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This is a port of emacs to NaCl.
This is a work in progress, and builds but has not been tested yet. We are
using it to share progress on getting emacs up and running.
Current issues with this patch:
While compiling ECDIT.el, we run out of memory on an attempted realloc.
It may be that using gnu alloc is wrong, we should try system_malloc=yes in the
configure file. If that works, we can recomment in the compile-main target in
file-writable-p, file-exectuable-p, and others are failing because sel-ldr is
not yet implemented. There is a changelist to fix this, but it is still going
through review. Once that is fixed, we should remove the workarounds for
file-writable-p and friends.
All NaCl executables use the .nexe extension. The Emacs makefiles sometimes use
a ${EXEEXT} variable to name their executables, and sometimes they don't. I've
added it if a few places, we should upstream this change back to the emacs
NaCl's getenv call seems to return "" instead of NULL if an environment variable
is not set, but emacs exepcts a NULL, so I have patched the code in one place to
accept "" instead while the NaCl team investigates.
We are currently building with TOOLCHAIN=glibc make emacs to use glibc. We
should eventually move to newlib so this will work with pNaCl.
We have to build twice, the first build sometimes fails but makes something
that the second build needs. The build script is set up to do the double build
already, but we should remove this.
While looking for the leim files, the code was trying to recursively expand
".". To eliminate the infinite recursion, I added a check for "." and ".."
before allowing the code to recurse. We should also consider upstreaming this