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Baseline Profiles

This directory contains Human Readable Format (HRF) baseline profiles. Googlers: see go/baseline-profiles-in-chrome for more details about how this is going to be used.

What are baseline profiles?

These are basically the successor/sibling of android cloud profiles where a list of classes and methods are marked as (startup, hot, etc.) hinting at the ART to precompile certain parts of the dex rather than JIT for performance reasons. See for more details.

What are HRF profiles?

HRF or Human Readable Format profiles is a text file containing methods and classes of your app alongside flags (startup, hot, etc). This is fairly stable across small code changes and thus can be committed to the repo/cipd. Using the macrobenchmark library you can get an HRF profile for your app. The ART can't use this though and it must be converted to a binary profile which is then shipped with your apk/bundle.