Run some tests on win10_chromium_x64_rel_ng

This CL is preparation to migrate webkit_layout_tests to
I will enable webkit_layout_tests in later CL.

Also I think it is good to run the same set of tests with win7-rel on
win10_chromium_x64_rel_ng builder as far as possible if there is no
specific reason we don't want to do.

This CL adds following tests.
* blink_python_tests
* chromedriver_replay_unittests
* components_perftests
* content_shell_crash_test
* flatbuffers_unittests
* metrics_python_tests
* telemetry_gpu_unittests
* views_perftests

But currently, following tests are removed because some tests cases
fail on win10_chromium_x64_rel_ng
* telemetry_perf_unittests
* telemetry_unittests

Bug: 950584
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