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libcurl_on_cronet - libcurl wrapper on Cronet native API

The libcurl_on_cronet library is a C++ wrapper library implemented via the Cronet Native C API, providing synchronous behavior for URL requests using the Chrome Network Stack. It uses the libcurl-easy C89 interface, the subset of libcurl's C API that supports synchronous URL transfers, and is implemented in C++ 14.


The Cronet library provides a cross-platform Native API on top of the Chrome Network Stack, making it possible to use advanced protocols that would otherwise be difficult for an application to implement from scratch. The base asynchronous API offered by Cronet requires little overhead on top of the Chrome Network Stack, optimizing performance. However, it is non-trivial to get started using it for URL transfers, as it requires implementation of asynchronous components such as executors and callbacks regardless of whether the consuming application has or supports asynchronous, multithreaded behavior.

To lower the bar for trying out Cronet, this library supports synchronous URL requests by implementing the underlying details required by the base asynchronous API. It defines a minimally functional executor and callback and handles management of the Cronet Engine and UrlRequest objects, supporting a subset of the configuration options available in the libcurl-easy API. This allows developers who are already familiar with libcurl to more easily try out Cronet, without having to initially learn a new interface and its corresponding workflow.

Command Line Tool

There are also plans to develop a command line tool that can invoke a subset of the implemented API functions in the terminal. This would aid in debugging networking issues or test the functionality of the Chrome Network Stack in an easily reproducible manner, acting as a lightweight end-to-end integration test of the stack without the bulk of the rest of the Chromium browser. With a simpler binary it would be easier to narrow down the possible points of failure and pinpoint the root cause of a specific networking issue.

This tool uses the same command line flags as the curl command supported by libcurl, supporting only a smaller subset of curl's available options. This smaller binary would be easier to debug and maintain while still maintaining a sense of familiarity, allowing for easy compatibility with the “copy as cURL” Chromium devtools feature.

This library is currently in active development.


TODO(michelleroxas): Add more description to this as the project details become more fleshed out.