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Secure Shell (nassh)

Secure Shell (nassh) is a Chrome App that combines hterm with a NaCl build of OpenSSH to provide a PuTTY-like app for Chrome users.


You can install via the Chrome Web Store (CWS):


The chromium-hterm mailing list can be used to contact other users and developers for questions.

Our existing set of bugs/feature requests can be found at

To file an actual report, you can use This will route to the right people.


  • Authors -- List of people who have contributed
  • ChangeLog -- List of interesting changes in each release
  • Crosh (Chrome OS shell) -- Interactions with the crosh command on Chrome OS
  • FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
  • Fonts -- Fonts including Powerline symbols bundled with Secure Shell
  • Hacking -- Developing the Secure Shell source
  • Hardware keys -- Using smart cards and hardware tokens with Secure Shell
  • Options -- Secure Shell command line options
  • Processes -- Release processes and other mundane topics


This has only been tested with Chrome. We know the following is needed:

  • Native Client (NaCl)
  • Pepper Plugin API (PPAPI)
  • ECMAScript 2020