[linux] Extended the lifetime of the ozone-platform-hint flag.

The flag was originally set to expire at M100.  We extrapolated that the
Wayland platform may be released around that milestone, and we may have
implemented some stable way in the UI to select the platform and remove
the flags that is temporary.

M100 is coming already, but the Wayland platform is not yet released, so
this patch extends the lifetime of the flag for a few release cycles, to

(cherry picked from commit 6a9b81bddd3db053a2155fbb97d9170a5a670037)

Bug: 1246928
Change-Id: I039d26d8cfb4171156c475150fac034ec637b913
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1 file changed
tree: 121e4422e34e95ce05aa358274924a03c5ecd71b
  1. android_webview/
  2. apps/
  3. ash/
  4. base/
  5. build/
  6. build_overrides/
  7. buildtools/
  8. cc/
  9. chrome/
  10. chromecast/
  11. chromeos/
  12. cloud_print/
  13. codelabs/
  14. components/
  15. content/
  16. courgette/
  17. crypto/
  18. dbus/
  19. device/
  20. docs/
  21. extensions/
  22. fuchsia/
  23. gin/
  24. google_apis/
  25. google_update/
  26. gpu/
  27. headless/
  28. infra/
  29. ios/
  30. ipc/
  31. media/
  32. mojo/
  33. native_client_sdk/
  34. net/
  35. pdf/
  36. ppapi/
  37. printing/
  38. remoting/
  39. rlz/
  40. sandbox/
  41. services/
  42. skia/
  43. sql/
  44. storage/
  45. styleguide/
  46. testing/
  47. third_party/
  48. tools/
  49. ui/
  50. url/
  51. weblayer/
  52. .clang-format
  53. .clang-tidy
  54. .eslintrc.js
  55. .git-blame-ignore-revs
  56. .gitattributes
  57. .gitignore
  58. .gn
  59. .mailmap
  60. .rustfmt.toml
  61. .vpython
  62. .vpython3
  63. .yapfignore
  65. BUILD.gn
  67. codereview.settings
  68. DEPS
  72. LICENSE.chromium_os
  73. OWNERS
  74. PRESUBMIT.py
  75. PRESUBMIT_test.py
  76. PRESUBMIT_test_mocks.py
  77. README.md

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