[sync] Fix crash due to rare corrupt bookmark data

This guards that GUID-inferring logic against incoming data that is
considered corrupt: the case where an incoming bookmark has a client tag
hash (which means it was created with a GUID) and yet the update
includes no GUID in specifics. This means the GUID was cleared out by
some old client, which is problematic and something that the server
should likely refuse to do.

For these cases, the GUID cannot be actually inferred and hence the
update should be ignored.

On top of that, to be cautious about users that already ran into this
state, the patch introduces a quirk to best-effort infer the GUID by
other means, if the bookmark was already tracked locally. This logic
is introduced merely to avoid a regression, because although some users
do run into crashes, the previous implementation may sometimes just fix
the data corruption by issuing a commit (due to implementation

Change-Id: I80b072aa41f17111ab2b4c5c95d09a9d0285059f
Bug: 1231450
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