Let Android port access properly sized images

Depends on assets in http://crrev.com/15136005, which had to be separated because of the trybots.

With the way things are currently set up, Chrome on Android can't access properly
sized image resources:
* The APK only packages the mostly unused 100% resources (none of
  the larger 200% assets)
* The bitmaps don't scale properly when they're converted to Java bitmaps because
  the Java code knows nothing about the resource's expected dimensions on different
* The Chromium resource loading system doesn't allow us to take advantage of
  Android's resource loading schemes (drawable directories for different screen
  sizes, RTL support, etc.).

Instead of #ifdefing out practically everything in the theme_resources.grd file,
this CL introduces a map between the chromium resource IDs and Android drawables,
allowing us to load up the correctly sized Android assets.

The template system is bootstrapped with the InfoBar and WebsiteSettingsUI icon


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