Revert "[BrowserSwitcher] Build BHO for both bitnesses"

This reverts commit 6c3a34bfc2030ffd304c54f5cb96d234622ef389.

Reason for revert: It broke some builds with:
The file:
is listed as an input or source for the target:
but no targets in the build generate that file.
See for instance

and the comment in the bug.

Original change's description:
> [BrowserSwitcher] Build BHO for both bitnesses
> To do so, this CL also adds support for the x86 toolchain in an x64
> build.
> Instead of generating one DLL, we now generate 2 DLLs in the root
> out-dir:
> - browser_switcher_bho.dll (x86)
> - browser_switcher_bho_64.dll (x64)
> The one that is cross-built (i.e. bitness doesn't match the host) is
> built in a sub-directory, and then copied to the root out-dir.
> Bug: 952897
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Bug: 952897
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