Ignore <input> and <textarea>'s user-select styling

The CSS spec says that user-select does "selective inheritance",
see https://drafts.csswg.org/css-ui-4/#propdef-user-select.

<input> and <textarea> are two elements that are affected
by this. These elements should not inherit user-select from
parent elements.

Fixed problem:
<input|textarea readonly|disabled> could inherit
"user-select: none".

This regressed because
removed input|textarea's default user-select styling.

Make all text controls always selectable. This is done in

Interoperability note:
<input readonly style="user-select: none"
value="Chrome 61 cannot select this.">. This CL fixes
this by ensuring that all text fields (i.e also readonly fields)
are always selectable (no matter user-select styling).

In other words, <input> and <input readonly> now behave in
the same way (both always allow selections) which aligns
us with Firefox and Edge.

BUG=761433, 764316

(cherry picked from commit ba7c210328c00a6693ddc5da6504f8520bb3bdc2)

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