Revert "Update PWA frame color to match HTML theme-color meta tag"

This reverts commit ea67b57d05efdf10e6aadae6776cc0f428d0991a.

Reason for revert:

Findit ( identified CL at revision 639842 as the
culprit for flakes in the build cycles as shown on:

Sample Failed Build:

Sample Failed Step: browser_tests on (none) GPU on Mac

Sample Flaky Test: BrowserNonClientFrameViewBrowserTest.HTMLMetaThemeColorOverridesManifest

Original change's description:
> Update PWA frame color to match HTML theme-color meta tag
> This CL updates PWA windows to use the HTML theme-color meta tag
> as the frame color over the manifest's theme_color.
> This is in line with the Web App Manifest spec text:
> Before:
> After:
> Bug: 872121
> Change-Id: Ib431f7b7612c5167cde2489f0263240747d8d50d
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> Auto-Submit: Alan Cutter <>
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Change-Id: I534ff44a84967d528ecd5b8b6f24622d9fb51ea7
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Bug: 872121
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