Omnibox: Steady State Elisions - Stop abusing user_input_in_progress.

Currently, when Steady State Elisions is on, and the user unelides the
URL, we put the full URL into the user text.

This was convenient, but has some unintended consequences. Namely:

 1) user_input_in_progress() as a boolean state becomes confusing, as
    sometimes it means the user has edited the URL, and sometimes it
    means the the user has merely unelided the URL.

 2) Consequently, in many places in the code, we check if user input in
    progress AND if the user has meaningfully edited the URL away from
    the full URL text.

 3) That's not obvious to non-omnibox owners, so it creates bugs like
    the one linked below.

This CL changes how unelision works so it only updates the View's text
and leaves the model's user-text alone. It no longer sets
user_input_in_progress to true for mere unelision.

This allows us to clean up fair number of callsites and puts the nail
in the coffin for the below linked bug too.

Bug: 921777
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