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IxoPlayer README
- Cocoapods getting started guide:
Xcode 6 (IxoPlayer was built using Xcode 6)
Before doing anything else, read the contents of README.VPXExample, and follow
all of the instructions in the Prerequisites and Getting Started sections. Any
instructions referring to VPXExample.xcodeproj also apply to
IxoPlayer.xcodeproj, but those changes should be made after the xcworkspace is
created by the pod command described below.
From within the IxoPlayer directory, before opening the project:
1. (First time ever cloning the repo and opening the project) run 'pod install'
to fetch pod dependencies.
2. (Upon pulling new source code) run 'pod update'
Note: Do only one of the above steps. Doing both is not required.
3. Open the xcworkspace created by the pod command.
Tests can be run within Xcode via the IxoPlayerTests target.
A web server is required, and is expected to be reachable on localhost:8000.
RangeHTTPServer (the Python module) is recommended (localhost and port 8000 are
its defaults), but any HTTP server that supports ranged HTTP requests should be
To use RangeHTTPServer, run it in the testdata directory that resides in the
IxoPlayer directory.
$ cd path/to/IxoPlayer/testdata
$ python -m RangeHTTPServer