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  1. 6bd0c62 Move install_attributes.proto into components/policy/proto by Roman Sorokin · 24 hours ago master
  2. a35c444 New Device policy to disallow ARC on unaffiliated users by phweiss · 2 days ago
  3. 0292b55 Add DeviceAutoSelectCertificateForUrls device policy by Pavol Marko · 2 days ago
  4. 01dacda Sync dm protos from server side by Pavol Marko · 8 days ago
  5. 530913c Document MinimumRequiredVersionProto matching behavior by Pavol Marko · 8 days ago
  6. f11de94 Provide more details on chrome://policy page. by Roman Sorokin · 10 days ago
  7. ba73d82 Add Active Directory Signin to DM api by Pavol Marko · 3 weeks ago
  8. 81b21e1 Add a new re-enrollment mode using zero-touch by Yves Arrouye · 3 weeks ago
  9. cc338c5 Add a device policy for forced re-enrollment by Yves Arrouye · 3 weeks ago
  10. 51aa8a4 Let the client state policy invalidation key support by Pavol Marko · 4 weeks ago
  11. 4e73650 Policy to disable obsolete Chrome versions on ChromeOS devices. by Denis Kuznetsov · 4 weeks ago
  12. 973404c Move chrome_device_policy.proto into components/policy/proto by Roman Sorokin · 5 weeks ago
  13. a081736 Add proto fields for policy invalidation notifications by Pavol Marko · 7 weeks ago
  14. 7a7b428 Send TPM version information in a structured format by Ivan Sandrk · 9 weeks ago
  15. 188f385 Added a separate proto for TpmVersion by Ivan Sandrk · 3 months ago
  16. 2d140d6 Support domain rename to secondary domain on managed ChromeOS devices by Ivan Sandrk · 4 months ago
  17. f8813a3 Adapt CloudPolicyClient to proto change by Thiemo Nagel · 4 months ago
  18. c276723 More policy comment fixes by tnagel · 5 months ago
  19. 1350e11 Fix typos in device management proto by tnagel · 5 months ago
  20. 08cebde Support for mixed license enrollment dialog in .proto by antrim · 5 months ago