Crypto Histograms must be executed after the deriveBits operation

In r1227708 we have added use counters to measure the usage of the
deriveBits's 'length' parameter with 2 specific values. The counter to
detect non-zero truncation should be executed after the deriveBits
operation is completed, since only then we can know the size of the
derived key and whether the length's parameter value implies that the
key is being truncated.

In r1227708 we executed the counters just after calling Blink's platform
WebCryptoImpl::DeriveBits method, which is asynchronous. Hence, we were
checking for the warning before we actually set it in the WebCrypto
component's code.

This CL moves the call to the WebCryptoImpl::DoDeriveBitsReply func,
invoked as an async post-task. This changes requires to declare the
HistogramDeriveBitsTruncation function in the Blink public platform
as an exported symbol, so that it could be invoked from the webcrypto

Bug: 1439774
Change-Id: I510e4bb9d35ed38da573bedb2e62ad35eebc6a89
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