bad7757 simplify the Histogram struct, to only store max_value and last_nz
3cca0dc MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for DCMode function
37e395f MIPS: fix functions to use generic BPS istead of hardcoded value
9475bef PickBestUV: fix VP8Copy16x8 invocation
441f273 Merge changes I55f8da52,Id73a1e96
4a279a6 cosmetics: add some missing != NULL comparisons
66ad372 factorize BPS definition in dsp.h and add VP8Copy16x8
432e5b5 make ALIGN_xxx naming consistent
5760604 encoder: switch BPS to 32 instead of 16
1b66bbe MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function TransformColor_C
c6d0f9e histogram: cosmetics
f399d30 Merge changes I6eac17e5,I32d2b514
9de9074 dec_neon: add TM8uv
8e517ec bit_reader/kVP8NewRange: range_t -> uint8_t
e185713 dsp: initialize VP8PredChroma8 in VP8DspInit()
e0c809a Move Entropy methods to lossless.c
a96ccf8 iosbuild: add x64_64 simulator support
a0df551 Remove handling for WEBP_HINT_GRAPH
413dfc0 Move static method definition before its usage.
0f23566 Update BackwardRefsWithLocalCache.
d69e36e Remove TODOs from lossless encoder code.
fdaac8e Optmize VP8LGetBackwardReferences LZ77 references.
2f0e2ba MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function Select
a3e79a4 Merge "WebPEncode: Support encoding same pic twice (even if modified)"
e4f4ddd WebPEncode: Support encoding same pic twice (even if modified)
cbc3fbb Merge "Updated VP8LGetBackwardReferences and color cache."
95a9bd8 Updated VP8LGetBackwardReferences and color cache.
54f2c14 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function FTransform
aa42f42 MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for function VP8LSubtractGreenFromBlueAndRed
11a25f7 Merge "FlattenSimilarBlocks should only be tried when blending is possible."
5cccdad FlattenSimilarBlocks should only be tried when blending is possible.
95ca44a MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for Disto4x4
4171b67 backward_references.c: reindent after c8581b0
c8581b0 Optimize BackwardReferences for RLE encoding.
5798eee MIPS: dspr2: unfilters bugfix (Ie7b7387478a6b5c3f08691628ae00f059cf6d899)
4167a3f Optimize backwardreferences
d18554c Merge "webp/types.h: use inline for clang++/-std=c++11"
7489b0e gif2webp: Add '-min-size' option to get best compression.
77bdddf Speed up BackwardReferences
6638710 webp/types.h: use inline for clang++/-std=c++11
abf0420 Enable entropy based merge histo for (q<100)
572022a filters_mips_dsp_r2.c: disable unfilters
a28e21b MIPS: dspr2: Added optimization for function ClampedAddSubtractFull
18d5a1e MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function ClampedAddSubtractHalf
829a8c1 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for ITransform
c94ed49 gif2webp: Use the default hint instead of WEBP_HINT_GRAPH.
653ace5 Increase the MAX_COLOR_CACHE_BITS from 9 to 10.
919220c Change the logic adjusting the Histogram bits.
53b096c Merge "Fix bug in VP8LCalculateEstimateForCacheSize."
e912bd5 Fix bug in VP8LCalculateEstimateForCacheSize.
541d783 Merge "dec_neon: add RD4 intra predictor"
f8cd067 Merge " add a 'legacy' RTLIBCFG option"
22881c9 dec_neon: add RD4 intra predictor
613d281 update NEWS
1304eb3 Merge "dec_neon: DC4: use pair-wise adds for top row"
34c20c0 add a 'legacy' RTLIBCFG option
7083006 Merge "dsp/dec_{neon,sse2}: VE4: normalize variable names"
0db9031 dsp/dec_{neon,sse2}: VE4: normalize variable names
b5bc153 dec_neon: DC4: use pair-wise adds for top row
5b90d8f Unify the API between VP8BitWriter and VP8LBitWriter
f7ada56 Merge changes I2e06907b,Ia9ed4ca6,I782282ff
5beb6bf Merge "dec_neon: add VE4 intra predictor"
eba6ce0 dec_neon: add DC4 intra predictor
79abfbd dec_neon: add TM4 intra predictor
fe395f0 dec_neon: add LD4 intra predictor
32de385 dec_neon: add VE4 intra predictor
72395ba Merge "Modify CostModel to allocate optimal memory."
65e5eb8 gif2webp: Support GIF_DISPOSE_RESTORE_PREVIOUS
e4c829e gif2webp: Handle frames with odd offsets + disposal to background.
c2b5a03 Modify CostModel to allocate optimal memory.
b7a33d7 implement VE4/HE4/RD4/... in SSE2
97c76f1 make VP8PredLuma4[] non-const and initialize array in VP8DspInit()
0ea8c6c Merge "PrintReg: output to stderr"
d7ff2f9 Merge "stopwatch.h: fix includes"
f85ec71 PrintReg: output to stderr
54edbf6 stopwatch.h: fix includes
139142e Optimize BackwardReferenceHashChainFollowPath.
5f36b68 enc/backward_references.c: fix indent
e0e9960 Merge "sync version numbers to 0.4.2 release"
64ac514 sync version numbers to 0.4.2 release
c24f895 Simplify and speedup Backward refs computation.
d1c359e fix shared object build with -fvisibility=hidden
a4c3a31 WEBP_TSAN_IGNORE_FUNCTION: fix gcc compat warning
f358eeb add code for testing random incremental decoding in dwebp
8024729 mark some init function as being safe for thread_sanitizer.
79b5bdb bit_reader.h: cosmetics: fix a typo
6c67368 Improved near-lossless mode.
0ce27e7 enc_mips32: workaround gcc-4.9 bug
aca1b98 enc/vp8l.c: fix indent
ca00502 Evaluate non-palette compression for palette image
c8a87bb AssignSegments: quiet -Warray-bounds warning
32f67e3 Merge "enc_neon: initialize vectors w/vdup_n_u32"
fabc65d 1-3% faster encoding optimizing SSE_NxN functions
7534d71 enc_neon: initialize vectors w/vdup_n_u32
5f81391 Merge "Fix return code of EncodeImageInternal()"
e321abe Fix return code of EncodeImageInternal()
f82cb06 optimize palette ordering
f545fee don't set the alpha value for histogram index image
2d9b0a4 add WebPDispatchAlphaToGreen() to dsp
1bd4c2a Merge "Change Entropy based Histogram Combine heuristic."
e295b8f Merge "iosbuild: cleanup"
1be4e76 Merge "iosbuild: output autoconf req. on failure"
d5e498d Change Entropy based Histogram Combine heuristic.
47a2d8e fix MSVC float->int conversion warning
041956f iosbuild: cleanup
767eb40 iosbuild: output autoconf req. on failure
35ad48b HistoHeapInit: correct positions allocation size
45d9635 lossless: entropy clustering for high qualities.
dc37df8 fix type warning for VS9_x64
9f7d9e6 iosbuild: make iOS 6 the minimum requirement
fdd6528 Remove unused VP8LDecoder member variable
ea3bba5 Merge "rewrite Disto4x4 in enc_neon.c with intrinsic"
f060dfc add lossless incremental decoding support
ab70794 rewrite Disto4x4 in enc_neon.c with intrinsic
d447163 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function FilterLoop24
2aef54d Merge "prepare VP8LDecodeImage for incremental decode"
aed0f5a Merge "MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function FilterLoop26"
2863068 prepare VP8LDecodeImage for incremental decode
248f3ae remove br->error_ field
49e1504 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for function FilterLoop26
38128cb only install .h files in Headers
c792d41 Premultiply with alpha during U/V downsampling
0cc811d gif2webp: Background color correction
d7167ff Amend the lossless spec according to issue #205, #206 and #224
b901416 Record the lossless size stats.
cddd334 Add a WebPExtractAlpha function to dsp
0716a98 fix indent after I0204949917836f74c0eb4ba5a7f4052a4797833b
f9ced95 Optimize lossless decoding for trivial(ARB) codes.
924fcfd Merge "webpmux: simplify InitializeConfig()"
c0a462c webpmux: simplify InitializeConfig()
6986bb5 webpmux: fix indent
f89e169 webpmux: fix exit status on numeric value parse error
2172cb6 Merge "webpmux: fix loop_count range check"
e3b343e Merge "examples: warn on invalid numeric parameters"
0e23c48 webpmux: fix loop_count range check
6208338 Merge "fix loop bug in DispatchAlpha()"
d51f3e4 gif2webp: Handle frames with missing graphic control extension
690b491 fix loop bug in DispatchAlpha()
96d43a8 examples: warn on invalid numeric parameters
3101f53 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for TransformOne
a6bb9b1 SSE2 for inverse Mult(ARGB)Row and ApplyAlphaMultiply
d84a8ff Remove default initialization of decoder status.
be70b86 configure: simplify libpng-config invocation
e0a9932 Rectify bug in lossless incremental decoding.
e2502a9 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for TransformAC3
24e1072 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for TransformDC
c0e84df Merge "Slightly faster lossless decoding (1%)"
8dd28bb Slightly faster lossless decoding (1%)
f010359 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for ColorIndexInverseTransforms
d3242ae make VP8LSetBitPos() set br->eos_ flag
a9decb5 Lossless decoding: fix eos_ flag condition
3fea6a2 fix erroneous dec->status_ setting
80b8099 MIPS: dspr2: add some specific mips code to commit I2c3f2b12f8df15b785fad5a9c56316e954ae0c53
e564062 Merge "further refine the COPY_PATTERN optim for DecodeAlpha"
854509f enc/histogram.c: reindent after f4059d0
3442196 Merge "~3-5% faster encoding optimizing PickBestIntra*()"
865069c further refine the COPY_PATTERN optim for DecodeAlpha
a595622 added C-level optimization for DecodeAlphaData function
187d379 add a fallback to ALPHA_NO_COMPRESSION
a48a2d7 ~3-5% faster encoding optimizing PickBestIntra*()
a614019 ExUtilReadFromStdin: (windows) open stdin in bin mode
e80eab1 webpmux: (windows) open stdout in binary mode
e9bfb11 cwebp: (windows) open stdout in binary mode
5927e15 example_util: add ExUtilSetBinaryMode
30f3b75 webpmux man page: Clarify some title, descriptions and examples
77d4c7e address cosmetic comments from patch #71380
f75dfbf Speed up Huffman decoding for lossless
637b388 dsp/lossless: workaround gcc-4.9 bug on arm
8323a90 dsp.h: collect gcc/clang version test macros
e6c4b52 move static initialization of WebPYUV444Converters[] to the Init function.
49911d4 Merge "fix indentation"
f4059d0 Code cleanup for HistogramRemap.
e632b09 fix indentation
f5c04d6 Merge "add a DispatchAlpha() for SSE2 that handles 8 pixels at a time"
fc98edd add a DispatchAlpha() for SSE2 that handles 8 pixels at a time
73d361d introduce VP8EncQuantize2Blocks to quantize two blocks at a time
0b21c30 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for EmitAlphaRGB
953acd5 enc_neon: enable QuantizeBlock for aarch64
f4ae143 MIPS: mips32: code rebase
5697715 MIPS: dspr2: added optimizations for VP8YuvTo*
2523aa7 SmartRGBYUV: fix odd-width problem with pixel replication
ee52dc4 fix some MSVC64 warning about float conversion
3fca851 cpu: check for _MSC_VER before using msvc inline asm
e2a83d7 faster RGB->YUV conversion function (~7% speedup)
de2d03e Merge "Add smart RGB->YUV conversion option -pre 4"
3fc4c53 Add smart RGB->YUV conversion option -pre 4
b4dc406 MIPS: dspr2: added optimization for (un)filters
137e609 Merge "configure: add work around for gcc-4.9 aarch64 bug"
b61c9ce MIPS: dspr2: Optimization of some simple point-sampling functions
e2b8cec configure: add work around for gcc-4.9 aarch64 bug
98c5410 MIPS: mips32r2: added optimization for BSwap32
dab702b Update PATENTS to reflect s/VP8/WebM/g
b564f7c Merge "MIPS: detect mips32r6 and disable mips32r1 code"
b7e5a5c MIPS: detect mips32r6 and disable mips32r1 code
63c2fc0 Correctly use the AC_CANONICAL_* macros
bb07022 Merge "cosmetics"
e300c9d cosmetics
0e519ee Merge "cosmetics: remove some extraneous 'extern's"
3ef0f08 Merge "vp8enci.h: cosmetics: fix '*' placement"
4c6dde3 bit_writer: cosmetics: rename kFlush() -> Flush()
f7b4c48 cosmetics: remove some extraneous 'extern's
b47fb00 vp8enci.h: cosmetics: fix '*' placement
b5a36cc add -near_lossless [0..100] experimental option
0524d9e dsp: detect mips64 & disable mips32 code
d3485d9 cwebp.1: fix quality description placement
29a9fe2 Merge tag 'v0.4.1'
8af2771 update ChangeLog (tag: v0.4.1, origin/0.4.1, 0.4.1)
e09e9ff Record & log the image pre-processing time.
f59c0b4 specify optimization flags
8d34ea3 update ChangeLog (tag: v0.4.1-rc1)
dbc3da6 makefile.unix: add vwebp.1 to the dist target
89a7c83 update ChangeLog
ffe67ee Merge "update NEWS for the next release" into 0.4.1
2def1fe gif2webp: dust up the help message
fb668d7 remove -noalphadither option from README/vwebp.1
e49f693 update NEWS for the next release
cd01358 Merge "update AUTHORS" into 0.4.1
268d01e update AUTHORS
85213b9 bump version to 0.4.1
695f80a Merge "restore mux API compatibility" into 0.4.1
862d296 restore mux API compatibility
8f6f8c5 remove the !WEBP_REFERENCE_IMPLEMENTATION tweak in Put8x8uv
d713a69 Merge changes If4debc15,I437a5d5f into 0.4.1
c2fc52e restore encode API compatibility
793368e restore decode API compatibility
b8984f3 gif2webp: fix compile with giflib 5.1.0
222f9b1 gif2webp: simplify giflib version checking
d2cc61b Extend MakeARGB32() to accept Alpha channel.
