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  1. DEPS
  4. ash_components_strings.grd
  5. autoclick/
  6. cursor/
  7. fast_ink/
  8. ink/
  9. quick_launch/
  10. resources/
  11. shortcut_viewer/
  12. shortcut_viewer_strings.grdp
  13. strings/
  14. tap_visualizer/


This directory is for medium-sized UI “components” or “modules” or “mini-apps” that run on Chrome OS. In the long term, some of these mini-apps may become their own mojo applications and run independently, instead of as part of the browser or as part of ash.

Generally these mini-apps depend on //base, //chromeos, //ui and low-level components like //components/prefs.

Code here should not depend on //ash, except for the public mojo IPC interfaces in //ash/public. Likewise, //ash should not depend on these components, except for possibly for a header that allows launching the mini-app.

If the mini-app contains webui it might depend on //content, but in general //content dependencies should be avoided.

Code in //ash/components/foo should be in “namespace foo” not “namespace ash”.

//ash is only used on Chrome OS. If a component is used on other platforms the code should move to //components.