Revert "[BlinkGenPropertyTrees] Promote BGPT to experimental"

This reverts commit 4e8eb7fbb5ada77093c526013db61d2c438ca24d.

Reason for revert: Causes crashes, see 898668

Original change's description:
> [BlinkGenPropertyTrees] Promote BGPT to experimental
> BlinkGenPropertyTrees (BGPT) is an incremental step towards making
> compositing decisions after the paint lifecycle phase. The primary
> changes are to build property trees in blink and send a layer list to
> the compositor, rather than building property trees in cc from a layer
> tree. This patch marks the project as experimental which will give us
> test and perf coverage on the bots.
> Sheriffs: This shifts time (e.g., we now run PaintArtifactCompositor
> and no longer run the cc property tree builder) and will likely change
> performance benchmarks. Because this is an initial trial, feel free to
> roll this patch out.
> Bug: 836884
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# Not skipping CQ checks because original CL landed > 1 day ago.

Bug: 836884, 898668
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Reviewed-by: Xianzhu Wang <>
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