(MOVED) Merged into src/platform2/tpm/; Chromium OS fork of https://android.googlesource.com/platform/system/tpm/

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  1. f59355b trunks: implement ManageCCDPwd cr50 command by Andrey Pronin · 10 months ago master
  2. 156f7da trunks: Extract RSA endorsement key from NVRAM by Igor · 10 months ago
  3. f4dd2fa attestation: add a command line switch to specify the VA servers by Yves Arrouye · 10 months ago factory-scarlet-10211.B
  4. 2853971 attestation: Support default and test Verified Access servers by Yves Arrouye · 11 months ago
  5. 38a7897 attestation: Use VPD cache. by Jorge Lucangeli Obes · 11 months ago firmware-fizz-10139.94.B firmware-fizz-10139.B release-R64-10176.B stabilize-10176.13.B stabilize-10176.47.B stabilize-10176.54.B stabilize-10176.58.B stabilize-10176.65.B
  6. 09f2956 tpm_manager: add option to disable pre-initialization by Andrey Pronin · 11 months ago factory-coral-10122.B
  7. 0223937 attestationd: support attestation-based enrollment by Marco Vanotti · 11 months ago
  8. 5a72fd1 attestationd: expose Hmac funcs in CryptoUtility. by Marco Vanotti · 12 months ago
  9. 82e91c9 Migrate from base::MakeUnique to std::make_unique. by Ben Chan · 12 months ago firmware-coral-10068.B
  10. 481cd9a trunks, tpm_manager: prepare for ownership earlier by Andrey Pronin · 12 months ago
  11. 6d58197 Replace testing::SetArgumentPointee with testing::SetArgPointee by Ben Chan · 12 months ago
  12. f675435 Support the test ACA through the service API rather than compile ifdef by Yves Arrouye · 1 year ago firmware-scribe-10045.B
  13. 8abfbae trunks: Only build libtrunks_test.a for test USE flag. by Daniel Erat · 1 year ago
  14. f5b51ca trunks: Stop background thread when exiting trunksd by Andrey Pronin · 1 year, 2 months ago stabilize-9901.35.B stabilize-9998.B
  15. 5f435c4 trunks_send: Add --u2f_cert option by Vincent Palatin · 1 year, 2 months ago
  16. 23da05d trunks_send: Add support for VENDOR_CC_POP_LOG_ENTRY by Shawn Nematbakhsh · 1 year, 2 months ago
  17. e70966c attestationd: fork before starting the daemon. by Marco Vanotti · 1 year, 3 months ago
  18. d02274e tpm_manager: Add proto printers for version info. by Mattias Nissler · 1 year, 4 months ago stabilize-9756.B stabilize-9765.39.B stabilize-9765.7.B
  19. a729103 trunks: fix power_manager tests to use generated mock by Eric Caruso · 1 year, 4 months ago stabilize-9693.B
  20. 7c315e7 trunks: update power_manager mock by Vincent Palatin · 1 year, 4 months ago