4595b62 Merge "use explicit size of kErrorMessages[] arrays"
157de01 Merge "Actuate memory stats for PRINT_MEMORY_INFO"
fbda2f4 JPEG decoder: delay conversion to YUV to WebPEncode() call
0b747b1 use explicit size of kErrorMessages[] arrays
3398d81 Actuate memory stats for PRINT_MEMORY_INFO
6f3202b Merge "move WebPPictureInit to picture.c"
6c347bb move WebPPictureInit to picture.c
fb3acf1 fix configure message for multi-thread
40b086f configure: check for _beginthreadex
1549d62 reorder the YUVA->ARGB and ARGB->YUVA functions correctly
c6461bf Merge "extract colorspace code from picture.c into picture_csp.c"
736f2a1 extract colorspace code from picture.c into picture_csp.c
645daa0 Merge "configure: check for -Wformat-security"
abafed8 configure: check for -Wformat-security
fbadb48 split monolithic picture.c into picture_{tools,psnr,rescale}.c
c76f07e dec_neon/TransformAC3: initialize vector w/vcreate
bb4fc05 gif2webp: Allow single-frame animations
46fd44c thread: remove harmless race on status_ in End()
5a1a726 Merge "configure: check for __builtin_bswapXX()"
6781423 configure: check for __builtin_bswapXX()
6450c48 configure: fix iOS builds
6422e68 VP8LFillBitWindow: enable fast path for 32-bit builds
4f7f52b VP8LFillBitWindow: respect WEBP_FORCE_ALIGNED
e458bad endian_inl.h: implement htoleXX with BSwapXX
f2664d1 endian_inl.h: add BSwap16
6fbf534 Merge "configure: add --enable-aligned"
dc0f479 configure: add --enable-aligned
9cc69e2 Merge "configure: support WIC + OpenGL under mingw64"
257adfb remove experimental YUV444 YUV422 and YUV400 code
10f4257 configure: support WIC + OpenGL under mingw64
380cca4 add AC_C_BIGENDIAN
ee70a90 endian_inl.h: add BSwap64
47779d4 endian_inl.h: add BSwap32
d5104b1 utils: add endian_inl.h
58ab622 Merge "make alpha-detection loop in IsKeyFrame() in good x/y order"
9d56290 make alpha-detection loop in IsKeyFrame() in good x/y order
516971b lossless: Remove unaligned read warning
b8b596f Merge " add an autoconf version prerequisite"
34b02f8 add an autoconf version prerequisite
e59f536 neon: normalize vdup_n_* usage
6ee7160 Merge changes I0da7b3d3,Idad2f278,I4accc305
abc02f2 Merge "fix (uncompiled) typo"
bc03670 neon: add INIT_VECTOR4
6c1c632 neon: add INIT_VECTOR3
dc7687e neon: add INIT_VECTOR2
4536e7c add WebPMuxSetCanvasSize() to the mux API
824eab1 fix (uncompiled) typo
1f3e5f1 remove unused 'shift' argument and QFIX2 define
8e86705 Merge "VP8LoadNewBytes: use __builtin_bswap32 if available"
1b6a263 Merge "Fix handling of weird GIF with canvas dimension 0x0"
1da3d46 VP8LoadNewBytes: use __builtin_bswap32 if available
1582e40 Fix handling of weird GIF with canvas dimension 0x0
b8811da Merge "rename interface -> winterface"
db8b8b5 Fix logic in the GIF LOOP-detection parsing
25aaddc rename interface -> winterface
5584d9d make WebPSetWorkerInterface() check its arguments
a9ef7ef Merge "cosmetics: update thread.h comments"
c6af999 Merge "dust up the help message"
0a8b886 dust up the help message
a9cf319 cosmetics: update thread.h comments
27bfeee QuantizeBlock SSE2 Optimization:
2bc0dc3 Merge "webpmux: warn when odd frame offsets are used"
3114ebe Merge changes Id8edd3c1,Id418eb96,Ide05e3be
c072663 webpmux: warn when odd frame offsets are used
c5c6b40 Merge "add alpha dithering for lossy"
d514678 examples/ add cwebp
ca0fa7c move dwebp to examples/
73d8fca add ENABLE_SHARED flag
6e93317 muxread: fix out of bounds read
8b0f6a4 fix CFLAGS assignment w/HAVE_AVX2=1
bbe32df add alpha dithering for lossy
7902076 Merge "make error-code reporting consistent upon malloc failure"
77bf441 make error-code reporting consistent upon malloc failure
7a93c00 **/ remove unused AM_CPPFLAGS
24e3080 Add an interface abstraction to the WebP worker thread implementation
d6cd635 Merge "fix orig_rect==NULL case"
2bfd1ff fix orig_rect==NULL case
059e21c Merge "configure: move config.h to src/webp/config.h"
f05fe00 properly report back encoding error code in WebPFrameCacheAddFrame()
32b3137 configure: move config.h to src/webp/config.h
90090d9 Merge changes I7c675e51,I84f7d785
ae7661b makefiles: define WEBP_HAVE_AVX2 when appropriate
69fce2e remove the special casing for res->first in VP8SetResidualCoeffs
6e61a3a configure: test for -msse2
b9d2efc rename upsampling_mips32.c to yuv_mips32.c
bdfeeba dsp/yuv: move sse2 functions to yuv_sse2.c
46b32e8 Merge "configure: set WEBP_HAVE_AVX2 when available"
88305db Merge "VP8RandomBits2: prevent signed int overflow"
73fee88 VP8RandomBits2: prevent signed int overflow
db4860b enc_sse2: prevent signed int overflow
3fdaf4d Merge "real fix for longjmp warning"
385e334 real fix for longjmp warning
230a055 configure: set WEBP_HAVE_AVX2 when available
a2ac8a4 restore original value_/range_ field order
5e2ee56 Merge "remove libwebpdspdecode dep on libwebpdsp_avx2"
61362db remove libwebpdspdecode dep on libwebpdsp_avx2
42c447a Merge "lossy bit-reader clean-up:"
479ffd8 Merge "remove unused #include's"
9754d39 Merge "strong filtering speed-up (~2-3% x86, ~1-2% for NEON)"
158aff9 remove unused #include's
09545ee lossy bit-reader clean-up:
ea8b0a1 strong filtering speed-up (~2-3% x86, ~1-2% for NEON)
6679f89 Optimize VP8SetResidualCoeffs.
ac591cf fix for gcc-4.9 warnings about longjmp + local variables
4dfa86b dsp/cpu: NaCl has no support for xgetbv
4c39869 Merge "cwebp: fallback to native webp decode in WIC builds"
33aa497 Merge "cwebp: add some missing newlines in longhelp output"
c9b340a fix missing WebPInitAlphaProcessing call for premultiplied colorspace output
57897ba Merge "lossless_neon: use vcreate_*() where appropriate"
6aa4777 Merge "(enc|dec)_neon: use vcreate_*() where appropriate"
0d346e4 Always reinit VP8TransformWHT instead of hard-coding
7d039fc cwebp: fallback to native webp decode in WIC builds
d471f42 cwebp: add some missing newlines in longhelp output
bf0e003 lossless_neon: use vcreate_*() where appropriate
9251c2f (enc|dec)_neon: use vcreate_*() where appropriate
399b916 lossy decoding: correct alpha-rescaling for YUVA format
78c12ed Merge " add rudimentary avx2 support"
dc5b122 try to remove the spurious warning for static analysis
ddfefd6 add rudimentary avx2 support
a891164 Merge "simplify VP8LInitBitReader()"
fdbcd44 simplify VP8LInitBitReader()
7c00428 makefile.unix: add rudimentary avx2 support
515e35c Merge "add stub dsp/enc_avx2.c"
a05dc14 SSE2: yuv->rgb speed-up for point-sampling
178e9a6 add stub dsp/enc_avx2.c
1b99c09 Merge "configure: add a test for -mavx2"
fe72807 configure: add a test for -mavx2
e46a247 cpu: fix check for __cpuidex availability
176fda2 fix the bit-writer for lossless in 32bit mode
541784c dsp.h: add a check for AVX2 / define WEBP_USE_AVX2
bdb151e dsp/cpu: add AVX2 detection
ab9f2f8 Merge "revamp the point-sampling functions by processing a full plane"
a2f8b28 revamp the point-sampling functions by processing a full plane
ef07602 use decoder's DSP functions for autofilter
2b5cb32 Merge "dsp/cpu: add AVX detection"
df08e67 dsp/cpu: add AVX detection
e2f405c Merge "clean-up and slight speed-up in-loop filtering SSE2"
f60957b clean-up and slight speed-up in-loop filtering SSE2
9fc3ae4 .gitattributes: treat .ppm as binary
3da924b Merge "dsp/WEBP_USE_NEON: test for __aarch64__"
c716449 always include *_neon.c in the build
a577b23 dsp/WEBP_USE_NEON: test for __aarch64__
54bfffc move RemapBitReader() from idec.c to bit_reader code
34168ec Merge "remove all unused layer code"
f1e7717 remove all unused layer code
b0757db Code cleanup for VP8LGetHistoImageSymbols.
5fe628d make the token page size be variable instead of fixed 8192
f948d08 memory debug: allow setting pre-defined malloc failure points
ca3d746 use block-based allocation for backward refs storage, and free-lists
1ba61b0 enable NEON intrinsics in aarch64 builds
b9d2bb6 dsp/neon.h: coalesce intrinsics-related defines
b5c7525 iosbuild: add support for iOSv7/aarch64
9383afd Reduce number of memory allocations while decoding lossless.
888e63e Merge "dsp/lossless: prevent signed int overflow in left shift ops"
8137f3e Merge "instrument memory allocation routines for debugging"
2aa1873 instrument memory allocation routines for debugging
d3bcf72 Don't allocate VP8LHashChain, but treat like automatic object
bd6b861 dsp/lossless: prevent signed int overflow in left shift ops
b7f19b8 Merge "dec/vp8l: prevent signed int overflow in left shift ops"
29059d5 Merge "remove some uint64_t casts and use."
e69a1df dec/vp8l: prevent signed int overflow in left shift ops
cf5eb8a remove some uint64_t casts and use.
38e2db3 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimization for HistogramAdd.
e0609ad dwebp: fix exit code on webp load failure
bbd358a Merge "example_util.h: avoid forward declaring enums"
8955da2 example_util.h: avoid forward declaring enums
6d6865f Added SSE2 variants for Average2/3/4
b3a616b make HistogramAdd() a pointer in dsp
c8bbb63 dec_neon: relocate some inline-asm defines
4e393bb dec_neon: enable intrinsics-only functions
ba99a92 dec_neon: use positive tests for USE_INTRINSICS
69058ff Merge "example_util: add ExUtilDecodeWebPIncremental"
a7828e8 dec_neon: make WORK_AROUND_GCC conditional on version
3f3d717 Merge "enc_neon: enable intrinsics-only functions"
de3cb6c Merge "move LOCAL_GCC_VERSION def to dsp.h"
1b2fe14 example_util: add ExUtilDecodeWebPIncremental
ca49e7a Merge "enc_neon: move Transpose4x4 to dsp/neon.h"
ad900ab Merge "fix warning about size_t -> int conversion"
4825b43 fix warning about size_t -> int conversion
42b35e0 enc_neon: enable intrinsics-only functions
f937e01 move LOCAL_GCC_VERSION def to dsp.h
5e1a17e enc_neon: move Transpose4x4 to dsp/neon.h
c7b92a5 dec_neon: (WORK_AROUND_GCC) delete unused Load4x8
8e5f90b Merge "make ExUtilLoadWebP() accept NULL bitstream param."
05d4c1b Merge "cwebp: add webpdec"
ddeb6ac cwebp: add webpdec
35d7d09 Merge "Reduce memory footprint for encoding WebP lossless."
0b89610 Reduce memory footprint for encoding WebP lossless.
f0b65c9 make ExUtilLoadWebP() accept NULL bitstream param.
9c0a60c Merge "dwebp: move webp decoding to example_util"
1d62acf MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimization for HuffmanCost functions.
4a0e739 dwebp: move webp decoding to example_util
c022046 Merge "Bugfix: Incremental decode of lossy-alpha"
8c7cd72 Bugfix: Incremental decode of lossy-alpha
7955152 MIPS: fix error with number of registers.
b1dabe3 Merge "Move the HuffmanCost() function to dsp lib"
75b1200 Move the HuffmanCost() function to dsp lib
2772b8b MIPS: fix assembler error revealed by clang's debug build
6653b60 enc_mips32: fix unused symbol warning in debug
8dec120 enc_mips32: disable ITransform(One) in debug builds
98519dd enc_neon: convert Disto4x4 to intrinsics
fe9317c cosmetics:
953b074 enc_neon: cosmetics
a9fc697 Merge "WIP: extract the float-calculation of HuffmanCost from loop"
3f84b52 Merge "replace some mult-long (vmull_u8) with mult-long-accumulate (vmlal_u8)"
4ae0533 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimizations for ExtraCost functions.
b30a04c WIP: extract the float-calculation of HuffmanCost from loop
a8fe8ce Merge "NEON intrinsics version of CollectHistogram"
95203d2 NEON intrinsics version of CollectHistogram
7ca2e74 replace some mult-long (vmull_u8) with mult-long-accumulate (vmlal_u8)
41c6efb fix lossless_neon.c
8ff96a0 NEON intrinsics version of FTransform
0214f4a Merge "MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimizations for FastLog2"
baabf1e MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimizations for FastLog2
3d49871 NEON functions for lossless coding
3fe0291 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimizations for SSE functions.
c503b48 Merge "fix the gcc-4.6.0 bug by implementing alternative method"
abe6f48 fix the gcc-4.6.0 bug by implementing alternative method
5598bde enc_mips32.c: fix file mode
2b1b4d5 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Add optimization for GetResidualCost
f0a1f3c Merge "MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimization for FTransform"
7231f61 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimization for FTransform
869eaf6 ~30% encoding speedup: use NEON for QuantizeBlock()
f758af6 enc_neon: convert FTransformWHT to intrinsics
7dad095 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimization for Disto4x4 (TTransform)
2298d5f MIPS: MIPS32r1: Added optimization for QuantizeBlock
e88150c Merge "MIPS: MIPS32r1: Add optimization for ITransform"
de693f2 lossless_neon: disable VP8LConvert* functions
4143332 NEON intrinsics for encoding
0ca2914 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Add optimization for ITransform
71bca5e dec_neon: use vst_lane instead of vget_lane
bf06105 Intrinsics NEON version of TransformOne
19c6f1b Merge "dec_neon: use vld?_lane instead of vset?_lane"
7a94c0c upsampling_neon: drop NEON suffix from local functions
d14669c upsampling_sse2: drop SSE2 suffix from local functions
2ca42a4 enc_sse2: drop SSE2 suffix from local functions
d038e61 dec_sse2: drop SSE2 suffix from local functions
fa52d75 dec_neon: use vld?_lane instead of vset?_lane
c520e77 cosmetic: fix long line
4b0f2da Merge "add intrinsics NEON code for chroma strong-filtering"
e351ec0 add intrinsics NEON code for chroma strong-filtering
aaf734b Merge "Add SSE2 version of forward cross-color transform"
c90a902 Add SSE2 version of forward cross-color transform
bc374ff Use histogram_bits to initalize transform_bits.
2132992 Merge "Add strong filtering intrinsics (inner and outer edges)"
5fbff3a Add strong filtering intrinsics (inner and outer edges)
d4813f0 Add SSE2 function for Inverse Cross-color Transform
2602956 dec_neon: add strong loopfilter intrinsics
cca7d7e Merge "add intrinsics version of SimpleHFilter16NEON()"
1a05dfa windows: fix dll builds
d6c50d8 Merge "add some colorspace conversion functions in NEON"
4fd7c82 SSE2 variants of Subtract-Green: Rectify loop condition
97e5fac add some colorspace conversion functions in NEON
b9a7a45 add intrinsics version of SimpleHFilter16NEON()
daccbf4 add light filtering NEON intrinsics
af44460 fix typo in STORE_WHT
6af6b8e Tune HistogramCombineBin for large images.
af93bdd use WebPSafe[CM]alloc/WebPSafeFree instead of [cm]alloc/free
51f406a lossless_sse2: relocate VP8LDspInitSSE2 proto
0f4f721 separate SSE2 lossless functions into its own file
514fc25 VP8LConvertFromBGRA: use conversion function pointers
6d2f352 dsp/dec: TransformDCUV: use VP8TransformDC
defc8e1 Merge "fix out-of-bound read during alpha-plane decoding"
fbed364 Merge "dsp: reuse wht transform from dec in encoder"
d846708 Merge "Add SSE2 version of ARGB -> BGR/RGB/... conversion functions"
207d03b fix out-of-bound read during alpha-plane decoding
d1b33ad 2-5% faster trellis with clang/MacOS (and ~2-3% on ARM)
369c26d Add SSE2 version of ARGB -> BGR/RGB/... conversion functions
df230f2 dsp: reuse wht transform from dec in encoder
80e218d fix build with APP_ABI=armeabi-v7a-hard
59daf08 Merge "cosmetics:"
5362200 cosmetics:
3e7f34a AssignSegments: quiet array-bounds warning
3c2ebf5 Merge "UpdateHistogramCost: avoid implicit double->float"
cf821c8 UpdateHistogramCost: avoid implicit double->float
312e638 Extend the search space for GetBestGreenRedToBlue
1c58526 Fix few nits
fef2270 Optimize and re-structure VP8LGetHistoImageSymbols
068b14a Optimize lossless decoding.
5f0cfa8 Do a binary search to get the optimum cache bits.
24ca367 Merge "allow 'cwebp -o -' to emit output to stdout"
e12f874 allow 'cwebp -o -' to emit output to stdout
2bcad89 allow some more stdin/stout I/O
84ed4b3 fix cwebp.1 typos after patch #69199
65b99f1 add a -z option to cwebp, and WebPConfigLosslessPreset() function
3017661 4-5% faster trellis by removing some unneeded calculations.
687a58e histogram.c: reindent after b33e8a0
06d456f Merge "~3-4% faster lossless encoding"
c60de26 ~3-4% faster lossless encoding
42eb06f Merge "few cosmetics after patch #69079"
82af826 few cosmetics after patch #69079
b33e8a0 Refactor code for HistogramCombine.
ca1bfff Merge "5-10% encoding speedup with faster trellis (-m 6)"
5aeeb08 5-10% encoding speedup with faster trellis (-m 6)
82ae1bf cosmetics: normalize VP8GetCPUInfo checks
e3dd924 Merge "Refactor GetBestPredictorForTile for future tuning."
206cc1b Refactor GetBestPredictorForTile for future tuning.
3cb8406 Merge "speed-up trellis quant (~5-10% overall speed-up)"
b66f222 Merge "lossy encoding: ~3% speed-up"
4287d0d speed-up trellis quant (~5-10% overall speed-up)
390c8b3 lossy encoding: ~3% speed-up
9a463c4 Merge "dec_neon: convert TransformWHT to intrinsics"
e8605e9 Merge "dec_neon: add ConvertU8ToS16"
4aa3e41 MIPS: MIPS32r1: rescaler bugfix
c16cd99 Speed up lossless encoder.
9d6b5ff dec_neon: convert TransformWHT to intrinsics
2ff0aae dec_neon: add ConvertU8ToS16
77a8f91 fix compilation with USE_YUVj flag
4acbec1 Merge changes I3b240ffb,Ia9370283,Ia2d28728
2719bb7 dec_neon: TransformAC3: work on packed vectors
b7b60ca dec_neon: add SaturateAndStore4x4
b7685d7 Rescale: let ImportRow / ExportRow be pointer-to-function
e02f16e dec_neon.c: convert TransformDC to intrinsics
9cba963 add missing file
8992ddb use static clipping tables
0235d5e 1-2% faster quantization in SSE2
b2fbc36 fix VC12-x64 warning
6e37cb9 Merge "cosmetics: backward_references.c: reindent after a7d2ee3"
a42ea97 cosmetics: backward_references.c: reindent after a7d2ee3
6c32744 Merge "fix missing __BIG_ENDIAN__ definition on some platform"
a8b6aad fix missing __BIG_ENDIAN__ definition on some platform
fde2904 Increase initial buffer size for VP8L Bit Writer.
a7d2ee3 Optimize cache estimate logic.
