Revert "Mash cleanup: begin converting login mojo to C++"

This reverts commit db977c4b6c6bc31bd6d601273acc921435edda83.

Reason for revert: Suspected culprit for failing Linux ChromiumOS MSan Tests.

Original change's description:
> Mash cleanup: begin converting login mojo to C++
> This patch moves types implemented in login_user_info.mojom to
> //ash/public/cpp/login_types.h. The handful of methods on
> mojom::LoginScreen which used these types are moved to C++
> interfaces.
> There are two new public-facing C++ interfaces:
> 1. ash::LoginScreen, which is a direct translation of the mojom.
>    This is implemented by ash::LoginScreenController.
> 2. ash::LoginScreenModel, which is used for the methods that
>    were simple thunks in LoginScreenController.
>    (LoginDataDispatcher implements this interface.)
> Bug: 958206
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