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Bug: webp:484
Change-Id: I071715469d10d590f7a65f9fa8e766f9c7bbf25f
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+170a8712 Fix check_c_source_compiles with pthread.
+85995719 disable CombinedShannonEntropy_SSE2 on x86
+8af7436f Merge "{ios,xcframework}build.sh: make min version(s) more visible" into 1.2.0
+e56c3c5b pngdec: raise memory limit if needed
+13b8e9fe {ios,xcframework}build.sh: make min version(s) more visible
+a9225410 animdecoder_fuzzer: fix memory leak
+d6c2285d update gradle to 6.1.1
+52ce6333 update NEWS
+28c49820 bump version to 1.2.0
+7363dff2 webp/encode.h: restore WEBP_ENCODER_ABI_VERSION to v1.1.0
+826aafa5 update AUTHORS
+63258823 animdecoder_fuzzer: validate canvas size
+9eb26381 CMake: remove duplicate "include(GNUInstallDirs)"
+2e7bed79 WebPPicture: clarify the ownership of user-owned data.
+cccf5e33 webpmux: add an '-set loop <value>' option
+c9a3f6a1 Merge changes Ie29f9867,I289c54c4
+319f56f1 iosbuild.sh: sync some aspects of xcframeworkbuild.sh
+e8e8db98 add xcframeworkbuild.sh
+ae545534 dsp.h: allow config.h to override MSVC SIMD autodetection
+fef789f3 Merge "cmake: fix per-file assembly flags"
+fc14fc03 Have C encoding predictors use decoding predictors.
+7656f0b3 README,cosmetics: fix a couple typos
+d2e245ea cmake: disable webp.js if WEBP_ENABLE_SIMD=1
+96099a79 cmake: fix per-file assembly flags
+5abb5582 Merge "cmake: fix compilation w/Xcode generator"
+8484a120 cmake: fix compilation w/Xcode generator
+d7bf01c9 Merge changes Ifcae0f38,Iee2d7401
+36c81ff6 WASM-SIMD: port 2 patches from rreverser@'s tree
+988b02ab Merge "Couple of fixes to allow SIMD on Emscripten"
+26faf770 wicdec: fail with animated images
+ab2d08a8 [cd]webp: document lack of animated webp support
+52273943 Couple of fixes to allow SIMD on Emscripten
+8870ba7f Fix skia bug #10952
+4b3c6953 Detect if StoreFrame read more than anmf_payload_size bytes
+17fd4ba8 webp/decode.h,cosmetics: normalize 'flip' comment
+411d3677 remove some unreachable break statements
+3700ffd7 WebPPictureHasTransparency: remove unreachable return
+83604bf3 {animencoder,enc_dec}_fuzzer: convert some abort()s to returns
+eb44119c Merge changes I8ae09473,I678c8b1e
+9f6055fc fuzz_utils.h: rename max() to Max()
+695788e7 fuzz_utils.h: make functions WEBP_INLINE
+906c1fcd make ImgIoUtilReadFile use WebPMalloc instead of malloc
+8cb7e536 rename demux_api_fuzzer.c -> mux_demux_api_fuzzer.c
+443db47d add animdecoder_fuzzer.cc
+36a6eea3 Merge "import fuzzers from oss-fuzz/chromium"
+ec5f12c1 Makefile.vc: remove deprecated /Gm option
+64425a08 picture_tools_enc: fix windows build warning
+bd94090a import fuzzers from oss-fuzz/chromium
+cf847cba use WEBP_DSP_INIT_FUNC for Init{GammaTables*,GetCoeffs}
+55a080e5 Add WebPReplaceTransparentPixels() in dsp
+84739717 GetBackgroundColorGIF: promote to uint32_t before << 24
+def64e92 cwebp: Fix -print_psnr for near_lossless
+cf2f88b3 Add palette and spatial for q >= 75 and -m 5
+f0110bae Add no-color cache configuration to the cruncher
+749a8b99 Better estimate of the cache cost.
+4f9f00cc Use spatial predictors on top of palette no matter what.
+7658c686 Add spatial prediction on top of palette in cruncher.
+133ff0e3 webp_js: force WASM=0 option explicitly
+e3c259a2 Fix integer overflow in EmitFancyRGB.
+b3ff0bde man/{gif2,img2}webp,webpmux: normalize some wording
+f9b30586 fix ABI breakage introduced by 6a0ff358
+1d58dcfc README.webp_js: update note about emscripten version
+44070266 README.webp_js: s/fastcomp/upstream/
+2565fa8f README.webp_js: update cmake command
+47309ef5 webp: WEBP_OFFSET_PTR()
+687ab00e DC{4,8,16}_NEON: replace vmovl w/vaddl
+1b92fe75 DC16_NEON,aarch64: use vaddlv
+53f3d8cf dec_neon,DC8_NEON: use vaddlv instead of movl+vaddv
+27d08240 Fix integer overflow in WebPAnimDecoderGetNext()
+69776e38 Merge "remove call to MBAnalyzeBestIntra4Mode for method >= 5"
+a99078c1 remove call to MBAnalyzeBestIntra4Mode for method >= 5
+22e404cc CMakeLists.txt: fix set(CACHE) argument order
+71690b52 fix MSVC warning
+6a0ff358 Enc: add a qmin / qmax range for quality factor
+0fa56f30 Merge tag 'v1.1.0'
+6cf504d0 PNM decoding: handle max_value != 255
+d7844e97 update ChangeLog (tag: v1.1.0-rc2, tag: v1.1.0, origin/1.1.0)
 7f006436 Makefile.vc: fix webp_quality.exe link
+cf047e83 Makefile.vc: fix webp_quality.exe link
 c074c653 update NEWS
 30f09551 bump version to 1.1.0
 a76694a1 update AUTHORS