7fb6095 Merge "dec_neon.c: add TransformAC3"
bf182e8 VP8LBitWriter: use a bit-accumulator
3f40b4a Merge "MIPS: MIPS32r1: clang macro warning resolved"
1684f4e WebP Decoder: Mark some truncated bitstreams as invalid
acbedac MIPS: MIPS32r1: clang macro warning resolved
228e487 dec_neon.c: add TransformAC3
393f89b avoid gcc-specific flags with clang
32aeaf1 revamp VP8LColorSpaceTransform() a bit
0c7cc4c Merge "Don't dereference NULL, ensure HashChain fully initialized"
391316f Don't dereference NULL, ensure HashChain fully initialized
926ff40 WEBP_SWAP_16BIT_CSP: remove code dup
1d1cd3b Fix decode bug for rgbA_4444/RGBA_4444 color-modes.
939e70e update AUTHORS file
8934a62 cosmetics: *_mips32.c
dd438c9 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Optimization of some simple point-sampling functions. PATCH [6/6]
5352091 Added support for calling sampling functions via pointers.
d16c697 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Optimization of filter functions. PATCH [5/6]
04336fc MIPS: MIPS32r1: Optimization of function TransformOne. PATCH [4/6]
92d8fc7 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Optimization of function WebPRescalerImportRow. PATCH [3/6]
bbc23ff parse one row of intra modes altogether
a2f608f Merge "MIPS: MIPS32r1: Optimization of function WebPRescalerExportRow. [2/6]"
8823085 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Optimization of function WebPRescalerExportRow. [2/6]
c5a5b02 decode mt+incremental: fix segfault in debug builds
9882b2f always use fast-analysis for all methods.
000adac Merge "autoconf: update ax_pthread.m4"
2d2fc37 update .gitignore
5bf4255 Merge "Make it possible to avoid automagic dependencies"
c1cb193 disable NEON for arm64 platform
73a304e Make it possible to avoid automagic dependencies
4d493f8 MIPS: MIPS32r1: Decoder bit reader function optimized. PATCH [1/6]
c741183 make WebPCleanupTransparentArea work with argb picture
5da1855 add a decoding option to flip image vertically
00c3c4e Merge "add man/vwebp.1"
2c6bb42 add man/vwebp.1
ea59a8e Merge "Merge tag 'v0.4.0'"
7574bed fix comments related to array sizes
0b5a90f dwebp.1: fix option formatting
effcb0f Merge tag 'v0.4.0'
7c76255 autoconf: update ax_pthread.m4
fff2a11 make -short work with -print_ssim, -print_psnr, etc.
68e7901 update ChangeLog (tag: v0.4.0-rc1, tag: v0.4.0, origin/0.4.0, 0.4.0)
256e433 update NEWS description with new general features
2962534 Merge "gif2webp: don't use C99 %zu" into 0.4.0
3b9f9dd gif2webp: don't use C99 %zu
b5b2e3c cwebp: fix metadata output w/lossy+alpha
ad26df1 makefile.unix: clean up libgif2webp_util.a
c3b4557 update Changelog
ca84112 Merge "bump version to 0.4.0" into 0.4.0
8c524db bump version to 0.4.0
eec2398 update AUTHORS & .mailmap
b9bbf6a update NEWS for 0.4.0
c72e081 Merge "dec/webp.c: don't wait for data before reporting w/h"
5ad6531 dec/frame.c: fix formatting
f7fc4bc dec/webp.c: don't wait for data before reporting w/h
66a32af Merge "NEON speed up"
26d842e NEON speed up
f307f98 Merge "webpmux: let -- stop parameter parsing"
fe051da Merge "README: add a section on gif2webp"
6fd2bd6 Merge "manpage pedantry"
4af1900 README: add a section on gif2webp
6f36ade manpage pedantry
f9016cb README: update dwebp options
b4fa0a4 webpmux: let -- stop parameter parsing
a9a20ac gif2webp: Add a multi-threaded encode option
495bef4 fix bug in TrellisQuantize
605a712 simplify __cplusplus ifdef
33109f9 Merge "drop: ifdef __cplusplus checks from C files"
7f9de0b Merge changes I994a5587,I8467bb71,I13b50688,I1e2c9c7b
5459030 gif2webp: let -- stop parameter parsing
a4b0aa0 vwebp: let -- stop parameter parsing
98af68f cwebp: let -- stop parameter parsing
a33831e dwebp: let -- stop parameter parsing
3630124 add some checks on error paths
ce4c713 Merge "autoconf: add --disable-wic"
5227d99 drop: ifdef __cplusplus checks from C files
f645355 dwebp.1: fix typo
f91034f Merge "cwebp: print metadata stats when no output file is given"
d493455 gif2webp: Backward compatibility for giflib version <= 4.1.3
4c617d3 gif2webp: Disable output of ICC profile by default
73b731f introduce a special quantization function for WHT
41c0cc4 Make Forward WHT transform use 32bit fixed-point calculation
a3359f5 Only compute quantization params once
7049043 cwebp: print metadata stats when no output file is given
d513bb6 * fix off-by-one zthresh calculation * remove the sharpening for non luma-AC coeffs * adjust the bias a little bit to compensate for this
ad9dec0 Merge "cosmetics: dwebp: fix local function name format"
f737f03 Merge "dwebp: remove a dead store"
3c3a70d Merge "makefile.unix: install binaries in $(DESTDIR)/bin/"
150b655 Merge " add some release compile flags"
dbebd33 cosmetics: dwebp: fix local function name format
2774995 dwebp: remove a dead store
a01e04f autoconf: add --disable-wic
5009b22 makefile.unix: install binaries in $(DESTDIR)/bin/
bab30fc Merge "fix -print_psnr / ssim options"
ebef7fb fix -print_psnr / ssim options
cb63785 Merge "fix bug due to overzealous check in WebPPictureYUVAToARGB()"
8189885 Merge "EstimateBestFilter: use an int to iterate WEBP_FILTER_TYPE"
4ad7d33 add some release compile flags
c12e236 cosmetics: fix a few typos
6f10403 fix bug due to overzealous check in WebPPictureYUVAToARGB()
3f6c35c EstimateBestFilter: use an int to iterate WEBP_FILTER_TYPE
cc55790 Merge changes I8bb7a4dc,I2c180051,I021a014f,I8a224a62
c536afb Merge "cosmetics: fix some typos"
cbdd3e6 add a -dither dithering option to the decoder
e812401 Updated for XCode 5.x
4931c32 cosmetics: fix some typos
05aacf7 mux: add some missing casts
617d934 enc/vp8l: add a missing cast
46db286 idec: add some missing casts
b524e33 ErrorStatusLossless: correct return type
cb261f7 fix a descaling bug for vertical/horizontal U/V interpolation
bcb3955 Merge changes I48968468,I181bc736
73f5213 gif2webp: Add a mixed compression mode
6198715 demux: split chunk parsing from ParseVP8X
d2e3f4e demux: add a tail pointer for chunks
87cffcc demux: cosmetics: s/has_frames/is_animation/
e18e667 demux: strictly enforce the animation flag
c4f39f4 demux: cosmetics: remove a useless break
61cb884 demux: (non-exp) fail if the fragmented flag is set
ff379db few % speedup of lossless encoding
df3649a remove all disabled code related to P-frames
6d0cb3d Merge "gif2webp: kmin = 0 should suppress key-frame addition."
3655598 gif2webp: kmin = 0 should suppress key-frame addition.
7708e60 Merge "detect flatness in blocks and favor DC prediction"
06b1503 Merge "add comment about the kLevelsFromDelta[][] LUT generation"
5935259 add comment about the kLevelsFromDelta[][] LUT generation
e3312ea detect flatness in blocks and favor DC prediction
ebc9b1e Merge "VPLBitReader bugfix: Catch error if bit_pos > LBITS too."
96ad0e0 VPLBitReader bugfix: Catch error if bit_pos > LBITS too.
a014e9c tune quantization biases toward higher precision
1e89861 add helpful PrintBlockInfo() function
596a6d7 make use of 'extern' consistent in function declarations
c8d48c6 Merge "extract random utils to their own file util/random.[ch]"
98aa33c extract random utils to their own file util/random.[ch]
432a723 Merge "swig: add basic go bindings"
fab618b Merge "rename libwebp.i -> libwebp.swig"
e4e7fcd swig: add basic go bindings
d340872 Merge "fast auto-determined filtering strength"
f8bfd5c fast auto-determined filtering strength
ac0bf95 small clean-up in ExpandMatrix()
1939607 rename libwebp.i -> libwebp.swig
43148b6 filtering: precompute ilimit and hev_threshold
18f992e simplify f_inner calculation a little
241d11f add missing const
86c0031 add a 'format' field to WebPBitstreamFeatures
dde91fd Demux: Correct the extended format validation
5d6c5bd add entry for '-resize' option in cwebp's man
7c098d1 Use some gamma-curve range compression when computing U/V average
0b2b050 Use deterministic random-dithering during RGB->YUV conversion
8a2fa09 Add a second multi-thread method
7d6f2da Merge "up to 20% faster multi-threaded decoding"
266f63e Merge "libwebp.jar: build w/Java 1.6 for Android compat"
0532149 up to 20% faster multi-threaded decoding
38efdc2 Simplify the gif2webp tool: move the optimization details to util
de89951 libwebp.jar: build w/Java 1.6 for Android compat
cb22155 Decode a full row of bitstream before reconstructing
dca8a4d Merge "NEON/simple loopfilter: avoid q4-q7 registers"
9e84d90 Merge "NEON/TransformWHT: avoid q4-q7 registers"
fc10249 NEON/simple loopfilter: avoid q4-q7 registers
2f09d63 NEON/TransformWHT: avoid q4-q7 registers
77585a2 Merge "use a macrofunc for setting NzCoeffs bits"
d155507 Merge "use HINT_GRAPH as image_hint for gif source"
9c56164 Merge "only print GIF_DISPOSE_WARNING once"
0587986 use HINT_GRAPH as image_hint for gif source
0b28d7a use a macrofunc for setting NzCoeffs bits
f9bbc2a Special-case sparse transform
0012519 gif2webp: detect and flatten uniformly similar blocks
0deaf0f only print GIF_DISPOSE_WARNING once
6a8c0eb Merge "small optimization in segment-smoothing loop"
f7146bc small optimization in segment-smoothing loop
5a7533c small gif2webp fix
4df0c89 Merge changes Ic697660c,I27285521
5b2e6bd add a dwebp target
f910a84 update build flags
63f9aba special-case WHT transform when there's only DC
80911ae Merge "7-8% faster decoding by rewriting GetCoeffs()"
606c430 gif2webp: Improved compression for lossy animated WebP
fb887f7 gif2webp: Different kmin/kmax defaults for lossy and lossless
2a98136 7-8% faster decoding by rewriting GetCoeffs()
92d47e4 improve VP8L signature detection by checking the version bits too
5cd43e4 Add -incremental option to dwebp
54b8e3f webpmux: DisplayInfo(): remove unnecessary error checks.
40ae352 fix memleak in WebPIDelete()
d966265 mux.h doc: WebPMuxGetFrame() can return WEBP_MUX_MEMORY_ERROR too.
0e6747f webpmux -info: display dimensions and has_alpha per frame
d78a82c Sanity check for underflow
8498f4b Merge "remove -Wshadow warnings"
e89c6fc Avoid a potential memleak
3ebe175 Merge "break down the proba 4D-array into some handy structs"
6a44550 break down the proba 4D-array into some handy structs
2f5e893 remove -Wshadow warnings
bf3a29b Merge "add proper WEBP_HAVE_GIF and WEBP_HAVE_GL flags"
2b0a759 Merge "fix some warnings from static analysis"
22dd07c mux.h: Some doc corrections
79ff034 add proper WEBP_HAVE_GIF and WEBP_HAVE_GL flags
d51f45f fix some warnings from static analysis
d134307 fix conversion warning on MSVC
d538cea gif2webp: Support a 'min' and 'max' key frame interval
80b54e1 allow search with token buffer loop and fix PARTITION0 problem
b7d4e04 add VP8EstimateTokenSize()
10fddf5 enc/quant.c: silence a warning
399cd45 Merge "fix compile error on ARM/gcc"
9f24519 encoder: misc rate-related fixes
c663bb2 Merge "simplify VP8IteratorSaveBoundary() arg passing"
fa46b31 Demux.h: Correct a method name reference
f8398c9 fix compile error on ARM/gcc
f691f0e simplify VP8IteratorSaveBoundary() arg passing
42542be up to 6% faster encoding with clang compiler
93402f0 multi-threaded segment analysis
7e2d659 Merge "remove the PACK() bit-packing tricks"
c13fecf remove the PACK() bit-packing tricks
2fd091c Merge "use NULL for lf_stats_ testing, not bool"
b11c9d6 dwebp: use default dct_method
4bb8465 Merge "(de)mux.h: wrap pseudo-code in /* */"
cfb56b1 make -pass option work with token buffers
5416aab (de)mux.h: wrap pseudo-code in /* */
35dba33 use NULL for lf_stats_ testing, not bool
733a7fa enc->Iterator memory cleanup
e81fac8 Add support for "no blend" in webpmux binary
3b80bc4 gif2webp: Separate out each step into a method
bef7e9c Add doc precision about demux object keeping pointers to data.
61405a1 dwebp: enable stdout output with WIC
6eabb88 Merge "Animated WebP: add "do no blend" option to spec"
be20dec fix compilation for BITS 24
e58cc13 Merge "dwebp: s/unsigned char/uint8_t/"
72501d4 dwebp: s/unsigned char/uint8_t/
2c9633e Merge "gif2webp: Insert independent frames at regular intervals."
f0d6a14 gif2webp: Insert independent frames at regular intervals.
b25a6fb yuv.h: fix indent
ede3602 Merge "cosmetics: fix indent"
3a65122 dwebp: fix stdout related output
388a724 cosmetics: fix indent
4c7322c Merge "dsp: msvc compatibility"
d50c7e3 Merge "5-7% faster SSE2 versions of YUV->RGB conversion functions"
b8ab784 Merge "simplify upsampler calls: only allow 'bottom' to be NULL"
df6cebf 5-7% faster SSE2 versions of YUV->RGB conversion functions
ad6ac32 simplify upsampler calls: only allow 'bottom' to be NULL
a5e8afa output to stdout if file name is "-"
f358450 dsp: msvc compatibility
43a7c8e Merge "cosmetics"
4c5f19c Merge "bit_reader.h: cosmetics"
f72fab7 cosmetics
14dd5e7 fix const-ness
b20aec4 Merge "Support for 'do not blend' option in vwebp"
dcf6522 Support for 'do not blend' option in vwebp
d5bad03 Animated WebP: add "do no blend" option to spec
a2f5f73 Merge "Support for "Do not blend" in mux and demux libraries"
e081f2f Pack code & extra_bits to Struct (VP8LPrefixCode).
6284854 Support for "Do not blend" in mux and demux libraries
f486aaa Merge "slightly faster ParseIntraMode"
d171863 slightly faster ParseIntraMode
3ceca8a bit_reader.h: cosmetics
69257f7 Create LUT for PrefixEncode.
988b708 add WebPWorkerExecute() for convenient bypass
06e2498 Merge "VP8EncIterator clean-up"
de4d4ad VP8EncIterator clean-up
7bbe952 Merge "cosmetics: thread.c: drop a redundant comment"
da41148 cosmetics: thread.c: drop a redundant comment
feb4b6e thread.h: #ifdef when checking WEBP_USE_THREAD
8924a3a thread.c: drop WebPWorker prefix from static funcs
1aed8f2 Merge "fix indent"
4038ed1 fix indent
1693fd9 Demux: A new state WEBP_DEMUX_PARSE_ERROR
8dcae8b fix rescaling-with-alpha inaccuracy
11249ab Merge changes I9b4dc36c,I4e0eef4d
52508a1 Mux: support parsing unknown chunks within a frame/fragment.
05db057 WebPMuxSetChunk: remove unused variable
8ba1bf6 Stricter check for presence of alpha when writing lossless images
a03c351 Demux: WebPIterator now also denotes if the frame has alpha.
6df743a Decoder: handle fragments case correctly too.
faa4b07 Support for unknown chunks in mux library
7d60bbc Speed up HashChainFindCopy function.
6674014 Speedup Alpha plane encoding.
b7346a1 0.1 % speedup to decoding
c606182 webp-container-spec: Tighten language added by last
a34a502 pngdec: output error messages from libpng
e84c625 Merge "Detect canvas and image size mismatch in decoder."
f626fe2 Detect canvas and image size mismatch in decoder.
f5fbdee demux: stricter image bounds check
30c8158 add extra assert in Huffman decode code
8967b9f SSE2 for lossless decoding (critical) functions.
