Avoid shadowing UNKNOWN (defined in both quic and ftp)

If you include both net/ftp/ftp_directory_listing_parser.h and
net/quic/quic_chromium_client_session.h you get an error
about an UNKNOWN shadowing another UNKNOWN. I don't think this
is a new problem but something we got with a new clang version.

This renames the net::UNKNOWN to net::UNKNOWN_CAUSE so that
net::FtpDirectoryListingEntry::UNKNOWN and other unknown
UNKNOWNs can stay.

net/ftp/ftp_directory_listing_parser.h:21:5: error: declaration shadows a variable in namespace 'net' [-Werror,-Wshadow]
net/quic/quic_chromium_client_session.h:83:3: note: previous declaration is here
1 error generated.


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