Clear network state only when REMOVE_CACHE is set, not unconditionally

Previously, network state like HSTS data was cleared whenever
BrowsingDataRemover::Remove() was called. Some archaeology
( reveals that the original
intention was to clear this state when REMOVE_CACHE was set, but due to
a curly brace mishap, we've been clearing it over-aggressively for

When I changed this behavior to remove network state only when
REMOVE_CACHE is set, it revealed that a number of tests are relying on
state being asynchronously cleared. This is no longer the case, as for
example when only REMOVE_DOWNLOADS is set. This CL fixes that by calling
NotifyIfDone() at the end of RemoveImpl(), to catch cases where no state
is being wiped asynchronously. This is a little weird since download
removal does appear to be async -- but it matches the documentation of
BrowsingDataRemover::Observer, which says that the observer fires when
"keywords have been deleted, cache cleared and all other tasks


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