699d80e Jump-lookup for Huffman coding
c34307a fix some VS9 warnings about type conversion
eeada35 pngdec: add missing include
54b6510 gif2webp: If aligning to even offsets, extra pixels should be transparent
0bcf5ce Merge "remove a malloc() in case we're using only FILTER_NONE for alpha"
2c07143 remove a malloc() in case we're using only FILTER_NONE for alpha
a4d5f59 Faster lossless decoding
fd53bb7 Merge "alternate LUT-base reverse-bits code"
d1c166e Merge "Container spec: a clarification on background color."
fdb9177 Rename a method
5e96753 Container spec: a clarification on background color.
30e77d0 Merge branch '0.3.0'
1b631e2 alternate LUT-base reverse-bits code
24cc307 ~20% faster lossless decoding
313d853 Speedup for decoding lossless WebP photographs:
24ee098 change the bytes_per_pixels_ field into more evocative use_8b_decode
2a04b03 update ChangeLog (tag: v0.3.1-rc2, tag: v0.3.1)
7288950 Regression fix for alpha channels using color cache:
2e377b5 wicdec: silence a format warning
ad9e42a muxedit: silence some uninitialized warnings
3307c16 Don't set alpha-channel to 0xff for alpha->green uplift
5130770 Merge "wicdec: silence a format warning"
a37eff4 Regression fix for alpha channels using color cache:
241cf99 Merge "muxedit: silence some uninitialized warnings"
c8f9c84 Regression fix for alpha unfiltering:
14cd5c6 muxedit: silence some uninitialized warnings
a368db8 dec/vp8l: quiet vs9 x64 type conversion warning
ffae9f3 wicdec: silence a format warning
8cf0701 Alpha encoding: never filter in case of NO_COMPRESSION
825e73b update ChangeLog (tag: v0.3.1-rc1)
abf6f69 update NEWS
5a92c1a bump version to 0.3.1
86daf77 store top Y/U/V samples in packed fashion
67bc353 Revert "add WebPBlendAlpha() function to blend colors against background"
068db59 Intertwined decoding of alpha and RGB
38cc011 Simplify forward-WHT + SSE2 version
3fa595a Support decoding upto given row in DECODE_DATA_FUNC
520f005 DequantizeLevels(): Add 'row' and 'num_rows' args
47374b8 Alpha unfilter for given set of rows
f32097e probe input file and quick-check for WebP format.
a2aed1d configure: improve gl/glut library test
c7e89cb update copyright text
a00380d configure: remove use of AS_VAR_APPEND
a94a88d fix EXIF parsing in PNG
a71e5d8 add doc precision for WebPPictureCopy() and WebPPictureView()
8287012 remove datatype qualifier for vmnv
e190843 fix a memory leak in gif2webp
0b18b9e fix two minor memory leaks in webpmux
db5095d remove some cruft from swig/libwebp.jar
850e956 README: update swig notes
bddd9b0 swig/python: add minimal documentation
d573a8d swig: add python encode support
6b93187 swig/java: reduce wrapper function code duplication
6fe536f swig/java: rework uint8_t typemap
a2ea464 Fix the bug in ApplyPalette.
7bb28d2 webp/lossless: fix big endian BGRA output
f036d4b Speed up ApplyPalette for ARGB pixels.
8112c8c remove some warnings:
cc128e0 Further reduce memory to decode lossy+alpha images
07db70d fix for big-endian
eda8a7d gif2webp: Fix signed/unsigned comparison mismatch
31f346f fix libwebpdemux dll variable typo
6c76d28 swig: add python (decode) support
b4f5bb6 swig: cosmetics
498d4dd WebP-Lossless encoding improvements.
26e7244 swig: ifdef some Java specific code
8ecec68 configure: add warning related flags
e676b04 configure: add GLUT detection; build vwebp
b0ffc43 Alpha decoding: significantly reduce memory usage
20aa7a8 configure: add --enable-everything
b8307cc add some helper macros
980e7ae Remove the gcc compilation comments
7f25ff9 gif2webp: Fix ICC and XMP support
d8e5321 Add missing name to AUTHORS
11edf5e Demux: Fix a potential memleak
c7b9218 don't forward declare enums
7a650c6 prevent signed int overflow in left shift ops
31bea32 add precision about dynamic output reallocation with IDecoder
c22877f Add incremental support for extended format files
5051245 have 'all' target build everything
8191dec flags cleanup
b9d7473 drop /FD flag
5568dbc update gitignore
f4c7b65 WebPEncode: An additional check. Start VP8EncLoop/VP8EncTokenLoop only if VP8EncStartAlpha succeeded.
1fb04be pngdec: Avoid a double-free.
dcbb1ca add WebPBlendAlpha() function to blend colors against background
bc9f5fb add AM_PROG_AR for automake >= 1.12
bf867bf Tuned cross_color parameter (step) for lower qual
90e2ec5 Merge "probe input file and quick-check for WebP format."
7180d7f Merge "update copyright text"
830f72b probe input file and quick-check for WebP format.
2ccf58d configure: improve gl/glut library test
d640614 update copyright text
c2113ad Merge "configure: remove use of AS_VAR_APPEND"
9326a56 configure: remove use of AS_VAR_APPEND
ea63d61 fix a type warning on VS9 x86
bec1109 fix EXIF parsing in PNG
b6e65f3 Merge "fix warnings for vs9 x64"
438946d fix warnings for vs9 x64
f4710e3 collect macroblock reconstruction data in VP8MBData struct
23d28e2 add doc precision for WebPPictureCopy() and WebPPictureView()
518f2cd cosmetics: gif2webp: fix indent
af358e6 Merge "remove datatype qualifier for vmnv"
3fe9163 remove datatype qualifier for vmnv
764fdff fix a memory leak in gif2webp
3e59a74 fix two minor memory leaks in webpmux
47b9862 Merge "README: update swig notes"
325d15f remove some cruft from swig/libwebp.jar
4a7627c README: update swig notes
5da81e3 Merge "swig/python: add minimal documentation"
f39e08f Merge "swig: add python encode support"
6ca4a3e Merge "swig/java: reduce wrapper function code duplication"
8f8702b Merge "swig/java: rework uint8_t typemap"
91413be reduce memory for VP8MB and remove bitfields use
7413394 Fix the memory leak in ApplyFilters.
2053c2c simplify the alpha-filter testing loop
825b64d swig/python: add minimal documentation
14677e1 swig: add python encode support
a5c297c swig/java: reduce wrapper function code duplication
ad4a367 swig/java: rework uint8_t typemap
0d25876 use uint8_t for inv_palette[]
afa3450 Fix the bug in ApplyPalette.
2d6ac42 Merge "webp/lossless: fix big endian BGRA output"
2ca8396 webp/lossless: fix big endian BGRA output
742110c Speed up ApplyPalette for ARGB pixels.
2451e47 misc code cleanup
83db404 Merge "swig: add python (decode) support"
eeeea8b Merge "swig: cosmetics"
d5f9b8f Merge "libwebp: fix vp8 encoder mem alloc offsetting"
d8edd83 libwebp: fix vp8 encoder mem alloc offsetting
8983b83 remove use of bit-fields in VP8FInfo
87a4fca remove some warnings:
ba8f74e Merge "fix for big-endian"
a65067f Merge "Further reduce memory to decode lossy+alpha images"
64c8448 Further reduce memory to decode lossy+alpha images
332130b Mux: make a few methods static
4437061 fix for big-endian
5199eab Merge "add uncompressed TIFF output support"
a3aede9 add uncompressed TIFF output support
f975b67 Merge "gif2webp: Fix signed/unsigned comparison mismatch"
5fbc734 Merge "GetFeatures: Detect invalid VP8X/VP8/VP8L data"
d5060c8 Merge "mux.h: A comment fix + some consistency fixes"
352d0de GetFeatures: Detect invalid VP8X/VP8/VP8L data
3ef79fe Cosmetic: "width * height"
043e1ae gif2webp: Fix signed/unsigned comparison mismatch
5818cff mux.h: A comment fix + some consistency fixes
1153f88 Merge "swig: ifdef some Java specific code"
3eeedae fix libwebpdemux dll variable typo
f980faf swig: add python (decode) support
7f5f42b swig: cosmetics
8eae188 WebP-Lossless encoding improvements.
c7247c4 swig: ifdef some Java specific code
4cb234d Merge "Mux: make ValidateForSingleImage() method static"
ed6f530 Merge "Add GetCanvasSize() method to mux"
1d530c9 Mux: make ValidateForSingleImage() method static
bba4c2b configure: add warning related flags
fffefd1 Add GetCanvasSize() method to mux
732da8d Merge "configure: add GLUT detection; build vwebp"
0e513f7 configure: add GLUT detection; build vwebp
55d1c15 Merge "Alpha decoding: significantly reduce memory usage"
13d99fb Merge "configure: add --enable-everything"
2bf698f Merge " add some helper macros"
edccd19 Alpha decoding: significantly reduce memory usage
3cafcc9 configure: add --enable-everything
4ef1447 add some helper macros
a4e1cdb Remove the gcc compilation comments
6393fe4 Cosmetic fixes
9c4ce97 Simplify forward-WHT + SSE2 version
878b9da fix missed optim
0004617 VP8GetInfo(): Check for zero width or height.
9bf3129 align VP8Encoder::nz_ allocation
5da165c fix CheckMode() signature
0ece07d Merge "explicitly pad bitfields to 32-bits"
9dbc9d1 explicitly pad bitfields to 32-bits
5369a80 Merge "prevent signed int overflow in left shift ops"
70e3971 Merge "cosmetics: remove unnecessary ';'s"
d3136ce Merge "don't forward declare enums"
b26e5ad gif2webp: Fix ICC and XMP support
46089b2 Add missing name to AUTHORS
94328d6 Demux: Fix a potential memleak
96e948d don't forward declare enums
f4f9088 prevent signed int overflow in left shift ops
0261545 cosmetics: remove unnecessary ';'s
7ebdf11 Merge "Fix few missing comparisons to NULL"
1579989 Fix few missing comparisons to NULL
ea1b21c Cleaned up VP8GetHeaders() so that it parses only frame header
b66caee dwebp: add support for BMP output
ff885bf add precision about dynamic output reallocation with IDecoder
79241d5 Merge " have 'all' target build everything"
ac1c729 Merge " flags cleanup"
118a055 Merge " drop /FD flag"
ecad010 Merge "update gitignore"
a681b4f Rename PRE_VP8 state to WEBP_HEADER
ead4d47 Add incremental support for extended format files
69d0f92 have 'all' target build everything
5296749 flags cleanup
c61baf0 drop /FD flag
3a15125 update gitignore
5167ca4 Merge "WebPEncode: An additional check. Start VP8EncLoop/VP8EncTokenLoop only if VP8EncStartAlpha succeeded."
67708d6 WebPEncode: An additional check. Start VP8EncLoop/VP8EncTokenLoop only if VP8EncStartAlpha succeeded.
b68912a pngdec: Avoid a double-free.
82abbe1 Merge " add AM_PROG_AR for automake >= 1.12"
e7d9548 add WebPBlendAlpha() function to blend colors against background
ed4dc71 add AM_PROG_AR for automake >= 1.12
df4a406 Merge branch '0.3.0'
1e0d4b8 Update ChangeLog (tag: v0.3.0-rc7, tag: v0.3.0)
d52b405 Cosmetic fixes
6cb4a61 misc style fix
68111ab add missing YUVA->ARGB automatic conversion in WebPEncode()
e9a7990 Cosmetic fixes
403bfe8 Container spec: Clarify frame disposal
2aaa423 Merge "add missing YUVA->ARGB automatic conversion in WebPEncode()"
07d87bd add missing YUVA->ARGB automatic conversion in WebPEncode()
142c462 misc style fix
3e7a13a Merge "Container spec: clarify the background color field" into 0.3.0
14af774 container doc: add a note about the 'ANMF' payload
cc635ef Container spec: clarify the background color field
e3e3394 container doc: move RIFF description to own section
4299f39 libwebp/mux: fix double free
33f9a69 Merge "demux: keep a frame tail pointer; used in AddFrame" into 0.3.0
a2a7b95 use WebPDataCopy() instead of re-coding it.
6f18f12 demux: keep a frame tail pointer; used in AddFrame
e5af49e add doc precision about WebPParseHeaders() return codes
db46daa Merge " fix dynamic builds" into 0.3.0
53c77af Merge "gif2webp: Bgcolor fix for a special case" into 0.3.0
a5ebd14 gif2webp: Bgcolor fix for a special case
6378f23 Merge "vwebp/animation: fix background dispose" into 0.3.0
3c8eb9a fix bad saturation order in QuantizeBlock
04c7a2e vwebp/animation: fix background dispose
81a5069 fix dynamic builds
5f25c39 update ChangeLog (tag: v0.3.0-rc6)
14d42af examples: don't use C99 %zu
5ccf1fe update ChangeLog
2560c24 update NEWS
f43bafc Merge changes Iecccb09c,If5ee9fd2,I3e181ce4 into 0.3.0
a788644 dwebp: warn when decoding animated webp's
302efcd Decode: return more meaningful error for animation
ad45273 WebPBitstreamFeatures: add has_animation field
783dfa4 disable FRGM decoding for good in libwebpmux
4b956be Update ChangeLog
ad8b86d update NEWS
3e084f6 Merge "demux cosmetics: comments/rename internal function" into 0.3.0
d3f8c62 Merge "move WebPFeatureFlags declaration" into 0.3.0
7386fe5 Merge "libwebp{demux,mux}: install mux_types.h" into 0.3.0
d6cd4e9 Merge "bump decode abi" into 0.3.0
17f8da5 bump decode abi
97684ae Merge "add doc precision about WebPDemuxPartial()" into 0.3.0
f933fd2 move WebPFeatureFlags declaration
289bc47 libwebp{demux,mux}: install mux_types.h
224e8d4 add doc precision about WebPDemuxPartial()
4c18e80 demux cosmetics: comments/rename internal function
7cfd1bf update AUTHORS
401f7b8 Merge "speed-up lossless (~3%) with ad-hoc histogram cost evaluation" into 0.3.0
1fc8ffc Merge "makefile.unix: dist related changes" into 0.3.0
8a89c6e Merge changes I466c377f,Ib761ebd3,I694857fc into 0.3.0
f4ffb2d speed-up lossless (~3%) with ad-hoc histogram cost evaluation
723847d gif2webp: only write error messages to stderr
701b9e2 makefile.unix: dist related changes
bb85b43 Merge "update NEWS" into 0.3.0
59423a2 gif2webp: fix crash on open failure with libgif5
9acb17d gif2webp: silence a unused param warning
7d9fdc2 Merge "README updates" into 0.3.0
5621934 Merge "build: fix install race on shared headers" into 0.3.0
70809d8 Merge "bump version to 0.3.0" into 0.3.0
d851cd1 demux: make the parse a bit more strict
28bb410 update NEWS
cef9388 bump version to 0.3.0
9048494 build: fix install race on shared headers
1e67e8e README updates
42b611a Merge "configure: drop experimental from mux/demux" into 0.3.0
096a8e3 Merge "vwebp: add color profile support" into 0.3.0
ddfee5d vwebp: add color profile support
0d6927d Merge "Mark fragment options as experimental in webpmux" into 0.3.0
5dbd403 Mark fragment options as experimental in webpmux
a0a6648 configure: drop experimental from mux/demux
ee65bad Merge "add support for BITS > 32" into 0.3.0
744930d add support for BITS > 32
7dd288f cwebp: fix build
19a8dd0 Merge " add vwebp.exe target" into 0.3.0
50eedda Merge "examples: normalize icc related program arguments" into 0.3.0
757f637 Merge " add libwebpdecoder target" into 0.3.0
b65c4b7 add libwebpdecoder target
f8db7b4 Merge "vwebp: replace doubles w/floats where appropriate" into 0.3.0
d99aa56 add vwebp.exe target
013023e vwebp: replace doubles w/floats where appropriate
9b3db89 README.mux: add version reference
7b6a26c Merge "cwebp: output metadata statistics" into 0.3.0
d8dc72a examples: normalize icc related program arguments
7bfc905 Merge "make alpha unfilter work in-place" into 0.3.0
0037b2d Merge "add LUT-free reference code for YUV->RGB conversion." into 0.3.0
166bf74 Merge "demux: disable fragment parsing" into 0.3.0
126974b add LUT-free reference code for YUV->RGB conversion.
0aef3eb make alpha unfilter work in-place
14ef500 Merge "Remove 'status: experimental' from container spec" into 0.3.0
d40c98e Merge "webpmux binary: tiny style fix" into 0.3.0
0bc4268 cwebp: output metadata statistics
bc03980 Merge "autoconf: normalize experimental define" into 0.3.0
d1e21b1 Remove 'status: experimental' from container spec
7681bb9 webpmux binary: tiny style fix
a3dd3d0 avoid installing example_util.h
252320e demux: disable fragment parsing
537bde0 autoconf: normalize experimental define
5e338e0 Merge changes I33e8a613,I8e8a7b44 into 0.3.0
d9d0ea1 Merge changes If21e3ec7,I991fc30b into 0.3.0
627f5ca automake: add reference to libwebp for mux/demux
eef73d0 don't consolidate proba stats too often
05ec4cc libwebp{,decoder}.pc: add pthread flags
1bfcf5b add libwebpmux.pc
26ca843 add libwebpdemux.pc
69e2590 Merge "Tune Lossless compression for lower qualities."
