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  1. ebd04dc Refactor PepperPluginInstanceImpl to merge common full screen code. by thestig · 21 minutes ago master
  2. 486f3ed Revert "Views: Don't show throbber for very brief resource loads in tabs, post" by Scott Violet · 32 minutes ago
  3. e70fb95 Don't treat "default" as a CSS-wide keyword by Alan Cutter · 41 minutes ago
  4. 5a0231e [LayoutNG] Update FlagExpectations for LayoutNG by kojii · 44 minutes ago
  5. d8b6e8c DevTools: migrate inspector-protocol/dom tests to a new test runner by lushnikov · 62 minutes ago lkcr
  6. 6f4153b ui/views: remove test_ink_drop_delegate.* by Thiago Farina · 63 minutes ago
  7. 9f0da5d Revert "Include channel suffix in default user data directory on Linux." by Steve Kobes · 64 minutes ago
  8. 45a76b1 Revert "SW Servicification: Hook ScriptURLLoader only for script installation" by Makoto Shimazu · 74 minutes ago
  9. 038bd90 [Telemetry] Move smoothness.* benchmarks to story expectations. by rnephew · 2 hours ago
  10. dd68099 Removed RefPtr::Release. by bugsnash · 2 hours ago
  11. 2f7ff6f Include channel suffix in default user data directory on Linux. by Steve Kobes · 2 hours ago
  12. fb7689d Support moving pending requests from one DataUseRecorder to another by rajendrant · 2 hours ago
  13. fa77f79 Roll src/third_party/skia/ c908906f0..794475639 (1 commit) by · 2 hours ago
  14. ab62a8b Discard getDirectorySize request until the last one finishes. by tetsui · 2 hours ago
  15. 96e54d1 v4l2_vda: Change some verbose debug messages from VLOG(2) to DVLOG(3). by Owen Lin · 2 hours ago
  16. 9cb55ee Moving the release of moderate bindings to a listener. by Jay Civelli · 2 hours ago
  17. c629c15 Enable inert visual viewport by David Bokan · 2 hours ago
  18. 1fefb93 Move TextSelectionRepaintTest to core/paint by Sasha Bermeister · 2 hours ago
  19. 3c28d09 Modify the accessibility highlight manager to account for the text caret being drawn outside of the active window's bounds. by maajid · 2 hours ago
  20. 43b2753 Updating trunk VERSION from 3142.0 to 3143.0 by chrome-release-bot · 2 hours ago