[iOS] Add -i option to iossim to use simctl instead of xcodebuild

For simple cases, such as running a simple test/debugging script with d8, using
-i is an order of magnitude faster than the default behavior using xcodebuild.
This is not the default, as this option does not support xctest, which our unit
tests rely on, but this can be useful for development.
Also use base::SysNSStringToUTF8() instead of UTF8String to appease git cl

co-author: Gyuyoung Kim <gyuyoung@igalia.com>, who did an early rebase of his
recent changes over this cl, which has been partly used when rebasing this.

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  1. android_webview/
  2. apps/
  3. ash/
  4. base/
  5. build/
  6. build_overrides/
  7. buildtools/
  8. cc/
  9. chrome/
  10. chromecast/
  11. chromeos/
  12. codelabs/
  13. components/
  14. content/
  15. courgette/
  16. crypto/
  17. dbus/
  18. device/
  19. docs/
  20. extensions/
  21. fuchsia_web/
  22. gin/
  23. google_apis/
  24. google_update/
  25. gpu/
  26. headless/
  27. infra/
  28. ios/
  29. ipc/
  30. media/
  31. mojo/
  32. native_client_sdk/
  33. net/
  34. pdf/
  35. ppapi/
  36. printing/
  37. remoting/
  38. rlz/
  39. sandbox/
  40. services/
  41. skia/
  42. sql/
  43. storage/
  44. styleguide/
  45. testing/
  46. third_party/
  47. tools/
  48. ui/
  49. url/
  50. webkit/
  51. .clang-format
  52. .clang-tidy
  53. .eslintrc.js
  54. .git-blame-ignore-revs
  55. .gitattributes
  56. .gitignore
  57. .gitmodules
  58. .gn
  59. .mailmap
  60. .rustfmt.toml
  61. .vpython3
  62. .yapfignore
  65. BUILD.gn
  67. codereview.settings
  68. DEPS
  71. LICENSE.chromium_os
  72. OWNERS
  73. PRESUBMIT.py
  74. PRESUBMIT_test.py
  75. PRESUBMIT_test_mocks.py
  76. README.md

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