0478b5d Tune Lossless compression for lower qualities.
39f7586 add a mention of parallel alpha encoding in the NEWS
5a21d96 Merge "1.5x-2x faster encoding for method 3 and up"
9bfbdd1 1.5x-2x faster encoding for method 3 and up
27dc741 Correct frame options order in README.mux
be2fd17 Mux: fix a scenario with bad ANMF/FRGM size
19eb012 Merge "Demux: Add option to get frame count using GetI()"
7368b8c Merge "WebPGetFeatures() out of if condition for clarity."
f604c9a Merge "fix windows build"
153f94e fix windows build
847b492 Merge "vwebp: use magenta for 'i'nfo display"
25ea46b Merge "vwebp: add keyboard shortcuts to help output"
bea7cca vwebp: use magenta for 'i'nfo display
8fab161 webpmux: correct -frame param order in help output
03cc23d vwebp: add keyboard shortcuts to help output
068eba8 Demux: Add option to get frame count using GetI()
988b8f5 WebPGetFeatures() out of if condition for clarity.
6933d91 Merge "gif2webp: Be lenient about background color index."
4d0f7c5 Merge "WebPGetFeatures() behavior change:"
fdeeb01 gif2webp: Be lenient about background color index.
ad25032 Merge "multi-threaded alpha encoding for lossy"
4e32d3e Merge "fix compilation of token.c"
f817930 multi-threaded alpha encoding for lossy
8805035 fix compilation of token.c
fc81621 code using the actual values for num_parts_, not the ones from config
7265535 Merge "move the config check from .c to .h"
dd9e76f move the config check from .c to .h
956b217 WebPGetFeatures() behavior change:
df02e4c WebPDemuxGetI behavior change:
633c004 Merge "rebalance method tools (-m) for methods [0..4]"
58ca6f6 rebalance method tools (-m) for methods [0..4]
7648c3c Merge "describe rd-opt levels introduce VP8RDLevel enum"
67fb100 Merge "autoconf: enable silent-rules by default"
a5042a3 GetVersion() methods for mux and demux
5189957 describe rd-opt levels introduce VP8RDLevel enum
4e094ac autoconf: enable silent-rules by default
b7eaa85 inline VP8LFastLog2() and VP8LFastSLog2 for small values
5cf7792 split quant_levels.c into decoder and encoder version
e5d3ffe Merge "Update code example in README.mux"
ac5a915 Update code example in README.mux
38a91e9 Add example code snippet for demux API
5f557f3 README.mux: add info about Demux API and vwebp
c0ba090 backward_references: avoid signed integer overflow
943386d disable SSE2 for now
9479fb7 lossless encoding speedup
ec2030a merge two lines together
b67956c Merge "Remove ReadOneBit() and ReadSymbolUnsafe()"
1667bde Remove ReadOneBit() and ReadSymbolUnsafe()
3151669 wicdec + dwebp cosmetics: normalize formatting
92668da change default filtering parameters: * type is now 'strong' * strength is now '60'
b7490f8 introduce WEBP_REFERENCE_IMPLEMENTATION compile option
3383885 faster decoding (3%-6%)
5c3e381 Merge "add a -jpeg_like option"
c231104 remove unused declaration of VP8Zigzag
3615295 Merge "wicdec: add alpha support for paletted formats"
c9f1649 wicdec: add alpha support for paletted formats
1262f81 Merge "wicdec: silence some warnings"
e7ea61e wicdec: silence some warnings
23c0f35 fix missing intptr_t->int cast for MSVC
e895059 add a -jpeg_like option
1f803f6 Merge "Tune alpha quality mapping to more reasonable values."
1267d49 Tune alpha quality mapping to more reasonable values.
043076e Merge "speed-up lossless in BackwardTrace"
f3a44dc remove one malloc from TraceBackwards()
0fc1a3a speed-up lossless in BackwardTrace
7c732e5 cwebp: centralize WebPCleanupTransparentArea()
7381254 Merge "wicdec: add ICC profile extraction"
e83ff7d wicdec: add ICC profile extraction
146c6e3 Merge "cosmetics: pngdec: normalize default label location"
a8f549d Merge "manpages: italicize option parameters"
e118db8 Merge "encode.h: note the need to free() WebPMemoryWriter"
1dfee6d cosmetics: pngdec: normalize default label location
14c3820 manpages: italicize option parameters
7defbfa encode.h: note the need to free() WebPMemoryWriter
88d382a cwebp: cleanup after memory_writer
12d6cec fix extra space in dwebp.1 man
b01681a Fix for demuxer frame iteration:
56c12aa Demuxer creation fix:
66c810b add a -yuv option to dwebp (very similar to -pgm)
841a3ba Merge "Remove -Wshadow warnings."
8fd0252 Merge "upsampling_neon.c: fix build"
6efed26 Remove -Wshadow warnings.
60904aa Merge "allow WebPINewRGB/YUVA to be passed a NULL output buffer."
b7adf37 allow WebPINewRGB/YUVA to be passed a NULL output buffer.
27f8f74 upsampling_neon.c: fix build
06b9cdf gitignore: add IOS related directories
f112221 Merge "Fix more comments for"
fe4d25d Fix more comments for
1de3e25 Merge "NEON optimised yuv to rgb conversion"
090b708 NEON optimised yuv to rgb conversion
daa0647 Merge "Add ios build script for building iOS library."
79fe39e Add ios build script for building iOS library.
126c035 remove some more -Wshadow warnings
522e9d6 Merge "cwebp: enable '-metadata'"
76ec5fa cwebp: enable '-metadata'
aeb91a9 Merge "cosmetics: break a few long lines"
be7c96b cosmetics: break a few long lines
cff8ddb Merge "add libwebpdecoder.pc"
93148ab Merge " detab"
6477f95 Merge " normalize path separator"
bed1ed7 add libwebpdecoder.pc
46168b2 detab
a941a34 Fixed few nits in the build files.
dd7a49b normalize path separator
9161be8 Merge "cwebp: extract WIC decoding to its own module"
08e7c58 Merge "Provide an option to build decoder library."
0aeba52 Provide an option to build decoder library.
757ebcb catch malloc(0)/calloc(0) with an assert
152ec3d Merge "handle malloc(0) and calloc(0) uniformly on all platforms"
a452a55 cwebp: extract WIC decoding to its own module
2b252a5 Merge "Provide option to swap bytes for 16 bit colormodes"
94a48b4 Provide option to swap bytes for 16 bit colormodes
42f8f93 handle malloc(0) and calloc(0) uniformly on all platforms
8b2152c Merge "add an extra assert to check memory bounds"
0d19fbf remove some -Wshadow warnings
cd22f65 add an extra assert to check memory bounds
8189fed Merge "Add details and reference about the YUV->RGB conversion"
1d2702b Merge "Formatting fixes in lossless bitstream spec"
8425aae Formatting fixes in lossless bitstream spec
a556cb1 Add details and reference about the YUV->RGB conversion
d8f21e0 add link to SSIM description on Wikipedia
18e9167 Merge "WebP-lossless spec clarifications:"
98e25b9 Merge "cwebp: add -metadata option"
f01c2a5 WebP-lossless spec clarifications:
f4a9797 Merge "Disto4x4 and Disto16x16 in NEON"
47b7b0b Disto4x4 and Disto16x16 in NEON
7eaee9f cwebp: add -metadata option
36c52c2 tiffdec: use toff_t for exif ifd offset
7c8111e Merge "cwebp/tiffdec: add TIFF metadata extraction"
e6409ad Remove redundant include from dsp/lossless code.
1ab5b3a Merge "configure: fix --with-gifincludedir"
03c749e configure: fix --with-gifincludedir
8b65063 multiple libgif versions support for gif2webp
476e293 gif2webp: Use DGifOpenFileName()
b50f277 tiffdec: correct format string
2b9048e Merge "tiffdec: check error returns for width/height"
a1b5a9a Merge "cwebp/tiff: use the first image directory"
079423f tiffdec: check error returns for width/height
d62824a Merge "cwebp/jpegdec: add JPEG metadata extraction"
03afaca Merge "cwebp: add PNG metadata extraction"
2c72496 cwebp/jpegdec: add JPEG metadata extraction
dba64d9 cwebp: add PNG metadata extraction
1f075f8 Lossless spec corrections/rewording/clarifications
2914ecf cwebp/tiffdec: add TIFF metadata extraction
d82a3e3 More corrections/clarifications in lossless spec:
bd00255 cwebp/tiff: use the first image directory
df7aa07 Merge "Cleanup around jpegdec"
0f57dcc decoding speed-up (~1%)
bcec339 Lossless bitstream clarification:
6bf2087 add examples/metadata.c
207f89c Merge "configure: add libwebpdemux status to summary"
1bd287a Cleanup around jpegdec
9145567 Merge "cosmetics: use '== 0' in size checks"
d6b88b7 cosmetics: use '== 0' in size checks
d3dace2 cosmetics: jpegdec
2f69af7 configure: add libwebpdemux status to summary
1c1c564 cwebp: extract tiff decoding to its own module
6a871d6 cwebp: extract jpeg decoding to its own module
2ee228f cwebp: extract png decoding to its own module
4679db0 Merge "cwebp: add metadata framework"
63aba3a cwebp: add metadata framework
931bd51 lossless bitstream: block size bits correction
e4fc4c1 lossless bitstream: block size bits correction
d65ec67 fix build, move token.c to src/enc/
657f5c9 move token buffer to its own file (token.c)
c34a375 introduce GetLargeValue() to slim-fast GetCoeffs().
d5838cd faster non-transposing SSE2 4x4 FTransform
f76191f speed up GetResidualCost()
ba2aa0f Add support for BITS=24 case
2e7f6e8 makefile.unix: Dependency on libraries
dca8421 Merge "Separate out mux and demux code and libraries:"
23782f9 Separate out mux and demux code and libraries:
bd56a01 configure: add summary output
90e5e31 dwebp manual: point to webpmux, gif2webp.
540790c gif2webp.c: add a note about prerequisites
d1edf69 cwebp man page: meaning of '-q' for lossy/lossless
79efa1d Add man page for gif2webp utility
2243e40 Merge "gif2webp build support with autoconf tools"
c40efca gif2webp build support with autoconf tools
6523e2d WebP Container:
4da788d Merge "simplify the fwd transform"
42c3b55 simplify the fwd transform
41a6ced user GLfloat instead of float
b542611 fix indentation
68f282f * handle offset in anim viewer 'vwebp' * fix gif2webp to handle disposal method and odd offset correctly
118cb31 Merge "add SSE2 version of Sum of Square error for 16x16, 16x8 and 8x8 case"
8a7c3cc Merge "Change the order of -frame argument to be more natural"
99e0a70 Merge "Simplify the texture evaluation Disto4x4()"
0f923c3 make the bundling work in a tmp buffer
e5c3b3f Simplify the texture evaluation Disto4x4()
4860008 Change the order of -frame argument to be more natural
35bfd4c add SSE2 version of Sum of Square error for 16x16, 16x8 and 8x8 case
a7305c2 Clarification for unknown chunks
4c4398e Refine WebP Container Spec wrt unknown chunks.
2ca642e Rectify WebPMuxGetFeatures:
7caab1d Some cosmetic/comment fixes.
60b2651 Merge "Write a GIF to WebP converter based on libgif."
c7127a4 Merge "Add NEON version of FTransformWHT"
11b2721 Write a GIF to WebP converter based on libgif.
e9a15a3 ExUtilWriteFile() to write memory segment to file
74356eb Add a simple cleanup step in mux assembly:
51bb1e5 mux.h: correct WebPDemuxSelectFragment() prototype
22a0fd9 Add NEON version of FTransformWHT
fa30c86 Update mux code to match the spec wrt animation
d9c5fbe by-pass Analysis pass in case segments=1
d2ad445 Merge changes Ibeccffc3,Id1585b16
5c8be25 Merge "Chunk fourCCs for XMP/EXIF"
a00a3da Use 'frgm' instead of 'tile' in webpmux parameters
81b8a74 Design change in ANMF and FRGM chunks:
f903cba Chunk fourCCs for XMP/EXIF
812933d Tune performance of HistogramCombine
52ad197 Animation specification in container spec
001b930 Image fragment specification in container spec
391f9db Ordering of description of bits in container spec
d573577 Metadata specification in container spec
1c4609b Merge commit 'v0.2.1'
0ca584c Merge "Color profile specification in container spec"
e8b41ad add NEON asm version for WHT inverse transform
af6f0db Color profile specification in container spec
a61a824 Merge "Add NULL check in chunk APIs"
0e8b7ee fix WebPPictureView() unassigned strides
75e5f17 ARM/NEON: 30% encoding speed-up
02b4356 Add NULL check in chunk APIs
a077072 mux struct naming
6c66dde Merge "Tune Lossless encoder"
ab5ea21 Tune Lossless encoder
74fefc8 Update ChangeLog (tag: v0.2.1, origin/0.2.0, 0.2.0)
92f8059 Rename some chunks:
3bb4bbe Merge "Mux API change:"
d0c79f0 Mux API change:
abc0604 Merge "update NEWS" into 0.2.0
57cf313 update NEWS
25f585c bump version to 0.2.1
fed7c04 libwebp: validate chunk size in ParseOptionalChunks
552cd9b cwebp (windows): fix alpha image import on XP
b14fea9 autoconf/libwebp: enable dll builds for mingw
4a8fb27 [cd]webp: always output windows errors
d662158 fix double to float conversion warning
72b96a6 cwebp: fix jpg encodes on XP
734f762 VP8LAllocateHistogramSet: fix overflow in size calculation
f9cb58f GetHistoBits: fix integer overflow
b30add2 EncodeImageInternal: fix uninitialized free
3de58d7 fix the -g/O3 discrepancy for 32bit compile
77aa7d5 fix the BITS=8 case
e5970bd Make *InitSSE2() functions be empty on non-SSE2 platform
ef5cc47 make *InitSSE2() functions be empty on non-SSE2 platform
c4ea259 make VP8DspInitNEON() public
8344ead Merge "libwebp: validate chunk size in ParseOptionalChunks"
4828bb9 Merge "cwebp (windows): fix alpha image import on XP"
3076333 libwebp: validate chunk size in ParseOptionalChunks
7048189 AccumulateLSIM: fix double -> float warnings
eda8ee4 cwebp (windows): fix alpha image import on XP
c6e9865 Merge "add EXPERIMENTAL code for YUV-JPEG colorspace"
f0360b4 add EXPERIMENTAL code for YUV-JPEG colorspace
f86e6ab add LSIM metric to WebPPictureDistortion()
c3aa215 Speed up HistogramCombine for lower qualities.
1765cb1 Merge "autoconf/libwebp: enable dll builds for mingw"
a13562e autoconf/libwebp: enable dll builds for mingw
9f469b5 typo: no_fancy -> no_fancy_upsampling
1a27f2f Merge "fix double to float conversion warning"
cf1e90d Merge "cwebp: fix jpg encodes on XP"
f2b5d19 [cd]webp: always output windows errors
e855208 fix double to float conversion warning
ecd66f7 cwebp: fix jpg encodes on XP
7b3eb37 Tune lossless compression to get better gains.
ce8bff4 Merge "VP8LAllocateHistogramSet: fix overflow in size calculation"
ab5b67a Merge "EncodeImageInternal: fix uninitialized free"
7fee5d1 Merge "GetHistoBits: fix integer overflow"
a6ae04d VP8LAllocateHistogramSet: fix overflow in size calculation
80237c4 GetHistoBits: fix integer overflow
8a99723 EncodeImageInternal: fix uninitialized free
0b9e682 minor cosmetics
a792b91 fix the -g/O3 discrepancy for 32bit compile
73ba435 Merge "detect and merge similar segments"
fee6627 detect and merge similar segments
0c44f41 src/webp/*.h: don't forward declare enums in C++
d7a5ac8 vwebp: use demux interface
931e0ea Merge "replace 'typedef struct {} X;" by "typedef struct X X; struct X {};""
8f216f7 remove cases of equal comparison for qsort()
28d25c8 replace 'typedef struct {} X;" by "typedef struct X X; struct X {};"
2afee60 speed up for ARM using 8bit for boolean decoder
5725cab new segmentation algorithm
2cf1f81 Merge "fix the BITS=8 case"
12f78ae fix the BITS=8 case
6920c71 fix MSVC warnings regarding implicit uint64 to uint32 conversions
f6c096a webpmux binary: Rename 'xmp' option to 'meta'
ddfe871 webpmux help correction
b7c5544 Merge "Make *InitSSE2() functions be empty on non-SSE2 platform"
1c04a0d Common APIs for chunks metadata and color profile.
