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This directory contains headers and stubs needed to compile libraries with
extensive dependencies on Glibc, which couldn't be directly compiled with
newlib headers.
Code here is mostly taken from the newlib CVS (trunk from Sep 5 2012), see
and is BSD-licensed, so could be linked statically into differently
licensed programs. Some simple placeholders were written from scratch, and also
BSD-style licensed.
elf*.h is taken from the native_client/src/include
directory of Native Client with revisions to:
- Reduce unneeded dependencies
- Change top-relative includes to file-relative includes
- Add the Elf32_Dyn, Elf64_Dyn, and DT_* definitions
Some more contents are added to elf*.h from freebsd source tree
flock.c, fts.h, fts.c, err.h, err.c and timegm are pulled from freebsd 10.1 with
some modifications.