1. 38735be  SVN changes up to revision 265800 by gitdeps - 73 seconds ago master
  2. 29f7e7c  Add telemetry tests to Android tester. by - 2 minutes ago git-svn
  3. 4aa727b  SVN changes up to revision 265795 by gitdeps - 19 minutes ago
  4. 63b99ff  Add to build components resources from grit. by - 20 minutes ago
  5. 55eb39d  Rename WiFiService::GetConnectedProperties into GetCurrentProperties to reflect the fact that current network associated with wlan interface may be not connected but transitioning on Windows. by - 20 minutes ago
  6. e3c4cc3  SVN changes up to revision 265792 by gitdeps - 21 minutes ago
  7. 2aa93ac  Updates to GCMClientImpl to use and update gservices settings. Triggering periodic checkin based on checkin interval. Adding ability to skip a periodic checkin when it would be too early. by - 22 minutes ago
  8. bbd4d1d  SVN changes up to revision 265791 by gitdeps - 25 minutes ago
  9. 3cd7e70  Change "percentage change" function and add comments/test for it. by - 26 minutes ago
  10. 4fa8805  SVN changes up to revision 265790 by gitdeps - 31 minutes ago
  11. 086b78d  Checked validity of status_widget before calling IsActive method. Rest of the code seem to suggest that we always check validity of status_area_widget() pointer before calling method on it. Also a specific comment in the code "status_area_widget() may be NULL during the shutdown." seems to suggest status_area_widget being NULL is expected. shelf_ could have been a possible culprit here, but before we reach this particular statment, we have already called methods on it, so possibility of status_area_widget() being culprit is more. This bug doesn't repro on my machine so have to go with guess work. by - 33 minutes ago
  12. ca3a5a2  SVN changes up to revision 265789 by gitdeps - 33 minutes ago
  13. 95f8a14  content: Use the non-deprecated 'blink_test_support' target. by - 34 minutes ago
  14. df71764  SVN changes up to revision 265788 by gitdeps - 34 minutes ago
  15. d5675fc  In non-CrOS guest mode, always consider guest profile's OTR session active by - 35 minutes ago
  16. a9718f5  SVN changes up to revision 265787 by gitdeps - 36 minutes ago
  17. 68547fc  Simplify DistillerPage and change API towards platform dependent code. by - 36 minutes ago
  18. b112e76  SVN changes up to revision 265786 by gitdeps - 38 minutes ago
  19. 890abcb  x11: Do an XFlush after XSendEvent. by - 39 minutes ago
  20. 9f865f5  SVN changes up to revision 265784 by gitdeps - 44 minutes ago