2a3117a Merge "Create WebPMuxFrameInfo struct for Mux APIs"
5c3a723 Make *InitSSE2() functions be empty on non-SSE2 platform
7c6e60f make *InitSSE2() functions be empty on non-SSE2 platform
c7eb457 make VP8DspInitNEON() public
ab3234a Create WebPMuxFrameInfo struct for Mux APIs
e3990fd Alignment fixes
e55fbd6 Merge branch '0.2.0'
4238bc0 Update ChangeLog (tag: v0.2.0)
c655380 dec/io.c: cosmetics
fe1958f RGBA4444: harmonize lossless/lossy alpha values
681cb30 fix RGBA4444 output w/fancy upsampling
f06c1d8 Merge "Alignment fix" into 0.2.0
f56e98f Alignment fix
6fe843b avoid rgb-premultiply if there's only trivial alpha values
528a11a fix the ARGB4444 premultiply arithmetic
a0a4885 Lossless decoder fix for a special transform order
62dd9bb Update encoding heuristic w.r.t palette colors.
6f4272b remove unused ApplyInverseTransform()
93bf0fa Update ChangeLog (tag: v0.2.0-rc1)
5934fc5 update AUTHORS
014a711 update NEWS
43b0d61 add support for ARGB -> YUVA conversion for lossless decoder
33705ca bump version to 0.2.0
c40d7ef fix alpha-plane check + add extra checks
a06f802 MODE_YUVA: set alpha to opaque if the image has none
52a87dd Merge "silence one more warning" into 0.2.0
3b02309 silence one more warning
f94b04f move some RGB->YUV functions to yuv.h
4b71ba0 README: sync [cd]webp help output
c9ae57f man/dwebp.1: add links to output file format details
292ec5c quiet a few 'uninitialized' warnings
4af3f6c fix indentation
9b261bf remove the last NOT_HAVE_LOG2 instances
323dc4d remove use of log2(). Use VP8LFastLog2() instead.
8c515d5 Merge "harness some malloc/calloc to use WebPSafeMalloc and WebPSafeCalloc" into 0.2.0
d4b4bb0 Merge changes I46090628,I1a41b2ce into 0.2.0
bff34ac harness some malloc/calloc to use WebPSafeMalloc and WebPSafeCalloc
a3c063c Merge "extra size check for security" into 0.2.0
5e79630 Merge "WebPEncode: clear stats at the start of encode" into 0.2.0
f1edf62 Merge "rationalize use of color-cache" into 0.2.0
c193331 extra size check for security
906be65 rationalize use of color-cache
dd1c387 Add image-hint for low-color images.
4eb7aa6 Merge "WebPCheckMalloc() and WebPCheckCalloc():" into 0.2.0
80cc730 WebPCheckMalloc() and WebPCheckCalloc():
183cba8 check VP8LBitWriterInit return
cbfa9ee lossless: fix crash on user abort
256afef cwebp: exit immediately on version mismatch
475d87d WebPEncode: clear stats at the start of encode
a7cc729 fix type and conversion warnings
7d853d7 add stats for lossless
d39177b make QuantizeLevels() store the sum of squared error
5955cf5 replace x*155/100 by x*101581>>16
7d732f9 make QuantizeLevels() store the sum of squared error
e45a446 replace x*155/100 by x*101581>>16
159b75d cwebp output size consistency:
cbee59e Merge commit 'v0.1.99'
1889e9b dwebp: report -alpha option
3bc3f7c Merge "dwebp: add PAM output support" into 0.2.0
d919ed0 dwebp: add PAM output support
85e215d README/manpages/configure: update website link
c3a207b Update ChangeLog (tag: v0.1.99)
d1fd782 Merge "add extra precision about default values and behaviour" into 0.2.0
efc826e add extra precision about default values and behaviour
9f29635 header/doc clean up
ff9fd1b fix webpmux.exe *-dynamic builds
8aacc7b remove INAM, ICOP, ... chunks from the test webp file.
2fc1301 harmonize authors as "Name (mail@address)"
4a9f37b Merge "update NEWS" into 0.2.0
7415ae1 makefile.unix: provide examples/webpmux target
ce82ced update NEWS
641e28e Merge "man/cwebp.1: wording, change the date" into 0.2.0
c37c23e README: cosmetics
3976dcd man/cwebp.1: wording, change the date
3e5bbe1 Merge "rename 'use_argb_input' to 'use_argb'" into 0.2.0
ce90847 Merge "add some padding bytes areas for later use" into 0.2.0
2390dab Merge "fixing the findings by Frederic Kayser to the bitstream spec" into 0.2.0
0275159 add a very crude progress report for lossless
a4b9b1c Remove some unused enum values.
dd10817 rename 'use_argb_input' to 'use_argb'
90516ae add some padding bytes areas for later use
d03b250 fixing the findings by Frederic Kayser to the bitstream spec
ce156af add missing ABI compatibility checks
9d45416 Merge "Doc: container spec text tweaks" into 0.2.0
4e2e0a8 Doc: container spec text tweaks
f7f16a2 add ABI compatibility check
2a77557 Merge "swig: add WebPEncodeLossless* wrappers" into 0.2.0
a3ec622 mux.h: remove '* const' from function parameters
31426eb encode.h: remove '* const' from function parameters
9838e5d decode.h: remove '* const' from function parameters
4972302 swig: add WebPEncodeLossless* wrappers
9ff00ca bump encoder/decoder versions
c2416c9 add lossless quick encoding functions to the public API
4c1f5d6 Merge "NEWS: mention decode_vp8.h is no longer installed" into 0.2.0
6cb2277 NEWS: mention decode_vp8.h is no longer installed
d5e5ad6 move decode_vp8.h from webp/ to dec/
8d3b04a Merge "header clean-up" into 0.2.0
02201c3 Merge "remove one malloc() by making color_cache non dynamic" into 0.2.0
d708ec1 Merge "move MIN/MAX_HISTO_BITS to format_constants.h" into 0.2.0
ab2da3e Merge "add a malloc() check" into 0.2.0
2d571bd add a malloc() check
7f0c178 remove one malloc() by making color_cache non dynamic
6569cd7 Merge "VP8LFillBitWindow: use 64-bit path for msvc x64 builds" into 0.2.0
23d34f3 header clean-up
2a3ab6f move MIN/MAX_HISTO_BITS to format_constants.h
985d3da Merge "shuffle variables in HashChainFindCopy" into 0.2.0
cdf885c shuffle variables in HashChainFindCopy
c3b014d add missing lossless files
8c1cc6b makefile.unix dist: explicitly name installed includes
7f4647e Merge "clarify the colorspace naming and byte ordering of decoded samples" into 0.2.0
cbf6972 clarify the colorspace naming and byte ordering of decoded samples
857650c Mux: Add WebPDataInit() and remove WebPImageInfo
ff771e7 don't install webp/decode_vp8.h
596dff7 VP8LFillBitWindow: use 64-bit path for msvc x64 builds
3ca7ce9 Merge "doc: remove non-finalized chunk references" into 0.2.0
1efaa5a Merge "bump versions" into 0.2.0
51fa13e Merge "README: update cwebp help output" into 0.2.0
12f9aed README: update cwebp help output
f0b5def bump versions
4c42a61 update AUTHORS
6431a1c doc: remove non-finalized chunk references
8130c4c Merge "build: remove libwebpmux from default targets/config"
23b4443 Merge "configure: broaden test for libpng-config"
85bff2c Merge "doc: correct lossless prefix coding table & code"
05108f6 Merge "More spec/code matching in mux:"
6808e69 More spec/code matching in mux:
bd2b46f Merge "doc/webp-container-spec: light cosmetics"
20ead32 doc/webp-container-spec: light cosmetics
1d40a8b configure: add pthread detection
b5e9067 fix some int <-> size_t mix for buffer sizes
e41a759 build: remove libwebpmux from default targets/config
0fc2baa configure: broaden test for libpng-config
45b8272 Merge "restore authorship to lossless bitstream doc"
06ba059 restore authorship to lossless bitstream doc
44a09a3 add missing description of the alpha filtering methods
63db87d Merge "vwebp: add checkboard background for alpha display"
a73b897 vwebp: add checkboard background for alpha display
939158c Merge "vwebp: fix info display"
b35c07d vwebp: fix info display
48b39eb fix underflow for very short bitstreams
7e62298 cosmetics: param alignment, manpage wording
1bd7dd5 Merge changes I7b0afb0d,I7ecc9708
ac69e63 Merge "Updated cwebp man's help for Alpha & Lossless."
c0e8859 Get rid of image_info_ from WebPChunk struct.
135ca69 WebP Container Spec:
eb6f9b8 Updated cwebp man's help for Alpha & Lossless.
0fa844f cosmetic fixes on assert and 'const' where applicable
7f22bd2 check limit of width * height is 32 bits
16c46e8 autoconf/make: cosmetics: break long lines
ab22a07 configure: add helper macro to define --with-*
c17699b configure: add libtiff test
0e09732 Merge "cwebp: fix crash with yuv input + lossless"
88a510f Merge "fix big-endian VP8LWriteBits"
da99e3b Merge " split mux into separate lib"
7bda392 cwebp: fix crash with yuv input + lossless
f56a369 fix big-endian VP8LWriteBits
54169d6 Merge "cwebp: name InputFileFormat members consistently"
e2feefa split mux into separate lib
27caa5a Merge "cwebp: add basic TIFF support"
d8921dd cwebp: name InputFileFormat members consistently
6f76d24 cwebp: add basic TIFF support
4691407 Merge changes If39ab7f5,I3658b5ae
cca7c7b Fixed nit: 10 -> 10.f
5d09a24 WebPMuxCreate() error handling:
777341c Fix a memleak in WebPMuxCreate()
61c9d16 doc: correct lossless prefix coding table & code
4c39757 Merge "mark VP8{,L}{GetInfo,CheckSignature} as WEBP_EXTERN"
e4e36cc Merge "Mux: Allow only some frames/tiles to have alpha."
ad2aad3 Merge "WebP Decoding error handling:"
97649c8 Mux: Allow only some frames/tiles to have alpha.
f864be3 Lower the quality settings for Alpha encoding.
3ba81bb WebP Decoding error handling:
fcc6992 add automatic YUVA/ARGB conversion during WebPEncode()
802e012 fix compilation in non-FANCY_UPSAMPLING mode
e012dfd make width/height coding match the spec
228d96a mark VP8{,L}{GetInfo,CheckSignature} as WEBP_EXTERN
637a314 remove the now unused *KeepA variants
d11f6fc webpmux returns error strings rather than numbers
fcec059 makefile.unix: cwebp: fix OSX link
6b811f1 Merge "doc: remove lossless pdf"
c963482 doc: remove lossless pdf
b9ae4f0 cosmetics after mux changes b74ed6e, b494ad5
b494ad5 Mux: only allow adding frame/tiles at the end.
2c341b0 Merge "Added image characteristic hint for the codec."
d373076 Added image characteristic hint for the codec.
2ed2adb Merge "msvc: add intrinsic based BitsLog2Floor"
e595e7c Merge "add demux.c to the makefiles"
da47b5b Merge "demux: add {Next,Prev}Chunk"
e5f4674 add demux.c to the makefiles
4708393 demux: add {Next,Prev}Chunk
e8a0a82 demux: quiet msvc warnings
7f8472a Update the WebP Container Spec.
31b68fe cleanup WebPPicture struct and API
9144a18 add overflow check before calling malloc()
81720c9 consistency cosmetics
2ebe839 Merge "Add kramdown version information to README"
7144308 enc/vp8l.c: fix build
b7ac19f Add kramdown version information to README
efdcb66 Merge "Edit for consistency, usage and grammar."
0822010 Enable alpha in vvwebp
8de9a08 Merge "Mux API change:"
b74ed6e Mux API change:
233a589 take picture->argb_stride into account for lossless coding
04e33f1 Edit for consistency, usage and grammar.
a575b4b Merge "cosmetics: add missing const"
8d99b0f Merge "cosmetics: remove unimplemented function proto"
69d0221 cosmetics: add missing const
5b08318 cosmetics: remove unimplemented function proto
b7fb0ed Log warning for unsupported options for lossless.
e1f769f msvc: add intrinsic based BitsLog2Floor
8a69c7d Bug-fix: Clamp backward dist to 1.
b5b6ac9 Merge "Bring the special writer 'WebPMemoryWriter' to public API"
a6a1909 Merge "Fix floating point exception with cwebp -progress"
f2cee06 Fix floating point exception with cwebp -progress
91b7a8c Bring the special writer 'WebPMemoryWriter' to public API
310e297 support resize and crop for RGBA input
a89835d Merge changes Ice662960,Ie8d7aa90,I2d996d5e,I01c04772
ce614c0 Merge "dec/vp8: avoid setting decoder status twice"
900285d dec/vp8: avoid setting decoder status twice
8227adc Merge changes I6f02b0d0,I5cbc9c0a,I9dd9d4ed,Id684d2a1
dcda59c Merge "demux: rename SetTile to SelectTile"
622ef12 demux: rename SetTile to SelectTile
81ebd37 Merge "demux: add {Next,Prev}Frame"
02dd37a demux: add {Next,Prev}Frame
4b79fa5 Merge "Limit the maximum size of huffman Image to 16MB."
9aa34b3 Manually number "chapters," as chapter numbers are used in the narrative.
2a4c6c2 Re-wrap at <= 72 columns
a45adc1 Apply inline emphasis and monospacing, per gdoc / PDF
9101120 Incorporate gdoc changes through 2012-06-08
7a18248 Removed CodeRay syntax declarations ...
b3ec18c Provide for code-block syntax highlighting.
709d770 Replace high ASCII artifacts (curly quotes, etc.).
930e8ab Lossless WebP doc largely ported to markdown text.
18cae37 msvc: silence some build warnings
b392308 Limit the maximum size of huffman Image to 16MB.
f180df2 Merge "libwebp/demux: add Frame/Chunk iteration"
2bbe1c9 Merge "Enable lossless encoder code"
d0601b0 Merge changes I1d97a633,I81c59093
78f3e34 Enable lossless encoder code
d974a9c Merge "libwebp/demux: add simple format parsing"
26bf223 Merge "libwebp: add WebPDemux stub functions"
2f66668 Merge "modify WebPParseHeaders to allow reuse by GetFeatures"
b402b1f libwebp/demux: add Frame/Chunk iteration
ad9ada3 libwebp/demux: add WebPDemuxGetI
2f2d4d5 libwebp/demux: add extended format parsing
962dcef libwebp/demux: add simple format parsing
f8f9408 libwebp: add WebPDemux stub functions
fb47bb5 Merge "NumNamedElements() should take an enum param."
7c68980 Fix asserts in Palette and BackwardReference code.
fbdcb7e NumNamedElements() should take an enum param.
fb4943b modify WebPParseHeaders to allow reuse by GetFeatures
3697b5c write an ad-hoc EncodeImageInternal variant
eaee9e7 Bug-Fix: Decode small (less than 32 bytes) images.
0bceae4 Merge "cwebp: fix alpha reporting in stats output"
0424b1e Rebase default encoding settings.
c71ff9e cwebp: fix alpha reporting in stats output
e2ffe44 Merge "Stop indefinite recursion for Huffman Image."
70eb2bd Stop indefinite recursion for Huffman Image.
f3bab8e Update vwebp
6d5c797 Remove support for partial files in Mux.
f1df558 WebPMuxAssemble() returns WebPData*.
814a063 Rename 'Add' APIs to 'Set'.
bbb0218 Update Mux psuedo-code examples.
4fc4a47 Use WebPData in MUX set APIs
c67bc97 Merge "add WebPPictureImportRGBX() and WebPPictureImportBGRX()"
27519bc add WebPPictureImportRGBX() and WebPPictureImportBGRX()
f80cd27 factorize code in Import()
9b71502 histogram: add log2 wrapper
8c34378 Merge "fix some implicit type conversion warnings"
42f6df9 fix some implicit type conversion warnings
250c16e Merge "doc: update lossless pdf"
9d9daba Merge "add a PDF of the lossless spec"
8fbb918 prefer webp/types.h over stdint.h
0ca170c doc: update lossless pdf
0862ac6 add a PDF of the lossless spec
437999f introduce a generic WebPPictureHasTransparency() function
d2b6c6c cosmetic fixes after Idaba281a
b4e6645 Merge "add colorspace for premultiplied alpha"
48f8275 add colorspace for premultiplied alpha
069f903 Change in lossless bit-stream.
5f7bb3f Merge "WebPReportProgress: use non-encoder specific params"
f18281f WebPReportProgress: use non-encoder specific params
9ef3228 Add support for raw lossless bitstream in decoder.
7cbee29 Fix bug: InitIo reseting fancy_upsampling flag.
880fd98 vwebp: fix exit w/freeglut
1875d92 trap two unchecked error conditions
87b4a90 no need to have mux.h as noinst clause in enc/
88f41ec doc: fix bit alignment in VP8X chunk
52f5a4e Merge "fix bug with lossy-alpha output stride"
3bde22d fix bug with lossy-alpha output stride
42d61b6 update the spec for the lossy-alpha compression methods.
e75dc80 Move some more defines to format_constants.h
c13f663 Move consts to internal header format_constants.h
7f2dfc9 use a bit-set transforms_seen_ instead of looping
18da1f5 modulate alpha-compression effort according to config.method
f5f2fff Merge "Alpha flag fix for lossless."
c975c44 Alpha flag fix for lossless.
