Memory leaks during re-creating NaCl modules

This patch fixes one of three memory leaks found when page reloads
NaCl module(s).

In PepperPluginInstanceImpl ctor
FrameHostMsg_DidCreateInProcessInstance message is sent to browser
process, however message FrameHostMsg_DidDeleteInProcessInstance
isn't sent from dtor.  This is because PepperPluginInstanceImpl
is created for unproxied module and later reinitialized as proxied
one, which causes that
PepperBrowserConnection::DidCreateInProcessInstance method is
called in PepperPluginInstanceImpl ctor, however
PepperBrowserConnection::DidDeleteInProcessInstance isn't called in
PepperPluginInstanceImpl dtor.

Bug: 922925
Change-Id: Ifb80108a99f591e7d30ec8013e94cef6d176eca3
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