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  1. 4b06a69 Fix usage of MemoryPressureMonitor from non-UI thread. by Dmitry Skiba · 34 hours ago master
  2. ee20bc5 Add early trace events for WebView startup tasks by Changwan Ryu · 4 days ago
  3. 4765ed0 AW: better support resetting WebViewClientCompat by Nate Fischer · 7 days ago
  4. 8d9d229 [android webview] Support WebResourceRequestCompat.isRedirect() by Gustav Sennton · 8 days ago
  5. b36985d AW: rename WEB_RESOURCE_ERROR feature name by Nate Fischer · 9 days ago
  6. b5cf543 Improve memory pressure reporting on Android. by Dmitry Skiba · 9 days ago
  7. 11b435d [android webview] Convert service worker webkit objects to support lib. by Gustav Sennton · 9 days ago
  8. 285a929 Add UMA for target SDK version by Changwan Ryu · 14 days ago
  9. 6826e7c AW: implement support lib callbacks by Nate Fischer · 2 weeks ago
  10. bcef24e Android: Remove |InternalAccessDelegate.awakenScrollBars| by Jinsuk Kim · 2 weeks ago
  11. 97c4b28 WebView: Serve and load dummy variations seeds by Paul Miller · 3 weeks ago
  12. e4c4164 AW: move getSafeBrowsingPrivacyPolicyUrl to UI thread by Nate Fischer · 5 weeks ago
  13. 98fa26c WebView: Remove prototype Finch services by Paul Miller · 5 weeks ago
  14. 851f5d4 [Android WebVIew] Prepare to support Service Worker APIs in support lib by Gustav Sennton · 5 weeks ago
  15. bdef2ee WebView: Fix comment about data directory by Paul Miller · 6 weeks ago
  16. e796ff2 WebView: Set provider package name earlier by Paul Miller · 6 weeks ago
  17. 8f6d780 Expose onCheckIsTextEditor correctly through WebView object by Changwan Ryu · 6 weeks ago
  18. 6da6e1a [Android WebView] Remove unused mAdapterLock. by Gustav Sennton · 6 weeks ago
  19. 47b5633 Android: Refactor BuildInfo to correct the "package" field of WebView minidumps by Andrew Grieve · 6 weeks ago
  20. fcf6c63 [Android WebView] Remove unused getTracingControllerOnUiThread glue code by Tim Volodine · 7 weeks ago