4f067fb Merge "Android: only build dec_neon with NEON support"
255c66b Android: only build dec_neon with NEON support
8f9117a cosmetics: signature fixes
39bf5d6 use header-less lossless bitstream for alpha channel
75d7f3b Merge "make input data be 'const' for VP8LInverseTransform()"
9a721c6 make input data be 'const' for VP8LInverseTransform()
9fc64ed Disallow re-use of same transformation.
98ec717 use a function pointer for ProcessRows()
f7ae5e3 cosmetics: join line
140b89a factor out buffer alloc in AllocateARGBBuffers()
a107dfa Rectify WebPParseOptionalChunks().
237eab6 Add two more color-spaces for lossless decoding.
27f417a fix orthographic typo
489ec33 add VP8LEncodeStream() to compress lossless image stream
fa8bc3d make WebPEncodingSetError() take a const picture
638528c bitstream update for lossy alpha compression
d73e63a add DequantizeLevels() placeholder
ec122e0 remove arch-dependent rand()
d40e765 fix alignment
1dd6a8b Merge "remove tcoder, switch alpha-plane compression to lossless"
3e863dd remove tcoder, switch alpha-plane compression to lossless
8d77dc2 Add support for lossless in mux:
831bd13 Make tile size a function of encoding method.
778c522 Merge "remove some variable shadowing"
817c9dc Few more HuffmanTreeToken conversions.
37a77a6 remove some variable shadowing
89c07c9 Merge "normalize example header includes"
4aff411 Merge "add example_util.[hc]"
00b29e2 normalize example header includes
061263a add example_util.[hc]
c6882c4 merge all tree processing into a single VP8LProcessTree()
9c7a3cf fix VP8LHistogramNumCodes to handle the case palette_code_bits == 0
b5551d2 Merge "Added HuffmanTreeCode Struct for tree codes."
8b85d01 Added HuffmanTreeCode Struct for tree codes.
093f76d Merge "Allocate single memory in GetHuffBitLengthsAndCodes."
41d8049 Allocate single memory in GetHuffBitLengthsAndCodes.
1b04f6d Correct size in VP8L header.
2924a5a split object lists based on directory
c8f2416 Merge "add assert(tokens)"
4323994 add assert(tokens)
9f54745 Catch an error in DecodeImageData().
ac8e5e4 minor typo and style fix
9f566d1 clean-up around Huffman-encode
c579a71 Introduce CHUNK_SIZE_BYTES in muxi.h.
14757f8 Make sure huffman trees always have valid symbols
4105061 makefile.unix: add support for building vwebp
48b3772 Merge "fixed signed/unsigned comparison warning"
57f696d Merge "EncodeImageInternal: fix potential leak"
d972cdf EncodeImageInternal: fix potential leak
5cd12c3 fixed signed/unsigned comparison warning
cdca30d Merge "cosmetics: shorten long line"
e025fb5 cosmetics: shorten long line
22671ed Merge "enc/vp8l: fix double free on error"
e1b9b05 Merge "cosmetics: VP8LCreateHuffmanTree: fix indent"
a8e725f enc/vp8l: fix double free on error
27541fb cosmetics: VP8LCreateHuffmanTree: fix indent
1d38b25 cwebp/windows: use MAKE_REFGUID where appropriate
817ef6e Merge "cwebp: fix WIC/Microsoft SDK compatibility issue"
902d3e3 cwebp: fix WIC/Microsoft SDK compatibility issue
89d803c Merge "Fix a crash due to wrong pointer-integer arithmetic."
cb1bd74 Merge "Fix a crash in lossless decoder."
de2fe20 Merge "Some cleanup in VP8LCreateHuffmanTree() (and related functions CompareHuffmanTrees() and SetBitDepths()): - Move 'tree_size' initialization and malloc for 'tree + tree_pool' outside the loop. - Some renames/tweaks for readability."
ce69177 Fix a crash due to wrong pointer-integer arithmetic.
e40a368 Fix a crash in lossless decoder.
3927ff3 remove unneeded error condition for WebPMuxNumNamedElements()
2c140e1 Some cleanup in VP8LCreateHuffmanTree() (and related functions CompareHuffmanTrees() and SetBitDepths()): - Move 'tree_size' initialization and malloc for 'tree + tree_pool' outside the loop. - Some renames/tweaks for readability.
861a5b7 add support for animation
eb5c16c Merge "Set correct encode size in encoder's stats."
4abe04a fix the return value and handle missing input file case.
2fafb85 Set correct encode size in encoder's stats.
e7167a2 Provide one entry point for backward references.
c4ccab6 Print relevant lossless encoding stats in cwebp.
e3302cf GetHuffBitLengthsAndCodes: reduce level of indirection
b5f2a9e enc/vp8l: fix uninitialized variable warning
7885f8b makefile.unix: add lossless encoder files
1261a4c Merge "cosmetics"
3926b5b Merge "dsp/cpu.c: Android: fix crash on non-neon arm builds"
834f937 dsp/cpu.c: Android: fix crash on non-neon arm builds
126e160 cosmetics
e38602d Merge branch 'lossless_encoder'
e8d3d6a split StoreHuffmanCode() into smaller functions
d0d8899 more consolidation: introduce VP8LHistogramSet
1a210ef big code clean-up and refactoring and optimization
41b5c8f Some cosmetics in histogram.c
ada6ff7 Approximate FastLog between value range [256, 8192]
ec123ca Forgot to update out_bit_costs to symbol_bit_costs at one instance.
cf33ccd Evaluate output cluster's bit_costs once in HistogramRefine.
781c01f Simple Huffman code changes.
a2849bc Lossless decoder: remove an unneeded param in ReadHuffmanCodeLengths().
b39e748 Reducing emerging palette size from 11 to 9 bits.
bfc73db Move GetHistImageSymbols to histogram.c
889a578 Improve predict vs no-predict heuristic.
01f5066 code-moving and clean-up
31035f3 reduce memory usage by allocating only one histo
fbb501b Restrict histo_bits to ensure histo_image size is under 32MB
8415ddf further simplification for the meta-Huffman coding
e491729 A quick pass of cleanup in backward reference code
83332b3 Make transform bits a function of encode method (-m).
72920ca introduce -lossless option, protected by USE_LOSSLESS_ENCODER
c6ac4df Run TraceBackwards for higher qualities.
412222c Make histo_bits and transform_bits function of quality.
149b509 Update lossless encoder strategy:
0e6fa06 cache_bits passed to EncodeImageInternal()
e38b40a Factorize code for clearing HtreeGroup.
6f4a16e Removing the indirection of meta-huffman tables.
3d33ecd Some renaming/comments related to palette in lossless encoder.
4d02d58 Lossless encoder: correction in Palette storage
4a63623 fix a memleak in EncodeImageInternal()
0993a61 Full and final fix for prediction transform
afd2102 Fix cross-color transform in lossless encoder
b96d874 Need to write a '0' bit at the end of transforms.
54dad7e Color cache size should be counted as 0 when cache bits = 0
4f0c5ca Fix prediction transform in lossless encoder.
36dabda Fix memory leak in method EncodeImageInternal for histogram_image.
352a4f4 Get rid of PackLiteralBitLengths()
d673b6b Change the predictor function to pass left pixel
b2f9946 Fix CopyTileWithPrediction()
84547f5 Add EncodeImageInternal() method.
6b38378 Guard the lossless encoder (in flux) under a flag
09f7532 Fix few nits (const qualifiers)
648be39 Added implementation for various lossless functions
32714ce Add VP8L prefix to backward ref & histogram methods.
fcba7be Fixed header file tag (WEBP_UTILS_HUFFMAN_ENCODE_H_)
bc70374 Add backward_ref, histogram & huffman encode modules from lossless.
fdccaad Fixing nits
227110c libwebp interface changes for lossless encoding.
50679ac minor style fixes
b38dfcc remove unneeded reference to NUM_LITERAL_CODES
8979675 harmonize header description
c04eb7b tcoder.c: define NOT_HAVE_LOG2 for MSVC builds
9a214fa Merge "VP8[L]GetInfo: check input pointers"
5c5be8b VP8[L]GetInfo: check input pointers
0c188fe Merge changes I431acdfe,I713659b7
b3515c6 mux: drop 'chunk' from ChunkInfo member names
aea7923 muxi.h: remove some unused defines
0142249 update NEWS file for next release
29e3f7e Merge "dec: remove deprecated WebPINew()"
4718e44 Merge "muxedit: a few more size_t changes"
82654f9 Merge "muxedit: remove a few redundant NULL checks"
02f27fb dec: remove deprecated WebPINew()
ccddb3f muxedit: remove a few redundant NULL checks
a6cdf71 muxedit: a few more size_t changes
a384689 Merge "mux: remove unused LIST_ID"
11ae46a alpha.c: quiet some size_t -> int conversion warnings
dee4669 mux: remove unused LIST_ID
03f1f49 mux: add version checked entry points
6a0abda Merge "doc: tile/alpha corrections"
c8139fb Merge "few cosmetics"
6833873 Merge "lossless: remove some size_t -> int conversions"
5249e94 doc: tile/alpha corrections
d96e722 huffman: quiet int64 -> int conversion warning
532020f lossless: remove some size_t -> int conversions
23be6ed few cosmetics
1349eda Merge "configure: AC_ARG_* use AS_HELP_STRING"
bfbcc60 configure: AC_ARG_* use AS_HELP_STRING
1427ca8 Merge " header file maintenance"
087332e Merge "remove unused parameter 'round' from CalcProba()"
9630e16 remove unused parameter 'round' from CalcProba()
92092ea Merge "bit_reader.h: correct include"
a87fc3f Merge "mux: ensure # images = # tiles"
53af99b Merge "mux: use size_t consistently"
39a57da header file maintenance
1bd0bd0 bit_reader.h: correct include
326a3c6 mux: ensure # images = # tiles
95667b8 mux: use size_t consistently
231ec1f Removing the indirection of meta-huffman tables.
15ebcba check return pointer from MuxImageGetListFromId
b0d6c4a Merge "configure: remove test for zlib.h"
8cccac5 Merge "dsp/lossless: silence some build warnings"
b08819a dsp/lossless: silence some build warnings
7ae2252 SSE2 & NEON updates
0a49e3f Merge "makefile.unix add missing header files"
2e75a9a Merge "decode.h: use size_t consistently"
fa13035 configure: remove test for zlib.h
d3adc81 makefile.unix add missing header files
262fe01 Merge "makefile.unix & cosmetics"
4cce137 Merge "enc_sse2 add missing stdlib.h include"
80256b8 enc_sse2 add missing stdlib.h include
9b3d1f3 decode.h: use size_t consistently
64083d3 Merge " cosmetics"
dceb8b4 Merge changes If1331d3c,I86fe3847
0e33d7b Merge "webp/decode.h: fix prototypes"
fac0f12 rename BitReader to VP8LBitReader
fbd82b5 types.h: centralize use of stddef.h
2154835 cosmetics
1c92bd3 vp8io: use size_t for buffer size
90ead71 fix some more uint32_t -> size_t typing
cbe705c webp/decode.h: fix prototypes
3f8ec1c makefile.unix & cosmetics
217ec7f Remove tabs in
b3d35fc Merge " & add new files"
0df04b9 & add new files
e4f20c5 Merge "automake: replace 'silent-rules' w/AM_SILENT_RULES"
8d254a0 cosmetics
6860c2e fix some uint32_t -> size_t typing
4af1858 Fix a crash due to max symbol in a tree >= alphabet size
6f01b83 split the VP8 and VP8L decoding properly
f2623db enable lossless decoder
b96efd7 add dec/vp8i.h changes from experimental
19f6398 add dec/vp8l{i.h,.c} from experimental
c4ae53c add utils/bit_reader.[hc] changes from experimental
514d008 add dsp/lossless.[hc] from experimental
9c67291 add utils/huffman.[hc] from experimental
337914a add utils/color_cache.[hc] from experimental
b3bf8fe the read-overflow code-path wasn't reporting as an error
1db888b take colorspace into account when cropping
61c2d51 move the rescaling code into its own file and make enc/ and dec/ use it.
efc2016 Make rescaler methods generic
3eacee8 Move rescaler methods out of io.c.
a69b893 automake: replace 'silent-rules' w/AM_SILENT_RULES
6f7bf64 issue 111: fix little-endian problem in bit-reader
ed278e2 Removed unnecessary lookup
cd8c3ba fix some warnings: down-cast and possibly-uninitialized variable
0a7102b ~1% improvement of alpha compression
3bc1b14 Merge "Reformat container doc"
dc17abd mux: cosmetics
cb5810d Merge "WebPMuxGetImage: allow image param to be NULL"
506a4af mux: cosmetics
135e8b1 WebPMuxGetImage: allow image param to be NULL
de556b6 Merge "README.mux: reword some descriptions"
0ee2aeb use batch mode rules
d9acddc msvc: move {i,p}db creation to object directory
237c9aa Merge "expose WebPFree function for DLL builds"
b3e4054 silence msvc debug build warning
45feb55 expose WebPFree function for DLL builds
11316d8 README.mux: reword some descriptions
4be52f4 factorize WebPMuxValidate
14f6b9f mux: light cleanup
5e96a5d add more param checks to WebPPictureDistortion()
8abaf82 Merge "silence some type size related warnings"
1601a39 silence some type size related warnings
f3abe52 Merge "idec: simplify buffer size calculation"
a9c5cd4 idec: simplify buffer size calculation
7b06bd7 Merge "configure/automake: add silent-rules option"
e9a7d14 Reformat container doc
d4e5c7f configure/automake: add silent-rules option
5081db7 configure/automake: no -version-info for convenience libs
85b6ff6 Merge "idec: fix WebPIUpdate failure"
7bb6a9c idec: fix internal state corruption
89cd1bb idec: fix WebPIUpdate failure
01b6380 4-5% faster decoding, optimized byte loads in arithmetic decoder.
631117e Merge "cosmetics & warnings"
a0b2736 cosmetics & warnings
f73947f use 32bit for storing dequant coeffs, instead of 16b.
b960030 Merge "store prediction mode array as uint8_t[16], not int[16]."
7b67881 store prediction mode array as uint8_t[16], not int[16].
cab8d4d Merge "NEON TransformOne"
ba503fd NEON TransformOne
9f740e3 Merge "gcc warning fix: remove the 'const' qualifier."
f76d358 gcc warning fix: remove the 'const' qualifier.
e78478d Merge "webpmux: make more use of WebPData"
f85bba3 Merge "manpages: add BUGS section"
48a43bb Merge "makefile.unix: variable cosmetics"
c274dc9 makefile.unix: variable cosmetics
1f7b859 re-organize the error-handling in the main loop a bit
1336fa7 Only recompute level_cost_[] when needed
771ee44 manpages: add BUGS section
0f7820e webpmux: make more use of WebPData
974aaff examples: logging updates
6c14aad Merge "better token buffer code"
f405425 better token buffer code
18d959f Merge "mux: add WebPData type"
eec4b87 mux: add WebPData type
0de3096 use 16bit counters for recording proba counts
7f23678 fix for LevelCost + little speed-up
7107d54 further speed-up/cleanup of RecordCoeffs() and GetResidualCost()
fd22104 Introduce Token buffer (unused for now)
5fa148f Merge "speed-up GetResidualCost()"
28a9d9b speed-up GetResidualCost()
11e7dad Merge "misc cosmetics"
378086b misc cosmetics
d61479f add -print_psnr and -print_ssim options to cwebp.
2e3e8b2 add a WebPCleanupTransparentArea() method
552c121 Merge "mux: plug some memory leaks on error"
a2a81f7 Merge "fix Mach-O shared library build"
b3482c4 Merge "fix gcc-4.0 apple 32-bit build"
e4e3ec1 fix gcc-4.0 apple 32-bit build
b0d2fec mux: plug some memory leaks on error
f0d2c7a pass of cosmetics
b309a6f fix Mach-O shared library build
241ddd3 doc: delete mux container pdf
8b1ba27 doc: update VP8 decode guide link
7e4371c WebPMuxCreate: fix unchecked malloc
eb42558 Merge "have makefile.unix clean up src/webp/*~ too"
a85c363 Merge "correct EncodeAlpha documentation"
a33842f Merge "Update webp container spec with alpha filter options."
8d6490d Incremental support for some of the mux APIs.
b8375ab have makefile.unix clean up src/webp/*~ too
b5855fc correct EncodeAlpha documentation
dba37fe Update webp container spec with alpha filter options.
2e74ec8 fix compile under MINGW
716d1d7 fix suboptimal MAX_LEN cut-off limit
57cab7b Harmonize the alpha-filter predictions at boundary
3a98953 Merge "Fix bug for Alpha in RGBA_4444 color-mode."
