Revert "Make browser process own RenderView."

This reverts commit 55bc919aff4f9d30d03090859321050557407e85.

Reason for revert: Suspected cause of

Since this changes the ownership of RenderWidget and the newly flaky
test (which started failing on MSAN 1 build after this landed) has a
use-after-free in RenderWidget, I am suspecting this CL.

Original change's description:
> Make browser process own RenderView.
> Historically, RenderView and RenderWidget were 1:1, and their lifetimes were
> entwined.
> 1) RenderViewHost would create the RenderView.
> 2) RenderView would create a RenderWidget and pass ownership of itself to the
> RenderWidget.
> 3) RenderViewHost's destructor would destroy the RenderWidget, thus destroying
> the RenderView
> We want the lifetime of RenderView and RenderWidget to be decoupled. The first
> step of this is making RenderView explicitly owned by the browser. This means
> that instead of (3), RenderViewHost's destructor will destroy the RenderView,
> which will in turn destroy the RenderWidget.
> One subtlety is that prior to this CL, RenderWidget was always destroyed
> asynchronously. The original reason for supporting this -- dealing with
> re-entrancy from nested message loops -- is no longer applicable. The IPC that
> destroys RenderWidget is asynchronous, which means it can never be called from a
> re-entrant context. However, it is possible for a RenderWidget associated with a
> child-frame to be synchronously destroyed by JS. This can be re-entrant. This CL
> updates destruction of RenderWidget to be synchronous when called from IPC.
> Bug: 987731
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