1. 3d2e44f  Add a new gyp flag: fieldtrial_testing_like_official_build by danduong - 3 minutes ago master
  2. 33d5ef7  Report to safe browsing whether the user is opted into extended reporting. by jialiul - 14 minutes ago
  3. bac9a46  [MacViews] Deflake NativeWidgetMacTest.HideAndShowExternally. by jackhou - 21 minutes ago
  4. 31eb893  Revert of Reland: Implement and test task runners in RasterWorkerPool. (patchset #9 id:160001 of ) by dcastagna - 35 minutes ago
  5. a8f2bef  Disable testWebpageReplay to green the cros perf bots. by achuith - 38 minutes ago
  6. 721e3c0  Enable compilation of QUIC for (P)NaCl. by sergeyu - 40 minutes ago
  7. a2b58d7  Revert "Temporarily add a finish counter to be sure finishes are completed." by dyen - 40 minutes ago
  8. f11b884  Update Media Router header text size. by apacible - 53 minutes ago
  9. 419d43a  GN: Add missing dependency for wm_unittests on ui_test_pak by agrieve - 53 minutes ago
  10. c929452  Add link to OSX's diagnostic tool on error page. by mmenke - 53 minutes ago
  11. a820d06  [Chromecast] Add missing #includes. by kmackay - 60 minutes ago
  12. e6e9521  Moved the cross-project parts of trace_event.h to trace_event_common.h by oysteine - 68 minutes ago
  13. ed9ea9a  CFI: Enable stack traces in renderer process in non-official CFI builds. by pcc - 88 minutes ago lkcr
  14. d7d0894  Export CustomTabsConnectionService in all channels by yusufo - 2 hours ago
  15. 45effdc  Make LatencyInfo to be class by miletus - 2 hours ago
  16. cbb29c5  roll libyuv from r1450 to r1459. by fbarchard - 2 hours ago
  17. acd65ab  Support Android x86 ASan build. by ochang - 2 hours ago
  18. 3cdebaa  cleanup manifest for CRD app by sergeyu - 2 hours ago
  19. 6526c20  Reland: Implement and test task runners in RasterWorkerPool. by dcastagna - 2 hours ago
  20. 67b3d8a  Add mac_chromium_10.10_rel_ng to CQ by smut - 3 hours ago