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- 6/13/13: version 0.3.1
This is a binary compatible release.
* Add incremental decoding support for images containing ALPH and ICCP chunks.
* Python bindings via swig for the simple encode/decode interfaces similar to
- 3/20/13: version 0.3.0
This is a binary compatible release.
* WebPINewRGB/WebPINewYUVA accept being passed a NULL output buffer
and will perform auto-allocation.
* default filter option is now '-strong -f 60'
* encoding speed-up for lossy methods 3 to 6
* alpha encoding can be done in parallel to lossy using 'cwebp -mt ...'
* color profile, metadata (XMP/EXIF) and animation support finalized in the
* various NEON assembly additions
Tool updates / additions:
* gif2webp added
* vwebp given color profile & animation support
* cwebp can preserve color profile / metadata with '-metadata'
- 10/30/12: version 0.2.1
* Various security related fixes
* cwebp.exe: fix import errors on Windows XP
* enable DLL builds for mingw targets
- 8/3/12: version 0.2.0
* Add support for ARGB -> YUVA conversion for lossless decoder
New functions: WebPINewYUVA, WebPIDecGetYUVA
* Add stats for lossless and alpha encoding
* Security related hardening: allocation and size checks
* Add PAM output support to dwebp
- 7/19/12: version 0.1.99
* This is a pre-release of 0.2.0, not an rc to allow for further
incompatible changes based on user feedback.
* Alpha channel encode/decode support.
* Lossless encoder/decoder.
* Add TIFF input support to cwebp.
Incompatible changes:
* The encode ABI has been modified to support alpha encoding.
* Deprecated function WebPINew() has been removed.
* Decode function signatures have changed to consistently use size_t over
* decode_vp8.h is no longer installed system-wide.
* cwebp will encode the alpha channel if present.
- 9/19/11: version 0.1.3
* Advanced decoding APIs.
* On-the-fly cropping and rescaling of images.
* SSE2 instructions for decoding performance optimizations on x86 based platforms.
* Support Multi-threaded decoding.
* 40% improvement in Decoding performance.
* Add support for RGB565, RGBA4444 & ARGB image colorspace.
* Better handling of large picture encoding.
- 3/25/11: version 0.1.2
* Incremental decoding: picture can be decoded byte-by-byte if needs be.
* lot of bug-fixes, consolidation and stabilization
- 2/23/11: initial release of version 0.1, with the new encoder
- 9/30/10: initial release version with only the lightweight decoder