8ca2076 Introduce a 'fast' alpha mode
221a06b Fix bug for Alpha in RGBA_4444 color-mode.
ad1e163 cosmetics: normalize copyright headers
c77424d cosmetics: light include cleanup
9d0e17c fix msvc build breakage after 252028a
7c4c177 Some readability fixes for mux library
d8a47e6 Merge "Add predictive filtering option for Alpha."
252028a Add predictive filtering option for Alpha.
9b69be1 Merge "Simplify mux library code"
a056170 Simplify mux library code
992187a improve log2 test
e852f83 update file list
a90cb2b reduce number of copies and mallocs in alpha plane enc/dec
b1662b0 fix some more type conversion warnings w/MSVC
223d8c6 fix some uint64_t -> int conversion warnings with MSC
c1a0437 Merge "simplify checks for enabling SSE2 code"
f06817a simplify checks for enabling SSE2 code
948d4fe silence a msvc build warning
9117954 vwebp: msvc build tweaks
7937b40 simple WebP viewer, based on OpenGL
6aac1df add a bunch of missing 'extern "C"'
421eb99 Merge "Remove assigned-but-not-used variable "br""
91e27f4 better fitting names for upsampling functions
a5d7ed5 Remove assigned-but-not-used variable "br"
f62d2c9 remove unused 'has_alpha' from VP8GetInfo() signature
08e8658 trap alpha-decoding error
b361eca add cut-off to arith coder probability update.
8666a93 Some bug-fixes for images with alpha.
273a12a fix off-by-1 diff in case cropping and simple filtering
2f741d1 webpmux: ReadImage: fix ptr free in error case
721f3f4 fix alpha decode
60942c8 fix the has_alpha_ order
30971c9 Implement progress report (and user abort)
eda520a cosmetics after 9523f2a
38bd5bb Merge "Better alpha support in webpmux binary"
ccbaebf Merge "Updated the includes to relative paths."
d71fbdc fix small typo in error message array
cdf97aa Better alpha support in webpmux binary
885f25b Updated the includes to relative paths.
a0ec9aa Update WebP encoder (cwebp) to support Alpha.
667b769 Fixed the include for types.h within mux.h
9523f2a Add Alpha Encode support from WebPEncode.
16612dd Merge "Add Alpha Decode support from WebPDecode."
d117a94 Add Alpha Decode support from WebPDecode.
6722873 cosmetics after e1947a9
e1947a9 Add Alpha encode/decode code.
afc4c5d simplify code by introducing a CopyPlane() helper func
113b312 Merge "MUX API Updates"
c398f59 MUX API Updates
5acf04e remove orphan source file
059f03e Merge "dec: validate colorspace before using as array index"
70a0398 Merge "factorize some code"
9b243b3 factorize some code
372e2b4 Correct a bug in ReadPNG() with GRAY_ALPHA images
469d6eb Merge " remove redundant noinst_HEADERS"
9fe3372 dec: validate colorspace before using as array index
8962030 remove orphan source file
ced3e3f remove redundant noinst_HEADERS
964387e use WEBP_INLINE for inline function declarations
90880a1 Merge "manpages: break long lines"
b591089 Merge "manpages: minor formatting updates"
4c451e4 Merge "Rectify the Chunk parsing logic."
04e84cf examples: slight cleanup
099717c manpages: break long lines
1daf39b manpages: minor formatting updates
abd030b fix missing "(void)" in function signature
f6a7d75 remove useless test
f07b213 Rectify the Chunk parsing logic.
b8634f7 webpmux: fix lib link order
42c2e68 Fix missing coma (on uncompiled code)
d8329d4 add missing source files
13a54df Merge "More aggressive copy-edit; add TODO; validate HTML5"
868b96a More aggressive copy-edit; add TODO; validate HTML5
767afea configure: check for a symbol contained in libpng
408b891 Merge "Linewrap at 72 cols. Casual copy-edit."
3ae318c Merge "Restore (most) emphasis; add emphasis to normative RFC 2119 terms (MUST, etc.)"
918eb2d Merge "Basic container doc source clean-up; fix lists and pseudocode blocks."
03bec9e Linewrap at 72 cols. Casual copy-edit.
2678d81 Restore (most) emphasis; add emphasis to normative RFC 2119 terms (MUST, etc.)
428674d Basic container doc source clean-up; fix lists and pseudocode blocks.
6a77d92 Merge " cosmetics"
28c38e8 Merge " condense directory creation rules"
55be2cf Initial import of container spec document, from pdftotext transform.
a82a788 cosmetics
c8f41ce condense directory creation rules
2b877cd Some fixes to to support the src\mux directory.
3eb969b Merge "Add for Mux library & binary."
e78e971 Add for Mux library & binary.
6aedde5 Add manual for WebPMux tool.
8a360d0 Merge "Added WebPMux Binary."
a4f32ca Added WebPMux Binary.
f3bf4c7 Added Mux Container Spec & README for MUX-API.
9f761cf Changed function signature for WebPMuxCreate
5f31b5e Merge "Add Mux library for manipulating WebP container."
2315785 Add Mux library for manipulating WebP container.
7e198ab update ChangeLog (tag: v0.1.3)
dfc9c1e Harmonize the dates
28ad70c Fix PNG decoding bug
846e93c Update AUTHORS & add .mailmap
563e52d cosmetics after '76036f5 Refactor decoder library'
76036f5 Refactor decoder library
377ef43 update AC_INIT params
7a8d876 use a user-visible MACRO for max width/height.
d4e9f55 NEON decode support in WebP
0ee683b update libtool version-info
fdbe02c windows: match _cond_destroy logic w/return variable name
206b686 README: correct advanced decode api pseudo-code
6a32a0f make VP8BitReader a typedef, for better re-use
b112e83 create a libwebputils under src/utils
ee697d9 harmonize the include guards and #endif comments
a1ec07a Fixing compiler error in non x86 arch.
dcfa509 Fixed recursive inclusion of bit_writer.h and vp8enci.h.
e06ac08 create a separate libwebpdsp under src/dsp
ebeb412 use unsigned int for bitfields
341cc56 make kNewRange a static array
227a91e README: minor wording update
05bd8e6 add man pages to dist
812dfa1 bump up versions in preparations for 0.1.3
a5b78c8 wrap alpha-related options under WEBP_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES flag
34dc790 regen ChangeLog for 0.1.3-rc2
7c43663 Silence some (more) Visual Studio warnings.
60306e8 add top-level gitattributes
2aa6b80 Slience some Visual Studio warnings.
4cbbb29 Merge "bump up version for next freeze"
a329167 bump up version for next freeze
c7e86ab cosmetics: fix comment line lengths
c9e037a makefile.unix: add simple dist target
87d58ce makefile.unix: rule maintenance
d477de7 mend
fac15ec Update NEWS & README for next release V0.1.3
6215595 Merge "add a -partition_limit option to limit the number of bits used by intra4x4"
3814b76 Merge "reorganize chunk-parsing code"
900286e add a -partition_limit option to limit the number of bits used by intra4x4
cd12b4b add the missing cost for I4/I16 mode selection
dfcc213 reorganize chunk-parsing code
3cf2030 initialize pointers to function within VP8DspInit()
d21b479 Merge "windows: add decode threading support"
473ae95 fix hang on thread creation failure
fccca42 windows: add decode threading support
a31f843 Use the exact PNG_INCLUDES/PNG_LIBS when testing for -lpng
ad9b45f Merge " rule maintenance"
565a2ca rule maintenance
2d0da68 makefile.unix: disable Wvla by default
fc7815d multi-thread decoding: ~25-30% faster
acd8ba4 io->teardown() was not always called upon error
c85527b Merge " add DLL configs"
e1e9be3 cosmetics: spelling/grammar in README and lib headers
b4d0ef8 add DLL configs
998754a remove unused nb_i4_ and nb_i16_ fields.
9f01ce3 rename WebPDecBuffer::memory -> private_memory
fb5d659 fix an overflow bug in LUT calculation
d646d5c swig: add WebPDecodeARGB
78aeed4 add missing WebPDecodeARGBInto() and switch ARGB4444 to RGBA4444 as was intended
cd7c529 explicitly mark library functions as extern
19db59f add support for RGB565, ARGB4444 and ARGB colorspace (decoder)
c915fb2 encoder speed-up: hardcode special level values
c558bda Rename and improve the API to retrieve decoded area
bf599d7 Merge "makefile.unix: disable -Wvla by default"
c9ea03d SSE2 version of strong filtering
993af3e makefile.unix: disable -Wvla by default
3827e1b Merge "examples: (windows/WIC) add alpha support"
e291fae SSE2 functions for the fancy upsampler.
a06bbe2 add WebPISetIOHooks() to set some custom hooks on the incremental decoder object.
7643a6f Merge "makefile.unix: use uname to detect OSX environment"
5142a0b export alpha channel (if present) when dumping to PGM format
14d5731 makefile.unix: use uname to detect OSX environment
0805706 examples: quiet warnings
3cfe088 examples: (windows/WIC) add alpha support
13ed94b add compile warning for variable-length-array
5a18eb1 Merge "add Advanced Decoding Interface"
5c4f27f add missing \n
f4c4e41 80 cols fix
d260310 add Advanced Decoding Interface
bd2f65f sse2 version of the complex filter
96ed9ce perform two idct transforms at a time when possible
01af7b6 use aligned stored
0e1d1fd Merge " add experimental target"
2a1292a add experimental target
23bf351 Enable decode SSE2 for Visual Studio
131a4b7 dec/dsp_sse2: fix visual studio compile
00d9d68 swig: file reorganization
7fc7e0d Merge "swig/java: basic encode support"
40a7e34 dec/dsp: disable sse2 for Visual Studio builds
e4d540c add SSE2 code for transform
54f2170 swig/java: basic encode support
c5d4584 call function pointers instead of C-version
ea43f04 Merge "configure: mingw32 targets: test for WIC support"
a11009d SSE2 version of simple in-loop filtering
42548da shave one unneeded filter-cache line
31f9dc6 configure: mingw32 targets: test for WIC support
1955969 Merge "split expression in two."
415dbe4 split expression in two.
e29072a configure: test for zlib only w/--enable-experimental
b2b0090 Simplify Visual Studio ifdefs
ca7a2fd Add error reporting from encoding failures.
6c9405d Merge " require CFG with clean target"
0424ecd require CFG with clean target
003417c Enable SSE2 for Visual Studio builds
af10db4 little speed up for VP8BitUpdate()
e71418f more MSVC files to ignore
46d9036 cosmetics
edf59ab typo fix
72229f5 Add support for x64 and SSE2 builds under Windows.
92e5c6e VP8GetInfo() + WebPResetDecParams()
416b7a6 raise the fixed-point precision for the rescaler
aa87e4e fix alignment
c5ae7f6 typo fix: USE_ => WEBP_
d041efa swig: add libwebp.jar/libwebp_java_wrap.c
f6fb387 add swig interface
e927390 align buffer for double too
842c009 fix -strong option
d0a7038 Merge "cosmetics"
fc0a02e fix the dichotomy loop
38369c0 cosmetics
8dfc4c6 factorize and unify GetAlpha() between the C and SSE2 version
6d0e66c prepare experimentation with yuv444 / 422
79cc49f add a --enable-experimental option to './configure'
d757523 sse2 version of CollectHistogram()
c1c728d add an extra #ifdef WEBP_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES to avoid 'unused variable' warning
60c61d2 always call VP*EncDeleteAlpha() unconditionnally, for simplicity
0f8c638 simply don't call WriteExtensions() if WEBP_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES is not defined
47c661d rename swap -> swap_rb
10d55bb move chunk[] declaration out of the for() loop
517cec2 fix indentation
f7d9e26 fix merge problems
8fd42b3 add a stride 'a_stride' for the alpha plane
b8dcbf2 fix alpha-plane copy and crop methods
cdef89d fix some 'unused variable' warning
fb29c26 SSE2 version of the fwd transform and the squared sum metric
2ab4b72 EXPERIMENTAL: add support for alpha channel
cfbf88a add SSE2 functions. ~2x faster encoding on average.
e7ff3f9 merge two ITransforms together when applicable and change the TTransform to return the sum directly.
ca55413 fix WebPIDecGetRGB() to accept any RGB(A) mode, not just MODE_RGB
8aa50ef fix some 'man' typos
d3f3bdd update ChangeLog (tag: v0.1.2)
d7e9a69 update contributor list
261abb8 add a 'superclean' section
276ae82 Remove files not mean to be in git, and update .gitignore
2486845 build: prepare libwebp.pc
14ceb6e add "-version" description to man pages
b247a3b Create the m4 directory, and also place .gitignore in there for libtool.
cdd734c Resolve automake warnings
c5fa726 build: add pkgconfig files
b20aaca build: just use autoreconf, avoid calling tools manually
4b0b0d6 cwebp: use modern functions
efbc6c4 update
7777570 better version of ChangeLog
fa70d2b update version number in the DOC
f8db5d5 more C89-fixes
0de013b fix typos
650ffa3 add version getters for decoder and encoder
be4867d doc for incremental decoding
56732a1 add idec.obj in MSVC makefile
208afb5 add c++ guards
8bf76fe add incremental decoding
1f28832 'inline' isn't defined in strict ansi c89
8b77c63 move the quantization function to dsp.c
b2c3575 add a 'last_y' field to WebPDecParams
2654c3d correctly pass along the exact same status returned from ParsePartitions
4704146 add missing precision in the man
6d978a6 add error messages
6463e6a add some install instructions, and fix intel-mac flags
05fb7bf Merge ".gitignore: initial version"
c33f019 .gitignore: initial version
e532b9a Makefile: allow out of tree builds
4c0da7a enable sparse dc/ac transforms
07dbb8d clarify the return logic
5c69e1b fix bigger-by-1 array
7c5267e fix a (harmless) typo: non_zero_ -> non_zero_ac_
bc75213 fix missing free()
af3e2aa remove trailing spaces
13e50da make the bitreader preload at least 8bits, instead of post-load them (this makes initialization easier and will be helpful for incremental decoding). Modify ParsePartitions() to accommodate for truncated input.
f4888f7 emit 9 - nb_bits trailing zeros instead of 8
3db6525 separate block-parsing into a visible VP8DecodeMB()
a871de0 add missing extern "C"
b3ce8c5 remove a gcc warning about type pun by using a proper union'd type
e186371 update after addition of webpi.h
3e856e2 Extract some useful functions around decoding buffer WebPDecParams.
d5bc05a make the filtering process match libvpx and ffvp8
dd60138 add man pages for cwebp(1) and dwebp(1)
c4fa364 fix header
5b70b37 * add an option to bypass_filtering in VP8Io.
b97a400 simplify QuantizeBlock code a bit
84b58eb add more checks around picture allocation
b65a3e1 remove absolute_delta_ field and syntax code
0744e84 Dont' open output file until we're sure the input file is valid
d5bd54c fix typo and buggy line
f7a9549 Add a simple top-level makefile.unix for quick & easy build.
5f36b94 update the doc for the -f option
f61d14a a WebP encoder converts PNG & JPEG to WebP
81c9662 oops: forgotten call to Initialize() + move the error message to a more useful place
87ffa00 typo: fix a missing 'R', was confusing.
b04b857 * add decoding measurement using stopwatch.h (use -v option) * support PNG output through WIC on Win32
746a482 * make (*put)() hook return a bool for abort request. * add an enum for VP8Status() to make things clearer
73c973e * strengthen riff/chunk size checks * don't consider odd-sized chunks being an error
1dc4611 add support for PNG output (default) regularize include guards
860641d fix a typo: sizeof(kYModeProbaInter0) => sizeof(kUVModeProbaInter0)
3254fc5 fix some petty constness fix the ./configure file too
504d339 fix eof_ mis-initialization
2bc0778 leftover Makefile.* from previous commit
d2cf04e move one level below, to src/dec fix typos here and there dwebp is now an installed program
ade92de typo: vp8.h -> decode_vp8.h
d724124 forgot to declare types.h to be installed
6421a7a move the decoder sourcetree to a sub-location src/dec to make room for future libs sources
a9b3eab correct layout name is IMC4.
2330522 handle corner case of zero-dimensions
280c365 make VP8Init() handle short buffers (< 2 bytes) correctly
b1c9e8b handle error cases more robustly
0e94935 Merge "table-less version of clip_8b()"
1e0a2d2 table-less version of clip_8b()
e12109e dwebp: change -yuv option to -raw change the layout to IMC2
d72180a speed-up fancy upscaler
9145f3b reset eof_ at construction time
a7ee055 simplify the logic of GetCoeffs()
f67b593 lot of cosmetics
ea27d7c fix endian problem on PowerPC
beb0a1b fix signature of VP8StoreBlock
b128c5e Merge "fancy chroma upscaling"
6a37a2a fancy chroma upscaling
ff565ed fix two numeric typos
5a936a0 use uintptr_t for casting pointers to ints
e14a030 for cross_compiling=yes to prevent executing any binary
83b545e add vc9+ makefile
296f691 fix output loop for small height
cbfbb5c convert to plain-C
f09f96e Fix declaration after statement warning
5981ee5 Fix UV plane ac/dc quantizer transposition
c8d15ef convert to ANSI-C
c3f41cb Initial commit