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  3. annotations.xml

Network Traffic Annotations List

This file describes the tools/traffic_annotation/summary/annotations.xml. Please see docs/ for an introduction to network traffic annotations.

Content Description

annotations.xml includes the summary of all network traffic annotations in Chromium repository. The following items are stored for each annotation :

  • id: Unique ID of the annotation.
  • hash_code: Hash code of the unique id of the annotation. These values are used in the binary as annotation tags.
  • type: Type of the annotation (complete, partial, ...). Uses enum values of AnnotationInstance in tools/traffic_annotation/auditor/instance.h.
  • content_hash_code: Hash code of the annotation content. This value is stored to check when an annotation is modified.
  • os_list: List of all platforms on which this annotation exists. Currently only including linux and windows.
  • file_path: The file path of the annotation.
  • reserved: Reserverd annotations (like annotation for test files) have this attribute. If annotation is a reserverd one, it does not have content_hash_code and file_path attributes.
  • deprecated: Once an annotation is removed from the repository, this attribute is added to its item with value equal to the deprecation date, and os_list and file_path attributes are removed. These items can be manually or automatically pruned after sufficient time. Unique id of deprecated annotations cannot be reused.

How to Generate/Update.

Run traffic_annotation_auditor to check for annotations correctness and automatic update. There are also trybots on Linux and Windows to run the tests and suggest required updates. The latest executable of traffic_annotation_auditor for supported platforms can be found in tools/traffic_annotation/bin/[platform].