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  1. e353833 Renames the AnonymizerTool to Redaction Tool by Shervin Oloumi · 3 days ago master
  2. 3e7e7b9 Switch to 1-parameter version of base::DeleteFile() in components/. by Lei Zhang · 4 days ago
  3. 03a547f system_logs_fetcher: Replace uses of "whitelisted" by Miriam Zimmerman · 2 weeks ago
  4. b1b2ff2 anonymizer_tool: remove use of "whitelist". by Miriam Zimmerman · 2 weeks ago
  5. 8d0691d Use base::GetDeleteFileCallback() in more places. by Lei Zhang · 4 weeks ago
  6. 5d22169 feedback: Use screenshot checkbox for tab titles. by Miriam Zimmerman · 9 weeks ago
  7. 3c05b1a Add 'Store Feedback System Logs' to net-internals by Steven Bennetts · 3 months ago
  8. 4d414dd Migrate off base::ThreadPool()-as-a-trait in /components/feedback by Gabriel Charette · 4 months ago
  9. 172231b Mass-migrate users of base::ThreadPool() as a trait to base::ThreadPool:: API [a-c] by Gabriel Charette · 5 months ago
  10. 8a844ac Fix a few -Wrange-loop-analysis warnings by Nico Weber · 5 months ago
  11. 4a1dd64 Anonymize UUIDs and volume labels for external media by Anand K. Mistry · 5 months ago
  12. 312306c feedback: Add iby to OWNERS. by Miriam Zimmerman · 5 months ago
  13. c03f1ec Convert base::Bind and base::Callback in components/feedback to Once/Repeating by Ayu Ishii · 6 months ago
  14. de04643 [content test] Move TestBrowserThread as an impl detail! by Gabriel Charette · 7 months ago
  15. 7784433 Use common internal account check by Joon Ahn · 7 months ago
  16. 8eae098 feedback-api: Use base::AssertLongCPUWorkAllowed(). by Darren Shen · 7 months ago
  17. c45bb7d Convert Callback to {Once,Repeating}Callback in //content/browser. by danakj · 8 months ago
  18. 8d01dc8 Do not instantiate base::FieldTrialList explicitly in tests by Mikel Astiz · 8 months ago
  19. 8035262 anonymizer_tool: require word boundary around IPv6 address by Kuo-Hsin Yang · 8 months ago
  20. a64190a Migrate off BrowserThread::DeleteSoon in /components/feedback by Gabriel Charette · 8 months ago