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# Copyright 2014 The Native Client Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import shlex
import string
from webports.error import PkgFormatError
def parse_pkg_info(contents, filename, valid_keys=None, required_keys=None):
"""Parse a string contains the contents of a pkg_info file.
contents: pkg_info contents as a string.
filename: name of file to use in error messages.
valid_keys: list of keys that are valid in the file.
required_keys: list of keys that are required in the file.
A dictionary of the key, value pairs contained in the pkg_info file.
PkgFormatError: if file is malformed, contains invalid keys, or does not
contain all required keys.
rtn = {}
if valid_keys is None:
valid_keys = VALID_KEYS
if required_keys is None:
required_keys = REQUIRED_KEYS
def parse_pkg_info_line(line, line_no):
if '=' not in line:
raise PkgFormatError('Invalid info line %s:%d' % (filename, line_no))
key, value = line.split('=', 1)
key = key.strip()
if key not in valid_keys:
raise PkgFormatError("Invalid key '%s' in info file %s:%d" %
(key, filename, line_no))
value = value.strip()
if value[0] == '(':
if value[-1] != ')':
raise PkgFormatError('Error parsing %s:%d: %s (%s)' %
(filename, line_no, key, value))
value = value[1:-1].split()
value = shlex.split(value)[0]
return (key, value)
def expand_vars(value, substitutions):
if isinstance(value, str):
return string.Template(value).substitute(substitutions)
return [string.Template(v).substitute(substitutions) for v in value]
for i, line in enumerate(contents.splitlines()):
if not line or line[0] == '#':
key, raw_value = parse_pkg_info_line(line, i + 1)
if key in rtn:
raise PkgFormatError('Error parsing %s:%d: duplicate key (%s)' %
(filename, i + 1, key))
rtn[key] = expand_vars(raw_value, rtn)
for required_key in required_keys:
if required_key not in rtn:
raise PkgFormatError("Required key '%s' missing from info file: '%s'" %
(required_key, filename))
return rtn
def parse_pkg_info_file(filename, valid_keys=None, required_keys=None):
"""Parse pkg_info from a file on disk."""
with open(filename) as f:
return parse_pkg_info(, filename, valid_keys, required_keys)