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  1. 98acdea Avoid recalculating native role in AXNodeObject::CanHaveChildren by Dominic Mazzoni · 35 seconds ago master
  2. 537f3a3 Roll src/third_party/angle 3fd614d06e50..6e5bf36ff50f (2 commits) by angle-chromium-autoroll · 39 seconds ago
  3. 4ade940 [CrOS MultiDevice] Prepare settings UI infrastrcture for feature data. by Jordy Greenblatt · 2 minutes ago
  4. d657045 Omnibox: Move Query in Omnibox feature flag to Desktop+Android by Tommy C. Li · 8 minutes ago
  5. 20f4060 Roll src/third_party/pdfium 3e360453cded..5f4cd74d2693 (1 commits) by pdfium-chromium-autoroll · 8 minutes ago

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