Roll src/third_party/webrtc 852bffb6063a..ce9281794f88 (73 commits)

git log 852bffb6063a..ce9281794f88 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-04-25 Split test:test_common source set
2019-04-25 Reland "Delete deprecated variant of VideoDecoder::Decode"
2019-04-25 Roll chromium_revision b204c4dd1d..79fba5843c (653806:653914)
2019-04-24 Roll chromium_revision 0fabc5d871..b204c4dd1d (653690:653806)
2019-04-24 Extending UsagePattern and private IP addresses.
2019-04-24 Roll chromium_revision e58e865ec2..0fabc5d871 (653566:653690)
2019-04-24 Remove packets from RtpPacketHistory if acked via TransportFeedback
2019-04-24 Add ability to cap the video jitter estimate to a max value.
2019-04-24 Make the event log visualizer chart proto publicly visible.
2019-04-24 Revert "Improving robustness of feedback matching code in event log parser."
2019-04-24 Roll chromium_revision 8ef32b65bc..e58e865ec2 (653455:653566)
2019-04-24 Move frame_type member from RtpDepacketizer::ParsedPayload to RTPVideoHeader
2019-04-24 Improving robustness of feedback matching code in event log parser.
2019-04-24 Fix dangling pointers issue in LibvpxVp8Encoder::Encode()
2019-04-24 Revert "Copy video frames metadata between encoded and plain frames in one place"
2019-04-24 Avoid unnecessary rescaling in LibvpxVp8Encoder::Encode
2019-04-24 Expand video frame metadata cache
2019-04-24 Delete unused class FileStream
2019-04-24 Fix Screensharing extension build.
2019-04-24 Remove deprecated method from video decoder interface.
2019-04-24 Fix reporting of metrics when there is no video in the test.
2019-04-24 Small change to LibvpxVp8Encoder::Release
2019-04-24 Remove unused temporary fallback methods
2019-04-24 AEC3: do not wait for the filter convergence flag when the stationarity init flag is set.
2019-04-24 Handle event log parsing errors without crashing.
2019-04-24 AEC3: Stationary init: fixing a typo when reading the json configuration
2019-04-24 Roll chromium_revision 160e728840..8ef32b65bc (653353:653455)
2019-04-23 Roll chromium_revision 8865ee3843..160e728840 (653230:653353)
2019-04-23 Factor out the fake port allocator in build.
2019-04-23 Roll chromium_revision da41fa9f92..8865ee3843 (653109:653230)
2019-04-23 Followup to Rename "UpdateLayerConfig" to "NextFrameConfig"
2019-04-23 Removing from WATCHLIST and OWNERS
2019-04-23 Copy video frames metadata between encoded and plain frames in one place
2019-04-23 Removes unused factories and constructor from FrameGeneratorCapturer.
2019-04-23 Parse color space only in last packet of key frame
2019-04-23 Removing myself from 'audio_processing' WATCHLIST.
2019-04-23 'Fixing' a few TODOs by removing them.
2019-04-23 AEC3: Corrected the reading/creation of the json parameter file
2019-04-23 Revert "Delete deprecated variant of VideoDecoder::Decode"
2019-04-23 Delete deprecated variant of VideoDecoder::Decode
2019-04-23 Update test::CreateVideoStreams to use the configured min bitrate if set.
2019-04-23 Never match a decoded frame with a smaller capture.
2019-04-23 Add Vp8FrameConfig::IntraFrame()
2019-04-23 Add RTP sequence number to TransportFeedbackObserver::AddPacket()
2019-04-23 Use explicit TaskQueueFactory for FrameGeneratorCapturer in test/pc/e2e
2019-04-23 Fix potential crash in FrameBuffer::IsCompleteSuperFrame
2019-04-23 Only process cross traffic simulation if added.
2019-04-23 Roll chromium_revision cd9b5ac293..da41fa9f92 (652221:653109)
2019-04-23 Write VP9 RTP SS on key frames of each independently coded spatial layer.
2019-04-23 Revert "Reland "Refactoring DataContentDescription class""
2019-04-23 Allow injection of network controller factory in objc.
2019-04-23 Delete vcm::VideoReceiver methods Delay and SetRenderDelay.
2019-04-23 Remove logging of metrics no longer relevant for AEC2 usage (UMA).
2019-04-23 Reland "Refactoring DataContentDescription class"
2019-04-19 Add ICC profile to DesktopFrame
2019-04-19 Avoid a frame copy in WindowCapturerMac
2019-04-18 Use explicit TaskQueueFactory for FrameGeneratorCapturer in FrameGeneratorCapturerVideoTrackSource
2019-04-18 Reland "Surface ICE candidates that match an updated candidate filter."
2019-04-18 Roll chromium_revision f2865fd3af..cd9b5ac293 (652050:652221)
2019-04-18 Remove SetLatency/GetLatency from MediaSourceInterface API level
2019-04-18 Use explicit TaskQueueFactory for FrameGeneratorCapturer in BitrateEstimatorTest.
2019-04-18 Use explicit TaskQueueFactory for FrameGeneratorCapturer in video/ tests
2019-04-18 Ignore duplicate sent packets in TransportFeedbackAdapter
2019-04-18 Fix compilation of video_replay.
2019-04-18 Use explicit TaskQueueFactory for FrameGeneratorCapturer in CallTest.
2019-04-18 Allow injection of network controller factory in Java.
2019-04-18 Add API to get raw stats value from DefaultAudioQualityAnalyzer
2019-04-18 Delete left-over call to RegisterPacketRequestCallback
2019-04-18 Add frame_type getter and setter to RtpDepacketizer::ParsedPayload
2019-04-18 Cleanup in NetworkEmulationManager
2019-04-18 Inject network state predictor into video quality test.
2019-04-18 Delete method DecodedImageCallback::ReceivedDecodedReferenceFrame
2019-04-18 Roll chromium_revision 14d9f48eb3..f2865fd3af (651940:652050)

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