Contributing to

In order to contribute to this repo you must have signed the Google Contributor License Agreement and have an active account on Chromium's Gerrit Host.

Making edits to pages via the web

The site contains a fairly rudimentary in-page editor. To edit a page, click on the “Edit this Page” button in the left nav bar. That will take you to and open the page in the editor automatically.

You can edit the Markdown text directly, and, once you're ready to upload the change, if you you click on the “Create Change” box in the bottom right corner of the page, that will create a Gerrit CL for review. A builder will automatically run to build out a copy of the site containing your changes so that you can preview them.

Any current Chromium/ChromiumOS contributor (basically anyone with with try-job access or bug-editing privileges) can review CLs, but you also need OWNERS approval to land them.

This functionality is limited to just editing the text of existing pages, and there's not yet any way to preview the change before you upload it for review.

If you need to upload new images or other assets, or add new pages, or change multiple pages at once, or do anything else more complicated, keep reading ...

Making bigger changes using a local Git checkout

NOTE: If you have an existing Chromium or ChromiumOS checkout, you will hopefully soon have this repo DEPS'ed in in automatically.

  1. Install depot_tools:

    $ git clone
    $ export PATH=/path/to/depot_tools:$PATH
  2. Check out the repo and its dependencies:

    $ git clone
    $ cd website
    $ gclient sync


    $ fetch website
  3. Make your changes! Check out for guidelines.

  4. Build all of the static pages up-front to check for errors. The content will be built into //build by default.

    $ ./npmw build

    It should only take a few seconds to build out the website.

    (npmw is a simple wrapper around the version of npm that is bundled as part of this checkout.)

  5. Start a local web server to view the site. The server will (re-)generate the pages on the fly as needed if the input or conversion code changes. The content will be built into //build.

    $ ./npmw start
  6. Check in your changes and upload a CL to the Gerrit code review server.

    $ git commit -a -m 'whatever'
    $ git-cl upload

    If you are adding binary assets (images, etc.) to the site, you will need to upload them to the GCS bucket using //scripts/

  7. Get one of the //OWNERS to review your changes, and then submit the change via the commit queue.

    NOTE: If this is your first time contributing something to Chromium or ChromiumOS, please make sure you (or your company) has signed Google's Contributor License Agreement, as noted above, and also add yourself to the //AUTHORS file as part of your change.