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$ git log 8eb45e950..63d0bc4ae --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-05-14 wub gfe-relnote: (n/a) Delete two unused member variables from QuicCryptoServerStream. Not protected.
2019-05-14 fayang gfe-relnote: In QUIC, change string to std::string for detailed_error.
2019-05-14 fayang gfe-relnote: Allow GFE to perform initial cwnd up and down experiment. Protected by --gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_gfe_selected_initial_cwnd_experiments.
2019-05-13 zhongyi Rename ToDebugValue to ToDebuggingValue() for QuicBandwidth and QuicTime::Delta. This change will make all the logging methods have a consistent name.
2019-05-13 renjietang Skip static streams when destructing QuicSpdySession.
2019-05-13 renjietang Refactor QuicSession to allow subclasses to do their own thing on pending streams.
2019-05-13 quiche-dev QRTP: Implement Datagram Transport
2019-05-13 nharper Don't use a flow controller for QuicCryptoStream when it uses CRYPTO frames
2019-05-13 nharper gfe-relnote: Allow sending CRYPTO frames without full padding. Protected by QUIC_VERSION_99
2019-05-13 nharper gfe-relnote: Delete some dead Token Binding code in QUIC. Not flag protected
2019-05-13 wub gfe-relnote: (n/a) Remove the stateless reject variants from quic/core/http:end_to_end_test.
2019-05-13 dschinazi Deprecate gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_use_new_append_connection_id
2019-05-13 fayang gfe-relnote: In QUIC, do not use framer object in QuicDispatcher. Protected by gfe2_restart_flag_quic_no_framer_object_in_dispatcher.
2019-05-13 wub gfe-relnote: (n/a) Delete some functions from QuicCryptoServerStream and tests that uses those function. Not protected.
2019-05-13 ianswett Add more logging to the QUIC_BUG when no decrypter is available.
2019-05-13 fayang gfe-relnote: In QUIC, use 2 burst tokens in bootstrapping experiment, protected by gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_conservative_bursts.
2019-05-11 quiche-dev wdith -> width typo fix on java, cc, proto
2019-05-10 rch gfe-relnote: Deprecate --gfe2_reloadable_flag_quic_enable_version_43
2019-05-10 quiche-dev gfe-relnote: Construct QuicMemSliceSpans from a QuicMemSlices without copies.
2019-05-10 wub gfe-relnote: (n/a) Add QuicBandwidth::IsInfinite(). Not used yet.

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