Enable more tests on the cros memory bots.

Enable views_mus_unittests on both lsan/asan and on msan, it should pass now.

Enable ozone_unittests and wayland_client_perftests on just msan
(they don't pass on lsan/asan yet).

With this, linux_chromeos_rel_specific_gtests_asan_bringup is identical to
linux_chromeos_rel_specific_gtests and can be removed, and because of _that_,
chromium_memory_chromiumos_asan_gtests is identical to linux_chromeos_rel_gtests
and can also be removed.

As a consequence, tests added to the cros rel bots will be added to the
memory bots automatically going forward.


Bug: 843511
Bug: 855580,855588,855584,855585,855583
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