Improvements in FlexLayout "stretch" cross-axis alignment handling.

Previously, a child view with a very large cross-axis size would cause
a layout with cross-axis alignment set to "stretch" to become larger, so
child views would be stretched to a size larger than the host view,
cutting off the trailing end of the child views.

Now, when the cross-axis alignment is set to stretch and a cross-axis
size is specified, the layout will be exactly that large in the
cross-axis dimension. The only exception is if a minimum cross-axis size
is specified, or the interior margines would be too large to fit in the
available space.

Vertical layout with cross-axis set to stretch.
Host view width = 100.
Two child views, one with a width of 120, the other with a width of 50.

In the old behavior, the first child would force the layout to 120 DIPs
and both views would stretch to that size.
| Host view         |
|| Child view 1          |
|| Child view 2          |

In the new behavior, the layout would be forced to fit in exactly the
size of the host view, setting them both to 100 DIPs.
| Host view         |
|| Child view 1    ||
|| Child view 2    ||

In nearly all cases, this second behavior is the intended one when
stretch is specified, hence the change.

Still to do: properly handle GetHeightForWidth() in this case, but that
only affects vertical layouts with multiline text and so far there are
no known examples using FlexLayout.

Bug: 930500

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