Authors & Maintainers & Contributors

This is part of the ChromiumOS project.

Please do not use this list to contact authors. We have a mailing list for discussions. See the file for details.


The current maintainers:

  • Rob Ginda <rginda@>: Original author and visionary extraordinaire
  • Mike Frysinger <vapier@>: Likes to throw things at the wall until they stick

The past maintainers:

  • Dmitry Polukhin <dpolukhin@>: NaCl OpenSSH port & integration


If you want to throw your name in here after having one of your CLs merged, feel free! If the work is a bit more significant, feel free to list that too.

The list is sorted alphabetically by last name.

  • Toni Barzic <tbarzic@>
  • David Benjamin <davidben@>
  • Brandon Gilmore <varz@>
  • Connor Hegarty <cjhegarty@>
  • Fabian Henneke SSH agent & OpenPGP card support
  • Joel Hockey <joelhockey@>
  • Nikolay Igotti <olonho@>
  • Mitchell McDermott <mcdermottm@>: SFTP mounting/integration
  • Renaud Paquay <rpaquay@>
  • Tyler Pirtle <rtp@>
  • Marius Schilder <mschilder@>
  • Rob Spies <wilford@>
  • Ben Smith <binji@>
  • Richard Woodbury <rpwoodbu@>: Mosh port.