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  1. 9dd628f Removed or extended FileMetricsProvider metrics. by Brian White · 7 days ago master
  2. 1d5f882 [heap profiler] Make a separate Field trial to upload heap profiles by Alexei Filippov · 7 days ago
  3. 432400a [heap profiler] Do not try to pass collected profile if no callback is set. by Alexei Filippov · 12 days ago
  4. 1309b0a Add UMA for available memory when a renderer hangs by Clark DuVall · 2 weeks ago
  5. c10acb2 [base] Replace Contains{Key,Value} with Contains in //components by Jan Wilken Dörrie · 3 weeks ago
  6. 24e60ad Remove unused memory metrics. by Erik Chen · 3 weeks ago
  7. 2ee3619 Update UKM network annotation after Unity changes by Alex Ilin · 3 weeks ago
  8. e85fa7a Move back 'PageLoad' user action to stability metrics. by Ramin Halavati · 3 weeks ago
  9. d0a2b5f Sampling Profiler: trigger profiler on launching a service worker thread by Makoto Shimazu · 4 weeks ago
  10. 131ffd5 [heap profile] Report allocations count in UMA heap profiles. by Alexei Filippov · 5 weeks ago
  11. eabe915 Persist histogram data when Chrome is running in the reduced mode. by Xi Han · 5 weeks ago
  12. 7019b5d Remove old Windows *.TMP files. by Brian White · 5 weeks ago
  13. 74c0f68 Add UMA to track if renderer hangs happen in foreground or background by Clark DuVall · 5 weeks ago
  14. ff73beb [heap profiler] Encode sample size as the weight field in proto. by Alexei Filippov · 5 weeks ago
  15. 18c1997 Move PersistentHistograms to components by Mike Dougherty · 6 weeks ago
  16. 3ae41de [Sampling profiler] Revert DeserializeAllPendingProfilesTime histogram by Mike Wittman · 6 weeks ago
  17. 3e2ea9d Rename PersistedLogs to UnsentLogStore in metrics components by Yue Ru Sun · 7 weeks ago
  18. 767f4e4 Add experimental Android UMABackgroundSessions feature by Dan Harrington · 7 weeks ago
  19. a4e4176 Remove usage of DataUseUserData::ServiceName by rajendrant · 7 weeks ago
  20. 93d278f Remove the permuted entropy cache from prefs by Paul Miller · 7 weeks ago