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  1. e1031be Import wpt@079f031924c84818c689349d0c45fbf3c7833ba8 by Blink W3C Test Autoroller · 3 minutes ago master
  2. c4a2a0c Roll src/third_party/skia/ a3bdd44af..cf3f2347c (1 commit) by · 4 minutes ago
  3. 5807cbe [Web Payments] Refactor sheet display to allow updating view content by anthonyvd · 5 minutes ago
  4. 9aac56e [Prerender] Remove the "wash" origin in prerender histograms by droger · 7 minutes ago
  5. 82a6458 Make the chrome://signin-error accessiable by the incogtino System Profile. by zmin · 8 minutes ago
  6. e668cab Roll breakpad 67a2f50:47e5173 by Gordana.Cmiljanovic · 10 minutes ago
  7. 0203b9a [ios] Moves CommandDispatcher to ios/shared and adds it to Browser. by rohitrao · 12 minutes ago
  8. 774ad62 Updating the script to include sizes and resource sizes benchmarks by Ashley Enstad · 17 minutes ago
  9. f942ba0 Use SameDocument instead of SamePage term for extensions. by eugenebut · 20 minutes ago
  10. 79ddf99 Add a ShapeResultBloberizer test for mixed rotations by fmalita · 23 minutes ago
  11. ba244ac Share precompiled header setup for blink between Windows and Mac. by matthewtff · 24 minutes ago
  12. 715e56aa Fix comment in histogram_functions. by sebsg · 27 minutes ago
  13. de6f0d1 Fix PointerLockBrowserTest on Mac. by lfg · 32 minutes ago
  14. cfae8b4 Auto-rebaseline for r459407 by Rebaseline Bot · 34 minutes ago
  15. e78e296 Remove rtree construction for display list canvas by enne · 47 minutes ago
  16. ac4f2ee Remove disable warnings compile flag in safebrowsing component, and fix some type win64 type errors that were found. by lpz · 52 minutes ago
  17. 34e2009 [InputEvent] Allow transpose and yank in plain-text field by chongz · 57 minutes ago
  18. fad633b Optimize the speed of array iteration in Audit by hongchan · 63 minutes ago
  19. d681296 Ensure VR UI does not miss controller button clicks by cjgrant · 77 minutes ago
  20. c48f653 Block 'ftp:' subresource requests from non-'ftp:' pages. by mkwst · 78 minutes ago