Revert "Share one GLContext for all RasterDecoder when virtual context is used."

This reverts commit 1808a743048d147521eaffb386dc9f29b4ecae0e.

Reason for revert: Null-dereference READ in gpu::gles2::ContextState::api

Original change's description:
> Share one GLContext for all RasterDecoder when virtual context is used.
> With this CL, we will create a GLContextVirtual in RasterDecoderContextState,
> and share it with all raster decoders, display compositoer, etc. It is a
> temporary solution. In follow up CLs, we will share the one GLContext with
> GLES2 as well. In that case, we will use GLContext directly instead of
> GLContextVirtual.
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> Bug: 902904
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